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Scooter insurance UK

Scooters are an incredibly popular two-wheeled way of getting around the UK’s towns and cities. It’s easy to see why. A typical scooter with a small capacity engine provides excellent fuel economy, cheap running costs, and is a low-cost entry to two-wheeled independence for many riders.

Scooters can legally be ridden unsupervised on UK roads from the age of 17 with a CBT certificate and L plates. Because scooter riders only need a valid licence with provisional motorcycle entitlement plus a CBT pass, the scooter is often the motorised transport of choice for younger people aged 17 or 18 years old looking for the freedom and flexibility that can only be provided by two wheels.

When combined with accessible scooter licencing requirements, the sheer ease of use, practicality, and twist and go nature ensures that scooters can often be found at the top of UK sales figures - often representing over a third of the combined sales for all motorcycles, mopeds and scooters.

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What is a scooter, and how do they differ from motorcycles?

The chassis design of a scooter is one of the biggest differences between scooters and motorcycles. Whereas motorcycles are sat “on” with one leg either side of the machine, scooters are sat “in.” You can literally “step-through” a scooter frame, and sit inboard the machine with your legs more or less together.

This configuration (pioneered by early Vespa and Lambretta design) means that much of the powertrain has to be located in a different place than a motorbike, so the engine and transmission are typically located toward the rear of the machine where the engine is often an integral part of the suspension.

Scooters nowadays will almost always have automatic transmissions with a simple twist and go operation, as opposed to 99% of motorcycles which have a manual gear change operated by the riders left foot.

Scooters can have any capacity of engine, although the majority use smaller cc engines, with the 125cc scooter class being the most popular.

Mechanics aside, most scooters are easy to spot because of the way they look. Although there are variations, the general ergonomics – sit in design, smaller wheels, frontal weather protection etc all combine to make a design that is instantly recognisable to most people whether they are fans of two wheels or not.

What about mopeds?

Mopeds are essentially a legal sub-class of powered two-wheeler. The most popular modern mopeds are to all intents and purposes scooters with a small engine (the days of mopeds having pedals and looking more like big bicycles having long passed), but it’s also possible to ride a 50cc motorcycle - which would be classed as a moped if it met the specifications as follows:

A moped is legally defined as having an engine of no more than 50cc with a power output of less than 4kW and a 28mph top speed.

Mopeds can be ridden on a CBT one year earlier than a scooter, from the age of 16.

There are also some differences between the moped (AM) licence and the licence needed to ride a scooter of up to 125cc light motorcycle licence), assuming you want to progress beyond riding on a CBT. Find out more on our moped insurance page.

Are scooters expensive to insure?

Because of their relatively low cost, typically small engines and relatively low maximum speeds, scooters are often in some of the lowest insurance groups. This can make scooters cheap to insure.

However – Because scooters are often ridden by younger riders with little experience, often on L plates and with zero no claims bonus, scooter insurance can also be relatively expensive. The rider rather than the make and model of scooter is often a big factor in deciding whether you’ll find cheap scooter insurance, or be stuck with an expensive premium on your quote.

Due to their size and weight, scooters can also be easier to steal than motorcycles. This is something that insurers may take into account when calculating your premium.

How much is scooter insurance?

Just like motorbike insurance, the cost of scooter insurance is based on multiple factors including the make and model of scooter, your age, where you live, your occupation, how you store the scooter, your license and riding history. Because there are so many factors involved when brokers work out the price of your quotes, no two scooter insurance quotes are ever the same. The best way to find out how much scooter insurance costs is to run a quick comparison at Biker Insure, where the quote will be tailored to your individual circumstances.

However, we have run a few quotes for popular scooter models through the system to get an idea of premium costs. We’ve used the same rider for this as quoted on the motorbike marques pages at Biker Insure. Although the sample rider is older than many scooter riders, it’s a useful comparison of the cost of scooter insurance vs motorbike insurance:

Scooter insurance quote samples*

2018 Yamaha X Max YP400 - £84 Fully Comp

2016 Honda PCX 125 - £87 Fully Comp

2019 Vespa Primavera 125 - £61 Fully Comp

2017 Suzuki Burgman 400 - £76 Fully Comp

* Compared at Biker Insure on 23.03.23 and for indicative purposes only. Quotes were obtained for a married 42 year old company director living in IV40 with maximum ncb, no claims or convictions and a clean licence. Scooter is garaged and used for social & commuting purposes. £300 voluntary excess. Actual quotes will vary depending on your individual circumstances and model of scooter.

How to get cheaper scooter insurance

Although riders have little control over their personal circumstances, there are some actions you can take to increase the chances of finding the cheapest scooter insurance quotes:

Pass your test

Although you can ride on L plates for up to two years on a CBT without passing the test (and keep renewing indefinitely), it could mean missing out on cheaper scooter insurance quotes than if you have taken and passed the test.

Invest in scooter security

An alarm, shackle lock, and disc lock could mean discounts with some scooter insurance brokers.

