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Motorcycle Insurance Calculator

Calculate the cost of your motorbike insurance

The motorbike insurance calculator comparison tool at Biker Insure compares UK motorcycle insurance quotes. It allows you to run a motorcycle insurance price check and is a great way to save money on your insurance premium. By comparing quotes from over 25 UK motorbike insurers, you can discover how much your bike insurance will cost based on your specific set of circumstances.

To calculate your quote, simply enter your personal details, your bike’s information, and the type of cover you are looking for. The quote comparison system will then calculate and rank the cheapest motorcycle insurance brokers from low to high.

It’s easy to re-calculate and revise your motorbike insurance quotes at Biker Insure. If you want to see how much your quotes could change based on different inputs or estimations, simply re-quote to calculate what happens if you decide to alter the voluntary excess, level of cover, or other insurance variable.

It’s even super easy to estimate how your quotes will change if you're thinking of adding any after market parts to your machine, because the modifications section allows you to select from well over 100 common motorcycle mods.

Why use a motorbike insurance calculator?

There are many reasons why you might want to estimate motorbike insurance prices. Here are just a few:

  • To discover if changes to the voluntary excess amount affects your bike quotes.
  • You want to see how much the level of cover - Fully Comp, TPFT or TPO - impacts your prices.
  • You don’t currently own a motorbike but are thinking of buying one, and want a motorcycle insurance estimate to check the costs.
  • You’re considering a change of bike and want to estimate how much your premium is likely to alter.
  • You are thinking of moving house and want to work out if your motorbike insurance quotes will change.
  • You want to make some modifications to your motorbike, and need to evaluate how this could affect your quotes.
  • You’re thinking of adding some security and want work out which changes (such as a Thatcham Category 2 alarm, Datatag, or physical security) will reduce your quotes the most.
  • To estimate the impact of different annual mileages on your quotes.
  • To work out if it's worth including pillion passengers on your policy.
  • To calculate how much it costs to add additional riders to the policy.
  • To see how much extra it would cost if you started to use your bike for business purposes.

How is motorbike insurance calculated?

When calculating the price of your policy, motorbike insurers need to evaluate the risks they are taking on. Prices are set according to the relative risk of insuring an individual bike and biker, with estimates and calculations being made to work out the likelihood of a claim. Insurers also need to make an assessment of the average costs should a claim payout be made.

Motorcycle insurance underwriters need to make a profit in order to keep providing their services. A key element of this is making sure that more revenue is coming in from policy sales than is being paid out in claims.

This means that motorbike insurance brokers (or more accurately the underwriters) need to very carefully estimate how risky each unique set of circumstances is. The riskier the cover or the higher the level of uncertainty, the more a bike policy is likely to cost.

Underwriters use a multitude of signals to work out the cost of a motorbike policy. There are many factors at play but as a rule of thumb, the biggest price changes can be accounted for by the following variables:

Where in the UK you live

Different geographical areas of the UK carry different risk weightings. This is due to a combination of factors including how likely it is that your motorbike will be stolen, and the frequency of road traffic accidents involving motorcyclists. Motorbike insurance in London for example, is likely to be more expensive than for bikers in the Scottish Highlands.

Your age & riding experience

Learners and new riders are a much higher risk. This is because the average 18-year-old is statistically far more likely to be involved in an accident than your average over 50s biker. New riders also haven’t had time to build up a riding history and no claims bonus.

As a rule of thumb as you age, your motorbike insurance calculation should become relatively cheaper – although costs can sometimes start to increase again for older riders.

The make and model of your bike

It’s much easier to get into serious trouble on a Ducati Panigale than it is on a 125cc motorbike. The Panigale will also be considerably more expensive to replace in the event of a claim. Generally speaking, bigger and more powerful bikes are more expensive to insure than smaller capacity machines. The age of the bike also comes into play – the open market value and replacement cost falling (up to a point) over time.

Of course, there are more factors that come into play when calculating your premium. Not least the level of cover you require, your occupation, how much you’ll be riding the bike, plus the level of your voluntary excess. These variables and more all interact together using complicated modelling and calculations that are best left to the number crunching actuaries to estimate. Calculating the cost of motorbike insurance is not a simple task!

Further complicating matters are the bike insurance brokers. These are the businesses who buy policies from underwriters, add a margin, and sell them on to bikers. They're face of the motorcycle insurance industry

Each broker has their own individual set of circumstances and costs to deal with. Every broker also has a unique relationship with their underwriters. This means that two identical bike policies can be priced very differently depending on which broker you buy from, or even the date you need cover to start.

How much is motorbike insurance?

UK motorcycle insurance policy prices vary significantly and depend on many of the factors mentioned above, plus any additional extras you add to the policy. The calculation is very dependent on individual circumstances.

When you use the motorcycle insurance estimate calculator at Biker Insure, the system compares over 25 motorcycle insurance providers so you'll be able to see at a glance bespoke estimates for the price of your policy.

Do I have to enter my personal information?

Yes - your personal information is an essential part of the calculation, and it isn't possible to estimate your quotes without this.

Your motorcycle's insurance group can give you a relative idea of how much your motorcycle insurance might cost (i.e. more or less expensive when compared to other makes and models), but your personal information is used to assess the risk and cost for your individual circumstances and give a firm calculation of the price you'll pay for your motorcycle insurance.

Thankfully for the average biker on the street, it's much easier to work out the cost of bike insurance. Just use the calculator at Biker Insure to deliver quotes from multiple brokers, and try not to worry how they each arrived at your quotes. Focus instead on the price, level of cover and any extras included in your bike insurance to estimate which policy is best for you.

I just want a quick bike insurance estimate

The whole process shouldn't take more than a few minutes to complete. If you don't know the details of your motorbike because you haven't bought it yet and just want a motorcycle insurance estimate, you can select the make and model from the dropdown list (or get the reg number of a similar model and age of bike that's for sale).

If you have entered your personal details accurately, then you should get a pretty reliable estimate of how much your motorbike insurance will cost when you actually buy the bike.

Don't just calculate. Compare motorbike insurance!

Motorbike insurance can be confusing. Thankfully, the days of working out your insurance costs by getting quotes from multiple indivudual brokers is over. There are lots of motorcycle insurance brokers competing for your business. In theory, this competition should exert a downward pressure on prices, but the choice can sometimes be overwhelming.

That's when the motorcycle insurance estimate calculator at Biker Insure can become such an invaluable tool to work out the cost of your motorbike insurance.

calculating motorbike insurance

Calculating the cost of your bike insurance

How could the motorbike insurance calculator save you money?

It’s now easier than ever to compare and automatically calculate how much your bike insurance will cost - in a matter of minutes.

At Biker Insure, you can compare motorbike insurance from over 25 UK based brokers. The results are calculated and impartially ranked from cheapest to most expensive. Simply choose the policy that works best for you.

The service is completely free, quick, and easy to use. Because it’s simple to amend the form and run quotes multiple times, you can calculate which motorbike insurance policy is going to work out best.

Whether you're buying a new bike, had a change in personal circumstances, or want some hypothetical quotes for a future you and your bike, use the motorbike insurance calculator to compare motorcycle insurance today!

Scooter insurance calculator

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