About Biker Insure

Who are Biker Insure?

Biker Insure is a UK based, independently owned motorcycle insurance website providing access to a free to use, unbiased and completely impartial comparison service.

You can compare insurance for all makes, models and types of motorbike at Biker Insure using a panel of over 25+ motorcycle insurance specialists.

Who owns Biker Insure?

My name is Mark, and I’ve been mad about motorcycles for as long as I can remember. Before I was old enough to ride, most of my time was spent reading about bikes, thinking about bikes, bicycling to the local Sunday meet up, or persuading adults to drive me to motorbiking events.

My first bike was an F-reg Yamaha TZR125, which I bought in 1997. As a 17 year old, the insurance cost more than the bike - but it was worth it!

After passing my test, and two years riding a grey import Honda Bros 400, I spent most of the early 2000’s riding various sportsbikes including my favourite, a 1999 ZX7. We did 40,000 miles together commuting, having weekend fun and touring up through Norway to the Arctic Circle.

I currently ride a Kawasaki ZX636, but am dreaming of something a little more comfortable – such as a Kawasaki H2 SX. Or maybe a Tracer 9 GT, or an S1000XR.

I run Biker Insure from my home on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands.

Mark H - Owner of Biker Insure

Biker Insure history

The Biker Insure website was launched in 2006. I wanted to combine my lifelong interest in motorcycles with something I hoped one day might provide a living. Back then it was primarily a motorcycle insurance directory and information resource, but there have been a lot of changes over the years.

In 2021 I partnered with Quotezone, an early pioneer of online comparison technology. This partnership enabled me to offer motorbike insurance comparison services directly via the Biker Insure website.

I’m now working to raise awareness of the Biker Insure brand as a go-to choice for motorbike insurance comparison, and hope to help an increasing number of bikers find the right insurance for their needs and budget.

If you like the site and have saved money on your motorbike insurance, please spread the word to other riders - it would mean a lot to me!

How Biker Insure works

When you compare at Biker Insure, you’ll receive a wide range of quotes from UK based motorcycle insurance brokers. There’s a mix of the best-known brands, and some smaller players too.

You may decide to go for the outright cheapest motorbike insurance quote, the brand you feel most comfortable with, the policy extras/benefits you like the best – or some combination of these factors.

Basically, it’s up to you. The system gives access to a completely impartial and unbiased snapshot of quotes based on your unique personal circumstances, and the bike you ride.

What can’t be compared at Biker Insure?

The quote system compares annual, single bike policies. If you're looking for temporary or multi-bike insurance, you can find more information about who we have partnered with on these pages:

For short term motorcycle insurance, we have partnered with Tempcover.

For multi bike polices, we have selected Bikesure.

Why compare at Biker Insure?

The system is easy to use, fast, secure and completely impartial. The quotes are based entirely on your individual circumstances. With 51% of bikers paying less than £239 for their motorbike policy*, you could save money too!

If you’ve already used another provider to compare quotes, there’s nothing to lose by running another comparison. Different sites provide quotes using different comparison engines. The more quotes you get, the higher your chances of finding a policy that better fits your needs - and your wallet.

I’ll be really happy if you are able to save money when comparing at Biker Insure. If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch via the contact page

In the meantime, see you on the road!


*51% of consumers who received a quote for Motorbike Insurance through this service provided by Seopa Ltd. in February 2024 were quoted less than £238.63. The price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.