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A potted history of Kawasaki, before comparing quotes

Kawasaki first started making small capacity motorcycle engines in the early 1950’s as a spin-off from Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The engines were fitted to bikes built by the Kawasaki aircraft company under the name “Meihatsu”, but it wasn’t until 1957 and the introduction of the improved Meihatsu 125 and its improved KB-5A engine that the bikes began to see the introduction of Kawasaki branding on side covers.

It was perhaps telling that the “original Kawasaki” – the Meihatsu 125 Deluxe - set a top speed for its category, whilst proving to be incredibly reliable.

In 1960, a factory dedicated exclusively to motorcycle production was completed. The 125cc range was added to in 1966 by the introduction of the 4-stroke 650 W1, and 2-stroke 250cc A1 (a bike with phenomenal performance for the time).

And then in 1969, Kawasaki released the H1 Mach III – a snarling, popping, evil 500cc 2-stroke triple. Fastest machine in class, and a bike that really lit the green (sic) touchpaper for what the Kawasaki brand was to become best known for.

Just three years later in 1972, the legend of the Z1 was born. The most powerful bike of its time, the 4-cylinder 900cc (along with Honda’s CB750) helped set the direction of travel for inline 4-cylinder, 4-stroke machines that was to dominate performance motorcycle engine layout right up until the present day.

Production of various big Zeds continued throughout the 1970’s and early 80’s, until it was time for Kawasaki’s next real ground-breaking bike, the GPz900R – which was also Kawasaki’s first use of the now ubiquitous Ninja sports bike branding. The GPZ was the world’s first 16v liquid cooled inline-4, and the first production bike to exceed 150mph. It was to be a bike that cemented Kawasaki firmly as the king of motorcycling speed. Debatably, when it’s power, speed and handling were taken into consideration, it was probably the worlds first “superbike”.

A year later, Kawasaki also birthed the supersports class with the GPZ600R.

1988 saw the introduction of the ZX10, another heavyweight top-speed record breaker for Kawasaki and predecessor to Kawasaki’s next high-speed champion, the infamous ZZR1100.

The modern era ushered in various new Kawasaki models, but still the brand had a firm emphasis on raucous, speed-oriented bikes. The 90’s saw various iterations of 600, 750, and 900cc mean greenies but the brand did begin to lose some of its edge in the face of stiff competition from the main Japanese rivals (although the flighty 2004 ZX10 did manage to redress some of the balance and re-establish Kawasaki as biking’s bad boy).

Nevertheless, Kawasaki has always remained a popular choice for UK bikers, and that seems set to continue well into the future.

The latest supercharged range of Kawasaki’s – spearheaded by the ludicrous H2 - have ushered in a new dawn of power and speed for the brand, and although outright figures these days are becoming more of an unusable abstraction, the supercharging technology has created a new buzz about Kawasaki bikes.

Kawasaki Insurance

Like other types of motorcycle insurance, Kawasaki bike insurance typically covers damage or theft of the motorcycle, as well as injuries or damage caused by the bike or its rider. The extent of cover available depends on the policy type you choose. Go fully comprehensive for more extensive insurance cover on your Kawasaki, opt for Third Party, or even Third Party Fire And Theft. Third party options are not necessarily always cheaper than fully comprehensive, so be sure to compare different cover options before you take out a policy.

It's also important to check the policy details with your broker before your buy to ensure you are happy with the level of cover provided in your Kawasaki policy.

kawasaki insurance

How much is it to insure my Kawasaki?

The cost of your Kawasaki insurance will vary depending on a number of factors including the model and age of your bike (a new ZX10 will typically cost more than a 10 year old ER6 for example), your riding record, where you live, your age, plus the type of cover required and more.

Because every rider and bike combination is unique, it's always a good idea to compare quotes from multiple brokers to find the best policy for your individual circumstances and budget.

How much does Kawasaki insurance cost?*

2019 Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX - £154 Fully Comp

2020 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE - £106 Fully Comp

2018 Kawasaki Z650 - £76 Fully Comp

2022 Kawasaki Ninja H2 (zoiks!) - £370 Fully Comp

* Compared at Biker Insure on 13.12.22 and for indicative purposes only. Quotes were obtained for a married 42 year old company director living in IV40 with maximum ncb, no claims or convictions and a clean motorcycle licence. Bike is garaged and used for social & commuting purposes. £300 voluntary excess. Actual quotes will vary depending on your individual circumstances and Kawasaki model.

Policies for all Kawasaki models

Whether you own a ZX10, Versys, a Z900, a super rare H2R, a ZZR or one of the many Z’s - when it comes to Kawasaki motorcycle insurance, Biker Insure can help.

You can even compare insurance quotes for older or classic Kawasaki models like GPZ's, ZXR's and Z1's, or Grey import Kawasaki's of the 90's like the ZXR250.

Because the system compares Kawasaki bike insurance quotes from multiple cheap brokers, you only need to enter your information once. Simply select the cheapest quote that you are happy with, or the broker with the insurance package that best suits your needs.

Whether your Ninja's yearly policy is due for renewal or you're a new convert to team green, compare insurance at Biker Insure and see how much you could save on your Kawasaki insurance today.

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