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50cc Insurance

Because mopeds are the least powerful motorised two wheelers on UK roads - with speeds limited to 28mph, and an engine no bigger than 50cc producing a maximum power output of 4kW (just over 5bhp), the cost of insuring a moped is proportionately lower than most other motorcycles.

The moped itself may be in a low insurance group, but because moped insurance brokers also take into account individual rider information, the cost of insuring your moped will vary greatly based on your individual circumstances

Many moped riders are inexperienced new or learner riders and may well be riding a moped on the road using L plates with a provisional licence, having only completed Compulsory Basic Training. This means that although the moped is a low powered, low risk machine to the insurers, an inexperienced 16 year old moped rider represents a much bigger risk and therefore results in higher premiums can be expected.

Your moped insurance cost will also depend on where you live, the security devices fitted, and other factors which when added together determine your total risk profile - and hence the insurance premium price for your moped.

Because there are so many different factors involved when calculating moped insurance costs, and different brokers all have different ways of calculating risk, the best way to find out how much it's going to cost to insure your moped (and to find the cheapest price) is to use a comparison service like Biker Insure.

50cc moped insurance

Unsure whether your powered two wheeler is a moped, a scooter, or something else?

We know that licencing types for powered two wheelers can be confusing, and more so because the legal definition of mopeds is sometimes different to what people refer to as mopeds or scooters in the real world. A moped can look like a scooter, and vice versa (although they don't tend to have pedals anymore!). Do you ride a moped, a scooter, or a bike? Legally speaking, a moped is defined as a powered two wheeler of no more than 50cc and producing under 4kW (5bhp) in power.

When it comes to finding the right classification for insurance, it's actually pretty simple. As long as you are legally licenced to ride your machine, our quote comparison system automatically knows how your machine is classified, and whether you're looking to insure a scooter or a moped.

From an insurance point of view, simply enter your reg number to automatically find the details - or if you haven't bought it yet, select your machine from the dropdowns.

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How to get a moped licence (AM licence)

The Moped licence – or AM category on a licence – is available via three different routes:

Route 1 – Full car licence gained before 01/02/2001

If you passed your car test before the 1st February 2001, then you are automatically entitled to ride a moped without L-plates, and carry pillion passengers on UK roads. There is no need to pass a Moped/Motorcycle theory or practical test.

Route 2 – Full car licence gained after 01/02/2001

If you passed your car test after the 1st February 2001, you will need to complete a CBT (compulsory basic training) course. Once you have passed your CBT, you can (as above) ride a moped without L plates and carry a pillion passenger.

Route 3 – Valid provisional driving license

Routes 1 and 2 will be available to a relatively small number of people looking to ride a moped, due to age limitations. Route three is the moped license route applicable to most.

If you are aged 16 years or older, you’ll first need to obtain a provisional driving license.

Next, complete the CBT.

You can now ride unsupervised on the road with L plates (and insurance!) until your CBT expires. You cannot carry pillion passengers.

The CBT lasts for a period of two years, after which your entitlement to ride a moped with L plates will expire. You can renew your CBT (take the assessment again) to refresh your entitlement.

If you want to ditch the L plates, carry pillion passengers, and escape a two-year CBT cycle, you’ll need to take the 2-part practical test on a moped no more than 50cc and 4kW.

In order to take the moped test and gain a full AM license, you’ll need to ensure your CBT is still valid, and also have a valid theory test certificate.

What insurance do I need for a moped?

Whether you are riding your 50cc moped on L plates, or have passed the AM class test, you are going to need valid insurance in order to legally ride on the road. As with any other motorcycle or powered two-wheeler, there are three categories of insurance available for your moped:

Third Party Only Moped Insurance

The legal minimum requirement in order to ride a motorcycle on UK roads. This is the most basic level of moped cover, and provides the minimum level of insurance protection.

Riding your moped with Third Party Only insurance means that your insurance will cover any losses to other people or road users. If you are involved in an accident when riding your 50cc moped that causes injury or damage to someone else – whether that be a person, a vehicle, or property, Third Party Only insurance protects other people by providing financial compensation to them in the event of a loss.

It also means that claims from a third party (which can be many, and very expensive) made against you are paid for by the moped insurance company, rather than you personally.

With Third Party Only, you won’t be covered if your moped is stolen, or for any accident damage that is your fault. No cover will be provided for any loss of earnings as a result of an injury, or for any health care or physiotherapy that may be necessary.

If you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you’ll need to recover your losses from the other party. This will mean proving that the accident was caused by them (or an admission of fault).

Third Party Fire & Theft Moped Insurance

The middle level of cover available. Third Party Fire & Theft moped insurance incorporates everything covered by Third Party Only, but with the addition of theft insurance cover. If your moped is stolen, your insurance company should pay out the market value (minus any excess) of your moped so you can replace the bike with a similar machine.

As the name suggests, you’ll also be insured in the very unlikely event of your moped catching fire and being damaged beyond repair.

As with TPO, TPFT provides cover for everyone else involved in an accident, but not insurance cover for you.

Fully Comprehensive Moped Insurance

The highest level of moped insurance cover available, fully comprehensive moped insurance includes everything covered by TPFT (and TPO), but also with the addition of providing extra protection for accidents that are your fault. Your moped insurance company will pay for costs incurred by the third party, plus your own losses.

Fully comprehensive moped insurance will also pay for damage caused in accidents where nobody else is involved, whether because of rider error, inclement environmental factors or road conditions.

A comprehensive policy may also cover your moped against other accidental damage, even if you aren’t riding it – such as from flooding or other environmental factors – but check your individual policy wording.

Is moped insurance cheap?

50cc mopeds are typically the cheapest class of powered two wheelers on UK roads. They are relatively inexpensive to buy and maintain. Mopeds have a low power output (under 4Kw or around 5bhp) and cannot exceed 30mph.

For these reasons, mopeds are at the bottom end of the insurance spectrum – compared to any other two-wheeler, they are likely to be the cheapest to insure. Certainly, moped insurance for experienced riders – those with a full motorcycle licence or older moped riders with many years of road riding experience - are likely to be able to access very cheap moped insurance quotes.

Moped insurance for a 16 year old is a different proposition. If you are 16 and riding your 50cc after the CBT and on L plates, insurance is likely to be comparatively more expensive.

How much your moped insurance costs is a factor of your age, experience, the moped you ride – and many other variables. Because young riders haven’t had the chance to build up experience on the road, or a no-claims bonus, their quotes are likely to be relatively more expensive.

That said, the easiest way to save money on your moped insurance is to compare 50cc quotes.

Get a quote from Biker Insure today and you’ll receive tailored quotes from over 25 moped insurance specialists. It’s easy to amend the level of cover, choose a different moped (if you haven’t already bought your machine), and see which insurance provider can provide the right policy for your moped riding needs.

Find out how much moped insurance costs. Get a free 50cc quote today:

125cc moped insurance

If your moped has an engine of 125cc or over, it is techincally classified as a scooter.

For insurance purposes, the make, model and engine capacity of your moped are the important bits. Don't worry - when you run a quote on Biker Insure using the registration number of your 125cc moped, or select your make and model from the dropdown menu, the system will take care of the rest.

It really doesn't matter whether your refer to your 125cc machine as a moped or a scooter - for insurance purposes it's the make and model and not the semantics that matter.

Do you have a licence more advanced than the moped category? Don't worry, Biker Insure can compare your motorcycle insurance - whether you're riding with a full class A motorcycle licence, or have an A2, A1 or moped (AM) licence.