Multi Bike Insurance

  • Insurance for multiple bikes
  • One policy, one price, one renewal
  • Mix modern bikes with classics
  • Add or remove bikes at any time
  • You could save £££ with multi bike cover

Get simpler, more streamlined insurance if you have more than one bike. Insure two bikes or a larger motorcycle collection.

Mix and match policies to suit your requirements. Decide which bikes are covered Fully Comp, TPFT and TPO. Agreed value policies available.

Any bike, any age, any value

Mix classics & modern bikes, scooters & superbikes

Mix and match policy cover

Decide the level of cover for each bike

Agreed valuations available

Classics, customs & modified bikes

You're in charge of the multi bike policy

Add or remove bikes at any time.

Motorcycle Insurance For Multiple Bikes

Multi bike policies

More than one bike in the garage? You could get cheaper cover for multiple motorbikes by insuring them all under one multi-bike motorcycle insurance policy.

Biker Insure offers access to a motorcycle insurance comparison service comparing quotes for individual annual motorbike insurance policies.

For multi bike insurance, we have partnered with Bikesure - a 5 star Defaqto insurance broker and multi bike cover specialist.

Multi bike insurance policies are inherently more complex. They require a more bespoke, personalised service to ensure you’re getting exactly the right cover for every bike in your collection. Bikesure offer multi-bike insurance quotes over the phone.

Call to compare quotes and see how much time and money you could save on your multi bike insurance today:

multi bike insurance

What is multi bike motorcycle insurance?

Multi bike insurance allows you to insure more than one motorbike on a single policy. Rather than covering each bike in your collection on an individual basis, you can insure all of them together on just one motorcycle multi bike policy. This means one premium, and one renewal date.

Because you can only ride any one bike in your collection at a time, multi bike policies can often be a cheaper way to get cover for multiple motorcycles.

A multi bike policy is a simpler way to ensure all your motorcycles remain continuously insured. Remember: unless a bike is declared SORN, it must be insured at all times - even if it’s not in use.

How does multi bike motorcycle insurance work?

Multi bike insurance providers will typically calculate your premium based on a lead, or main bike that needs to be insured. This is usually the bike that would attract the highest premium (due to risk and/or value) on an individual basis. From this, the broker will add further bikes onto the policy, adding an additional (but typically discounted) premium each time another motorbike is added.

For example, if you had a new Ducati Multistrada, a Yamaha MT-07, an old VFR400 and an RD350 then the Multistrada would probably be the lead bike. This would form the base price of the multi bike policy, with the other bikes all being added at an additional cost.

Because a No Claims Discount can usually only be applied to one motorbike policy at a time, your NCD is applied to the lead bike

What does multi bike insurance cover?

The motorbikes in your collection can be insured on the following basis with a multi-bike policy:

Third Party Only

Is the minimum level of cover available on a multi bike policy. TPO will provide you with liability insurance (damage you might cause to other people or property while riding your bike), but won’t give you any protection if your bike is damaged or stolen. If you’re hit by a third party and you aren’t at fault, you can still make a claim on their insurance.

Third Party, Fire & Theft

Bikes insured on a TPFT basis on a multi bike policy have the same liability cover as TPO, but cover for fire and theft is added. If you’re out riding the lead bike on your multi policy and another bike in your collection is stolen, you’ll be able to make a claim if the stolen bike has this level of cover.

Fully Comprehensive

The maximum level of motorbike insurance available. Bikes insured fully comp on a multi bike policy include everything that’s included under TPFT, but also with cover for repair or replacement if the bike is damaged or written off and it’s your fault.

At Bikesure, not all motorbikes on a multi policy require the same level of cover. You can mix and match policies to suit your requirements.

For example, you might want a fully comprehensive policy for your prized Panigale, but decide your 50cc moped only warrants basic TPO cover. If you’re considering a lower level of cover for some bikes in the collection, always get a fully comprehensive quote for comparison as it might not be the most expensive option.

What additional extras are available on a multi bike policy?

You can usually add various optional policy extras to your multi bike policy. These options can include:

Legal cover

Often a policy extra, all motorcycle policies (including multibike) sold through Bikesure come with £100,000 of legal expenses cover.

Helmet & leathers cover

Bike kit can be very expensive. If you damage your gear in an accident, you can get help with covering the costs of replacement.

Breakdown cover

If you don’t already have personal cover on a separate breakdown policy, you might not be covered if one of your bikes breaks down. Check what breakdown cover you already have in place. If you don’t have any in place, you can add it to your multi bike policy.


If you have lots of bikes, you’ll also have lots of keys! Keycare cover can help with replacement expenses, locksmiths, plus hire and transport costs if you’re in a lost-key scenario.

Personal accident cover

Helps to cover costs for medical or hospital treatment in the event of a bike accident.

License defence

Get access to expert legal advice when contesting a biking conviction or fine.

Is multi bike insurance cheaper?

Because you can only ride one bike at a time, choosing a multi motorcycle policy can often be more cost effective than several stand-alone policies.

Multi bike policies are usually for multiple bikes owned and ridden by a single rider, so only one of the bikes requires the third party or “on the road” risk element of the policy at any one time, when being ridden. The other bikes on the multi policy are insured against fire and theft when they aren’t in use (unless you opt for TPO on some bikes).

