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A bit about Yamaha before you compare quotes...

Yamaha is the second largest motorcycle manufacturer in the UK today behind Honda. Formed in 1955, the Yamaha brand established itself as one of the four main Japanese bike manufacturers that would eventually come to dominate the UK motorcycle scene from the mid-70’s onwards.

Many riders over a certain age will have cut their biking teeth on a Yamaha two stroke. The TZR’s and RD’s of the 80’s and 90’s were often the bike of choice in the 2-stroke learner generation - including Mark, the owner of Biker Insure! (you can see a picture of his TZR here)!

After Honda’s Fireblade upped the superbike game in 1992, Yamaha’s fast but slightly flabby FZR1000 began to seem a bit tame. Honda showed the world what was possible when handling capabilities finally caught up with ever increasing power outputs. It was to be seven years before Yamaha was able to respond with the iconic R1. Launched in 1998, Yamaha's first bonafide superbike was a bike that turned the motorcycling world on its head once more, whilst also setting out a new and refined blueprint for the modern performance bike. This fundamental superbike soul arguably hasn't radically altered since - even after BMW got in on the superbike game with their 2009 S1000RR.

Although the R1 still sells in good numbers (alongside the parallel twin engined R7), the shift away from sportsbikes towards more road oriented machines in recent years has meant that the Yamaha MT range has taken centre stage at Yamaha. The MT-09, MT-10, MT-07 and Tracer variants making up the majority of newer Yamahas that you are likely to see on the road today, although the "sport heritage" neo-retro naked XSR range is also proving popular. And if you're into scooters, the Yamaha NMAX 125 frequently tops the scooter sales charts (as well as being Yamaha's outright top selling two-wheeler in the UK).

Yamaha Motor Co. started out as an affiliated company of the Yamaha (musical) Corporation, which today is the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments. The two are now independent businesses (Although the Yamaha Corporation is still a major shareholder in Yamaha Motor Co.)

The Yamaha logo of three tuning forks in a circle recognises this combined history.

Yamaha Motorbike Insurance

Like other types of motorbike Insurance, Yamaha motorbike insurance typically provides cover if you are involved in a accident, or if your Yamaha is stolen.

There are three levels of cover to choose from when insuring your Yamaha. The minimum legal level is Third Party Only, which provides cover for damage or injury caused to other people, their vehicles or property. If your bike is stolen, you won't be protected with TPO cover.

Next up is Third Party Fire and Theft. This level of cover builds on TPO but with the addition of cover if your bike is stolen or fire damaged.

The highest level of insurance cover you can buy for your Yamaha is Fully Comprehensive insurance. With Fully Comp, you'll have all the benefits of TPFT plus the addition of accidental damage to your Yamaha and personal injury if the accident is your fault.

If you write off your Yamaha, fully comprehensive insurance may pay for a replacement bike.

Quotes vary greatly depending on the level of cover selected. Fully Comprehensive isn't necessarily always the most expensive way to insure your Yamaha, so be sure to run a few quotes with different cover options. This is quick and simple to do from the final quote results page of the comparison system.

And remember - always check the policy documents carefully to ensure the level of cover is adequate for your personal needs and circumstances.

a yamaha MT-09

How much is it to insure my Yamaha?

Yamaha insurance will vary depending a multitude of variables that go into calculating your final quote. The price will depend on various personal factors unique to you such as your age, occupation, where you live, you riding history & experience - and more.

The model, age and value of your Yamaha will also have a large impact on the prices quoted. A modern performance Yamaha like an R1 is likely to cost significantly more to insure than a 25 year old XJ, for example. Broadly speaking, the bigger (more powerful) and newer the bike, the more costly the quote.

The easiest way to find out how much your Yamaha insurance is likely to cost is to get a personalised quote at Biker Insure.

We've run a few sample quotes through the system at Biker Insure. These are listed below:

How much does Yamaha bike insurance cost?*

2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT - £168 Fully Comp

2017 Yamaha XSR900 - £104 Fully Comp

2016 Yamaha R1M - £328 Fully Comp

2015 Yamaha Fazer FZ8 - £94 Fully Comp

* Compared at Biker Insure on 21.01.23 and for indicative purposes only. Quotes were obtained for a married 42 year old company director living in IV40 with maximum ncb, no claims or convictions and a clean motorcycle licence. Bike is garaged and used for social & commuting purposes. £300 voluntary excess. Actual quotes will vary depending on your individual circumstances and Yamaha model.

Whether you need insurance for your R1, MT, Super Tenere, Tracer, FJR, or even an eccentric Niken - compare Yamaha insurance and get a quote at Biker Insure today.

Don't ride a Yamaha? No need to worry - Biker Insure can compare motorcycle insurance for any make & model of bike: