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Electric motorcycles are still a rare sight on UK roads. Having not (yet) seen the same explosive growth as seen in the car world. As of 2022, you'd be hard pressed to find a mainstream manufacturer with an electric bike in their current lineup (excluding, bizarrely, Harley).

This doesn't mean that finding cheap insurance for an electric bike needs to be any more of a hassle than a petrol engined machine.

Bikers can compare electric bike insurance just as easily as a fossil fuelled bike by using the motorcycle insurance comparison service.

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Do you need insurance for an electric motorcycle?

Have you taken the plunge and bought an electric motorcycle? Perhaps you are thinking of making the switch and want to weigh up the costs. Maybe you're looking to buy an electric motorcycle as your second bike to use when range isn’t an issue?

If you are trying to find the cheapest electric motorcycle insurance, you're in the right place.

Despite electric motorcycles currently being a rarity on UK roads, you can still compare insurance for your battery powered bike by using the motorcycle insurance comparison service at Biker Insure.

By filling in just one quick form with your electric motorcycle's details and your personal information, you'll be able to see which broker on the panel can give you the cheapest electric motorcycle insurance.

Electric motorcycle insurance costs

Although the original purchase price can be expensive, fuel costs, tax and servicing costs can be much lower. But is the insurance for an electric motorcycle any cheaper?

To find out, we used Biker Insure to compare the current crop of performance electric motorcycles against some common petrol powered bikes. A Honda Fireblade, BMW GS, Kawasaki Z1000SX and Suzuki SV650. All bikes compared were brand new 2021 models. These were the cheapest quotes obtained: *

  • Honda Fireblade (RR-R) - £452 + £650 excess
  • BMW R1250GS - £206 + £650 excess
  • Kawasaki Z1000SX - £222 + £575 excess
  • Suzuki SV650 - £109 + £250 excess

  • Harley Livewire - £178 + £100 excess
  • Energica Ego - £460 + £600 excess
  • Zero SR/F - £174 + £650 excess

* Quotes obtained March 2021 for a married accountant, living in Highland. 5000 miles max per year. Bike is garaged and used for SDP + commuting. 3+ years protected NCB.

Judging by our quick (if unscientific) comparison, the cost of insuring an electric motorcycle seems extremely affordable - and actually cheaper than many petrol bikes if you exclude the rare Energica.

We specifically chose performance electric motorcycles for this comparison. Although not yet a match for a full blown superbike like a Fireblade, you certainly wouldn't have too much difficulty keeping up with your superbike riding friends on the road and at legal speeds. For 100 miles or so anyway!

Energica aside (one of the most performance oriented and rare electric motorcycle models in the UK), we received a large volume of quotes for each electric bike - suggesting no problems with brokers and underwriters providing insurance on an electric motorcycle.

Discover your electric motorcycle insurance quote today!

Electric moped insurance

Although e-technology has yet to take hold of the wider "big bike" world, battery powered mopeds and scooters have become far more widespread.

If you're looking for cheap insurance for your electric moped or scooter, Biker Insure can help. We help you compare 25+ brokers to discover the very best quotes. Compare quotes today and see how much you can save.