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When it comes to superbike motorcycle insurance, it doesn’t matter whether you ride a GSXR, a CBR, a ZX10, an R1 or an S1000RR. Maybe you have a taste for exotic superbikes like the Ducati Panigale, or Aprilia's RSV4. Or perhaps you're even lucky enough to own something completely bananas like the supercharged Kawasaki H2.

No matter what performance bike you ride - be it a superbike, sports motorbike or supersports, comparing quotes at Biker Insure is one of the fastest ways to discover a wide range of quotes from some of the best UK superbike insurance providers.

Compare superbike insurance quotes at Biker Insure today and see just how much you could save.

Superbikes - the last word in performance motorcycling.

Superbikes and sports bikes are truly one of the greatest wonders of 21st century motorcycling.

These insane bikes are equipped with engines that produce stratospheric power figures from 1000cc plus engines, paired with uncompromising chassis setups and pin sharp brakes. They should be difficult to ride for anyone not possessing a bike racers talent. However, the modern superbike is easier (and safer) to ride than ever before, thanks to a full suite of electronic rider aids such as traction control, slide control, lean angle sensitive ABS, up and down quick shifters, and wheelie control.

As superbike performance has continued on its upward trajectory, so too has the age of the average motorbike rider. The UK’s interest in sporty, cramped and wrist heavy crotch rockets has been steadily replaced by more versatile and comfortable bikes which one the road at least, aren’t too far behind in terms of outright performance, whilst also being more comfortable and better suited to a wider range of riding applications.

You only need to look at the motorcycling press of 20 years ago to get an idea where British biker's priorities used to lie (remember Performance Bike and Superbike magazine?), and where they now stand with the less extreme magazines of today (although to be fair, "Fast Bikes" is still going as of 2024)

There might have been a shift in motorbike buying patterns of the UK's biking population, but Superbikes aren’t quite and irrelevance just yet. Sure, you’re never going to be able to explore even a fraction of the capabilities on offer (especially on the road), but given a quiet ribbon of smooth, twisty tarmac on a balmy summers evening and there’s simply no other class of bike capable of delivering that brain melting, intoxicating, brutal combination of handling and power.

There’s nothing like the buzz a full fat superbike can provide, and something very special about owning and riding a race bred superbike. There aren’t many motorbikes that have the same “one last glance behind” appeal before you shut the garage door after a spirited ride.

It’s also amazing that we can still (for now at least) legally buy, insure, and use these incredible machines on the road - despite an ever tightening net of state sponsored safetyism, and environmental regulations.

Keep superbiking while you still can!

Are superbikes more expensive to insure?

Superbikes represent the pinnacle of motorcycle engineering. Thoroughbred performance machines developed with racing know-how, utilising the latest cutting edge technology. Built to go insanely fast, stop just as quickly, and handle like they're on rails. Because of this, superbikes tend to be at the very top of motorbike insurance groupings.

Why is superbike insurance so expensive?

Superbikes are not budget machines. They are generally built to the highest specification, showcasing the most advanced (and often race derived) technology. The cost of the bikes and their components is one reason why superbike insurance is so expensive. If a top of the range sports bike is stolen or involved in an accident, the replacement or repair costs can be extremely costly.

In addition to the bike itself, insurers need to factor in the risks faced by superbike riders. Because they're so powerful, fast and capable, it can take an iron will and concentration just to stay within the legal limits on UK roads. In inexperienced hands, superbikes can be a handful.

Despite most superbike riders being older and more experienced sports bike fans, and with the increased safety net provided by the electronics, an underwriter will still need to take into account the relative risks for each rider. Insuring a superbike is about as far as you can get from insuring a 125cc bike!

Although superbike motorcycle insurance can be expensive (you wouldn't expect cheap insurance for a supercar with similar abilities), you can improve your chances of finding cheaper insurance for your performance sports bike by comparing quotes.

How much is insurance for a superbike?

How much does Superbike insurance cost?*

2020 Ducati Panigale V4 - £373 Fully Comp

2020 Kawasaki ZX-10R - £299 Fully Comp

2020 Aprilia RSV4 RR - £282 Fully Comp

2021 Yamaha R1 - £449 Fully Comp

* Superbike insurance quotes compared at Biker Insure on 03.03.23 and for indicative purposes only. Quotes were obtained for a married 42 year old company director living in IV40 with maximum ncb, no claims or convictions and a clean motorcycle licence. Bike is garaged and used for social & commuting purposes. £300 voluntary excess. Actual quotes will vary depending on your individual circumstances and superbike model.

What about the supersports class?

Back in the day, riders would cut their sporting teeth on a 4 cylinder 600cc race rep before trading up to a full-fat, full bore litre class bike. They were kinda like superbikes in miniature, but with more affordable purchase prices, running costs and insurance - and a slightly more forgiving (i.e. less brutal) nature.

This isn't the case anymore - demand for 4 cyclinder 600cc sports bikes has been in terminal decline, after peaking somtime in the mid noughties.

This was due to emissions regulations, an aging demographic, and perhaps also fuelled by increasingly capable sporty middleweights - without the wrist, neck and back pain.

Having sid that, Kawasaki relaunched their ZX6 in 2023, and Honda now looks set to reintroduce the CBR600RR for 2024. But with the rapidly expanding range of sporty, faired, affordably priced bikes - such as Yamaha's R7, Suzuki's GSX-8R, Honda's CBR650R, Kawasaki's Ninja 650 - plus of course KTM's Duke and Aprilia's Tuono 660, the old school supersports machines may have limited appeal.

Whether you're still flying the 600cc, 4 cylinder sports bike flag and are the proud owner of a CBR600, R6, ZX6 or GSXR 600 - or you're riding one of the newer breed of sporty bikes, get a quote at Biker Insure to see how much you could save on your supersports insurance today.

Does engine size affect motorcycle insurance?

Although not always the case, a larger engine will typically produce more power. The relationship between engine size and power output is a complicated one, but in the realm of sports bikes where maximising engine output is one of the most important considerations, there is typically a more direct relationship between cubic capacity and horsepower. 1000cc superbikes will always produce more power than 600cc sports bikes and sporty 400cc bikes.

Because engine size affects power, which affects how fast a bike can go, which in turn affects the risk, engine size will impact the cost of insurance. This is perhaps especially pronounced when it comes to sports motorbike insurance.

What superbikes are for sale today?

The majority of new superbikes you'll see on the road today will be one of the following models:

  • Aprilia RSV4
  • BMW S1000RR
  • Ducati Panigale V4
  • Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade
  • Kawasaki ZX-10R
  • Suzuki GSX-R1000 (no longer available, but has an honourary place)
  • Yamaha R1

If you're lucky enough to own any of the above motorbikes, or an older sports bike, compare superbike insurance quotes today at Biker Insure and see how much you could save on your sports motorbike insurance.