Keep your scooter off the road

If possible, store your scooter away from the road – ideally in a locked garage. If your scooter is out of sight it’s less likely to be targeted, and harder to steal.

Quotes for garaged scooters are often cheaper than scooters left on the road overnight.

Limit your annual mileage

You’ll be asked to estimate your annual mileage when you get a scooter insurance quote. It can be tricky if you’re using a scooter for everyday transport, but try not to overestimate this.

The more miles you do, the higher the risk and the higher your premiums are likely to be.

Pay for your policy annually

If you can, it usually works out cheaper to pay annually for scooter insurance. Paying your premium in 12 monthly instalments will typically result in a higher total cost over the course of a year.

Increase your voluntary excess

Opting for a higher voluntary excess on your scooter quote can result in cheaper premiums. If you do end up making a claim, you’ll need to pay the extra voluntary excess on top of the compulsory excess, so weigh up the risk and make sure this is something you can afford.

Compare scooter insurance

Shopping around is one of the best ways to save money on your scooter insurance. Rather than accepting your scooter insurance renewal (or even if you’re getting scooter insurance for the very first time), comparing quotes to help find the cheapest scooter insurance can often save you money and time.

Remember though – cheapest isn’t necessarily best. Always make sure you have the level of cover you need for you and your scooter.

125cc Scooter insurance

The 125cc scooter is the most popular size of scooter on UK roads. 125cc scooter insurance is typically cheaper on average than 125cc motorbike insurance, however your premium costs will depend on your personal circumstances and your particular make, model, age and value of 125 scooter.

All makes and models of 125cc scooters can be compared at Biker Insure.

Maxi scooter insurance

Perhaps a more common sight on European roads than in the UK, the maxi scooter is a good option for those looking for the convenience, weather protection, and practicality of a scooter - but with the added shove, longer distance capability and relaxed cruising from a bigger motor. Machines like the popular Yamaha Xmax 300 or Honda Forza 350 are prime examples of the mid-sized maxi-scooter genre.

Maxi-scooter engine sizes sometimes go as large as 800cc, but the majority of the most popular models like the Yamaha T-Max or Suzuki Burgman are around 600cc.

It stands to reason that a scooter with a bigger, more powerful engine and higher speed capabilities (plus sometimes quite high retail costs) will cost more to insure than a small scooter, but the trade-off can be worth it for many.

Electric scooter insurance

Trading the petrol pump for a plug socket is becoming increasingly common in the scooter world, especially so with the advent of cheap scooters from Chinese manufacturers such as Lexmoto and Super Soco. Electric scooters typically have motors with power outputs to match the licencing categories of their petrol-powered stable mates, and with comparable insurance costs.

Classic scooter insurance – can insurance be compared?

Yes, you can compare quotes for classic scooter insurance at Biker Insure. Whether you have a classic Lambretta or an old Vespa, you can compare quotes in the same way as you would for a modern scooter. The comparison and quote process works in exactly the same way whether your scooter is 6 or 60 years old.

Whether your scooter is powered by a 50cc or a 500cc engine, or an electric motor, you can compare scooter insurance quote. It doesn’t matter if you own a brand new Yamaha scooter or a 50 year old Lambretta, get a quote at Biker Insure today.

Levels of insurance for scooters

Scooter insurance, just like car or motorbike insurance, is available to buy at three levels of cover.

TPO Scooter insurance – The minimum legally required level of insurance. Third party only scooter insurance covers third parties for damage and loss that might occur. Because this level of cover only insures other people and vehicles, your own scooter isn’t covered if an accident is your fault, or if your scooter is stolen.

TPFT Scooter insurance – Third party fire and theft scooter insurance again covers third parties, but also provides protection if your scooter is stolen or damaged by fire.

Fully Comprehensive scooter insurance – The highest level of scooter insurance available. Includes everything under TPFT, but also provides cover if you are involved in an accident or damage your scooter through your own fault.

Before you buy scooter insurance, it’s important to make sure you are happy with the level of insurance provided. Different brokers can have different terms and conditions for their policies. Be sure to read through the key features and policy terms before you buy, to ensure the level of scooter insurance provided meets your requirements.

Scooter insurance FAQ

Do I need insurance for a 125cc Scooter?

Insurance is legally required to ride your scooter on UK roads. No matter what the size of your scooter’s engine, you’ll need to make sure you are insured to the minimum legal requirement (Third Party Only).

Can I use my scooter without a CBT?

You can ride on the road with a provisional licence, L plates and appropriate insurance once you have a valid CBT certificate. You cannot legally ride your scooter on the road without a CBT.

Who provides the best scooter insurance?

The best scooter insurance is the policy that matches your particular set of needs and circumstances, at a price you are willing to pay.

All brokers differ in the policies they offer, the prices, and the extras. That’s why it can make sense to compare quotes from multiple providers. This can help you make better informed decisions, and choose the best scooter insurance policy for you as an individual.

Discover cheap scooter insurance at Biker Insure by comparing multiple quotes from expert insurance providers. You could save money on your scooter premium today – compare scooter insurance quotes now!

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