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What is a classic motorcycle insurance policy?

The definition of a classic motorcycle is a hotly debated topic. When does a motorcycle change from being just a “motorcycle”, to being referred to by the majority as a “classic motorcycle?”

When many people think of classic bikes, they often think of BSAs, Triumphs and Nortons – bikes from the heyday of British motorcycling in the 50’s and 60’s. Nowadays, these machines would most likely be given vintage status, with the term “classic” being applied to bikes from the 1970’s - when the tide was turning to Japanese marques and famous machines like the Kawasaki Z1, Suzuki GS1000 and Honda CBX.

The 1980’s ushered in a an era two stroke screamers – Suzuki RGV’s, Yamaha RD’s, and a new breed of sports bikes like early FZR’s, GSXR’s and GPZ’s - which are all now undoubted classics. Many motorcycle models from the 1990’s are also considered classics, although in many ways it depends not just on the age of the bike, but also on the impact it had at the time. The ground breaking “foxeye” Fireblade from 1992 for example, is definitely considered a classic, whereas something more mundane but of a similar vintage, such as a Yamaha Diversion, is not. This can further confuse matters, as what is clearly a classic in one man’s eye is just a run of the mill old bike to someone else.

How old does a motorcycle have to be for classic insurance?

Generally speaking, and taking consensus from a broad range of classic motorcycle insurers, the average threshold for classic motorcycle insurance policies is 25-30 years old.

When a motorcycle reaches 30 or 40 years old, it might be more appropriate to term it “vintage”, but many brokers won’t make the distinction – a broad insurance umbrella of “classic motorcycle insurance” is a sufficient catch-all.

It is also worth noting that some underwriters will have their own criteria (in addition to age) when deciding if your motorcycle qualifies for classic status.

Some brokers also arrange classic insurance for motorcycles that are only 15 years old, including policies for "future classic bikes".

Does the definition of a classic bike matter for insurance purposes?

A key point to make is that all brokers have their own definition of classic bike insurance.

The two most crucial factors in your motorcycle insurance policy are price and cover – the marketing wrapper (classic, vintage, modern classic) need not matter.

For this reason, whatever classic you ride, it’s always best to shop around using a comparison site. Two brokers may be selling an identical policy - one a classic bike specialist, the other a mainstream broker selling you the same standard motorcycle insurance policy with no mention of it being for classic bikes. The marketing is different, but the insurance is often the same.

Irrespective of your bike's age, you can still cover a classic or vintage bike on a standard motorcycle insurance policy.

It's entirely up to you if you decide to opt for more specialist or tailored insurance for your classic bike. Remember that comparing classic bike insurance can give you an idea of the cheapest classic bike broker, but it's always up to you to make sure the policy itself is right for your circumstances. If you need specific policy variations, discuss with your broker before you buy.

Things to consider with your classic bike broker:

  • Agreed bike value (as opposed to market value) can usually be added on to a policy at a later date. If you think your bike is worth more than the generally accepted market amount (either because of its condition, restoration, awards history or some other difference), it probably makes sense to look into this.
  • Most classic motorcycle policies will come with reduced annual mileage allowances because they are not used for everyday travel.
  • Some brokers will offer salvage retention rights in the event of your classic bike being written off.

Is insurance for a classic bike cheaper than for modern bikes?

Classic and vintage motorcycles are usually owned by real enthusiasts who take especially good care of their machines. They typically cover much lower than average mileages, and are often laid up. The risk of theft is also considerably lower than the latest superbikes, due to the lack of a ready market for thieves.

Offsetting this is the difficulty in obtaining spares – which leads to more expensive and specialised repairs.

On average however, classic motorcycle insurance can be cheaper than insuring a modern bike.

Thankfully, comparing classic motorcycle insurance is now just as quick and easy as comparing insurance for a modern bike. The majority of insurers on comparison websites offer cover for classic and vintage machines, including some of the biggest and best known motorcycle insurance brands.

Whether you have a true classic, a modern classic, a vintage bike - or something in-between, comparing the market using the comparison service could help you find the cheapest classic bike insurance for your individual needs.

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