When combined with just a single administration fee, this means that the overall cost of a multi bike policy can work out cheaper.

What affects the price of a multi bike policy?

The cost of a multi bike policy (as with any motorbike insurance) will depend on your individual circumstances, and the bikes you need to insure.

The price is based on multiple risk factors, which include:

Personal Circumstances

Your age, riding history, where you live, your occupation and other relevant risk factors.

The motorbikes in your collection

The more bikes you have to insure, the more your multi bike insurance is likely to cost. The base premium is calculated from the highest risk motorbike, with the cost of adding additional bikes varying according to the risk profile of each machine.

The higher the value of your total collection, and the more motorbikes you add, the higher your multi bike policy is likely to be.

Once you have obtained a multi bike insurance quote, compare the cost with a total price for insuring each bike individually. You’ll then be able to see how the price of multi bike insurance compares, and how much money you might be able to save.

Individual policy quotes can be obtained using the comparison service available here at Biker Insure:

Is multi bike insurance worth it?

Multi bike insurance is a more streamlined and simple way of buying insurance if you have more than one bike. You’ll have just one renewal date and payment to think about, and only one set of documents. The more bikes you have, the more likely it is that a multi bike insurance policy will be worth it in terms of time and administration saved.

If you need to make a claim, then dealing with just one policy and a single insurer will be less stressful should more than one of your bikes be stolen or damaged.

It’s also reassuring to know that your No Claims Discount is applied to a single policy which covers all your bikes (via the lead bike to which the NCB is applied). If you were to insure all your motorcycles separately, you can usually only apply your NCD to just one bike.

How to get cheaper multi bike insurance

Don’t overestimate the annual mileage you’re likely to put on each machine.

Securely store your collection in a locked garage, and don’t forget to secure each bike with additional security measures such as chains.

Get some extra training. Some bike insurers may offer extra discounts to riders who have taken an approved training course such as those available from the BMF, the IAM, Bikesafe, or the DVSA enhanced rider scheme.

Multi bike insurance comparison

Biker Insure provides access to a motorbike insurance comparison service for riders looking for cheap insurance on one motorbike. Due to the complexities involved in providing quotes and policies for multiple motorcycles, you won’t currently (as of 2024) find an impartial comparison engine that has the ability to compare multi bike insurance quotes from independent providers of multibike insurance.

Typically, multi bike insurance comparison sites only compare quotes from their own brands - so you won't receive an unbiased and representative idea of your options.

This means you’ll need to manually compare multi bike insurance quotes from different providers, and shop around without the assistance of a multibike comparison service.

Biker Insure have partnered with Bikesure for multi bike insurance. Give them a call today for a quote:

Multibike FAQ

How many motorbikes can be insured on one policy?

Bikesure do not limit the number of bikes that can be covered on a multi bike policy. Whether you have two motorbikes or a big collection, you can get a multi bike policy to suit.

Can classic and modern bikes be insured on one multi bike policy?

A multi bike insurance policy can be tailored towards your specific needs at Bikesure. Classics, modern bikes, modified bikes and customs can all be covered on one policy.

Does every bike need to have the same level of cover?

No – your multi policy is flexible. If required, you can choose fully comprehensive cover for just one or two bikes in the collection, and insure the rest on a third party only basis.

If a classic bike forms part of the collection, this can be insured on an agreed value basis, with the rest of the bikes being covered on a standard policy.

Can multiple riders be insured on a multi bike policy?

Some insurers will allow additional named riders on a multi bike policy. If available, this may increase the overall cost of the premium.

If you want other riders to be able to ride bikes in your collection from time to time, it might make more sense to consider a comprehensive temporary motorbike insurance policy that will cover them only for the time they’ll be riding. You could also see if the other rider is insured to ride other bikes using their policy, although this will often be on a TPO basis.

Can I insure two motorcycles on one policy?

Yes. A multi bike motorcycle insurance policy is one which provides a single policy for more than one motorcycle. Many insurers can provide multi bike cover for 2 to 6 machines, however with Bikesure there is no upper limit. This means you can insure a large motorbike collection with just one policy.

Can I add more bikes during the term of the policy?

You can usually make amendments such as adding another motorbike to your multi bike policy during its original term. Changes to an insurance policy usually involve administration fees and/or a change to the multi bike insurance premium.

Can one or more of the bikes be SORN?

Some insurers will cover a SORNed motorbike as part of a multi bike policy. At Bikesure, you can only insure a SORN bike on a single annual policy - not as part of multi-bike cover.

Can I use a NCB on 2 or more bikes?

A no claims bonus (NCB) can only be used on one bike at a time. Multi bike policies typically apply the NCB to a lead bike, and then add additional motorbikes to the policy. In this way, the benefit of the NCB is effectively spread over multiple machines.

Can I compare multi bike insurance at Biker Insure?

Sorry, multi bike insurance policies are more complex and require more specialisation than single bike policies. The comparison service at Biker Insure does not currently offer multibike comparison.

Still need help or further information? Give the experts at Bikesure a call today for all your multi bike motorcycle insurance needs: