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125cc motorbike insurance

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125cc motorbikes have small engines and modest power outputs compared to larger motorcycles. They’re cheaper to buy, usually cheaper to maintain and on average tend to have lower overall running costs. In addition to their running costs, 125s are also usually amongst the cheapest motorcycle types to insure.

A 125cc bike may be one of the cheapest motorcycles to insure, however a major part of the total policy cost equation is you - the rider.

125cc bikes are typically ridden by young, inexperienced riders who are often 17 or 18 years old. Because you can legally ride on UK roads with a 125 after taking your CBT and without passing the actual A1 test, the risks of being involved in an accident are high - which means more expensive insurance premiums.

125cc insurance

Despite being in low insurance groups, the physical size and weight (plus high demand) means that 125cc and under bikes and scooters are often an easy target for thieves. 125's are also quite often the rider's only mode of transport. Being a daily rider means that the chances of theft or an accident are elevated when compared to the more leisure oriented use of bigger motorbikes.

A 125cc bike isn’t ever going to set the world on fire for outright performance, but there’s still sufficient poke available from a sub 15bhp engine to get inexperienced riders into trouble.

In addition, younger riders also tend to be considerably less risk averse than more mature riders – resulting in a higher chance of accidents and insurance claims.

For learner riders taking their first steps onto the biking ladder, insurance can be a daunting prospect. Getting insured when you’re young can seem cruelly expensive – especially when you see how little older and more experienced riders can pay to insure their superbike.

There are a few things to think about which could save you money on your 125cc motorbike insurance, which we'll come that later in the article. However, one of the easiest steps you can take to reduce the bill is by comparing brokers to see which can provide the cheapest quotes for your individual circumstances and motorbike.

Whether you're new to two wheels and are riding your bike with L plates (prior to taking the A1 test), have passed the A1 test and are riding without L plates - or have a full category A bike license and just want to find the cheapest 125cc motorcycle insurance, Biker Insure can help.

Compare over 25 insurers to discover how much it costs to insure your 125 with a free comparison service:

Do you need insurance for a 125cc bike?

Yes. In order to ride on UK roads with a 125cc bike or scooter, it is a legal requirement to insure your machine. The same goes for any capacity of bike, whether it’s a 50cc moped or a 1500cc cruiser.

It doesn’t matter whether you are riding on L-plates or with a full motorcycle licence, insurance is compulsory in the UK. The minimum insurance cover required by law is Third Party Only (TPO), which is the most basic form of motorcycle insurance available in the UK and insures the risk posed by you to other road users.

How to get cheaper 125cc motorbike insurance

There are a host of things you can do which could help to reduce the cost of your 125cc insurance. Here are a few ideas:

Improve the security on your 125

125’s are lightweight bikes that can quickly be lifted into the back of a van. Make it harder to steal by securing your bike to a solid object with a good quality, Sold Secure lock.

Use multiple combinations of physical security such as a chain and disc lock – the more the better.

Keep your 125 out of sight

If you have a garage, use it to store your 125 when not in use. If not, keep your bike out of sight if you can, or at least on a private driveway and under a cover rather than in full view on a public road.

Keep your mileage low

The more miles you do on your 125, the higher the insurance cost is likely to be. It can be difficult if the bike is your only source of transport, but try not to overestimate your yearly mileage on the quote form.

Pass your test!

Your premiums could go down, and your compulsory excess may also be reduced.

Go for a higher voluntary excess

You’ll pay more in the event of a claim, but your 125cc motorbike insurance policy could be cheaper. Weigh up which is most important to you.

Choose a less sporty model

As a rule of thumb, sportier 125’s are seen as a higher risk. Choose a more sensible option until you can build up some riding experience and a no claims bonus.

Buy an older 125

Less valuable bikes tend to be cheaper to insure. Try to find an older, used 125 in good condition rather than buying the latest sporty number and you could save money.

You're also likely to lose proportionately less when it's time to sell your bike.

Avoid taking pillions

It’s not much fun carrying a pillion passenger on a 125. Be realistic about whether this is something you’ll need cover for, even if it's permitted on your license (you cannot carry pillions with just your CBT)

Compare quotes

It’s the easiest way to make sure you’re getting the lowest 125cc insurance quotes from a wide range of providers.

125cc scooter insurance

Insuring scooters at Biker Insure is no different to motorbikes. As long as you have the relevant licence to ride, comparing quotes and getting 125cc scooter insurance is the same easy process as finding cheap insurance for scooters with bigger cc engines.

Cheap 125cc moped insurance

You can get cheap insurance for a 125cc moped. Technically speaking however, a 125cc moped is classified as a scooter.

According to the DVSA, a moped is classed as a powered two-wheeler of no more than 50cc and producing under 4kW (5bhp) in power. A 125cc moped exceeds both the capacity and power specifications of a moped, so would be considered a scooter.

This is important for licencing purposes, because to legally ride a 125cc machine requires an A1 bike licence, whereas a 50cc machine can be ridden on the AM (moped) category.

In practice however, most 125cc scooters look like 50cc mopeds but with a bigger engine, more power, and a higher top speed. For many people, the words scooter and moped are often used interchangeably.

For insurance purposes, as long as you have the correct licence for the machine you are riding – whether it’s legally a moped or a scooter, it really doesn’t matter how you refer to your machine.

You can either enter your registration number, or find the make and model of your moped/scooter in the Biker Insure system. The brokers will have the exact details and specifications of your machine to hand in order to provide an accurate quote.

How we used to compare 125cc motorbike insurance

Here at Biker Insure we remember out first motorbike well. It was a 1988 red and white Yamaha TZR125 two stroke. The sweet smell of burning two stroke oil, the billowing blue smoke and evil sounding exhaust crackle were something to behold and sadly something missing from today's 125cc class.

We remember our first solo L-plate outing, and the very first corner we came to at a speed that needed real counter steering input.

We also remember all too well what it was like trying to get reasonably priced insurance as a 17 year old on a sporty 125cc bike using dishwashers wages.

Despite scouring the classifieds in MCN, ringing around for quotes from what must have been 20+ bike insurance companies, it was a real shocker to discover that it would be impossible to find Yamaha insurance for a garaged F-reg TZR125 on a third party, fire and theft basis for any less than £1,000. That was a lot back in 1997.

Even though the insurance was going to cost more than the TZR was worth, there was no other option.

Fortunately, with age and experience comes many things - including cheaper bike insurance. Despite the TZR being our first rung on motorcycling’s ladder, it thankfully proved to be our biggest ever insurance bill. Even adjusting for inflation and insuring ever bigger and more powerful bikes, we never had to pay more than that first-time insurance policy.

If you’re young and looking for insurance on a 125, you’re probably going to have a much tougher time of it than if you’re looking for over 50’s motorcycle insurance.

Fortunately, it’s a bit easier today that it was in 1997. Insuring a 125 is still a mighty financial drain, but at least it’s now much easier to find the cheapest 125cc motorbike insurance by comparing loads of brokers quickly by entering your information only once. No more scouring MCN and phoning all the brokers individually!

At Biker Insure we know what it’s like to spend all your hard-earned cash turning biking dreams into reality. Motorbikes are expensive. The kit is expensive. So is the insurance. At least the first two are interesting. Bike insurance on the other hand is one of life’s great pains in the backside. A pain that never seems to goes away, and one that’s inflicted year after year.

Although 125cc bike insurance definitely isn’t fun, it is of course a legal requirement if you want to ride your motorbike on UK roads. Yes, you can still get quotes from loads of individual brokers like we did in 1997 - however, because most brokers are on comparison sites, there can be little point. Because you should get the same quote from a broker whether going directly to their website or using a comparison service, the best way to find cheap insurance for your 125 is by comparing.

Biker Insure makes comparison easy. Just enter your details once, those of your 125cc bike, plus the type of cover you need, and you’ll get a list of quotes from all the brokers on the panel who are able to provide cover for your 125cc bike and personal circumstances. These will be ranked from the cheapest 125cc bike quote, to the most expensive.

125cc motorbikes back then

When we started riding in 1997, the choice of 125’s was fairly limited. The big 4 Japanese manufacturers all produced their own learner two stroke 125’s. Honda had the NSR125, Suzuki’s made the RGV125 (and naked RG125 Wolf), Yamaha the TZR125 and Kawasaki the AR125. They were the mainstream 125 sports-style two strokes, and the ones which most kids lusted after.

Exotic, pricey pin-up competition came from Italy in the form of Aprilia’s RS125, and the Cagiva Mito 125. They were fast, looked amazing, and had fat (for the 125 class) rear tyres. They were also unobtainable for anyone without wealthy parents.

Most 125s were capable of releasing more power when derestricted. The Italians could even produce up to around 30bhp. This was perfect if you kept the bike after passing your test and wanted more excitement. However, the temptation for many exuberant (and no doubt effectively uninsured) youths at the time was too great, and they were often to be seen screaming past the school gates on illegally derestricted 125’s.

Of course, you did also get a few 125 motocross bikes like Kawasaki’s KMX125 on the road, but they were few and far between. There were also various 4-stroke, commuter style machines such as the long-lived Honda CG125, Yamaha’s SR125 (we did our CBT on one!), or Suzuki GS125. For a teenager though, the sporty two stroke was where it was most definitely at.

Pretty much everyone who was under 20 and into bikes at the turn of the century wanted one of the Japanese 125 two stroke sports bikes. Remember, this was in the late 90’s when most newbie bikers lusted after the latest full-fat superbike – a GSXR, ZXR, YZF or CBR. The wee screamers promised a pint-sized taste of the bigger fun to come.

125cc motorbikes today

These days, biking tastes have changed. The wider market no longer has a single minded superbike obsession, and the range of 125’s available to learn on has now become much wider – both in the number of manufacturers producing 125’s, and the number of models produced.

Although the small sports two stroke may now have been consigned to the great scrapyard in the sky, mainstream manufacturers are still making their baby (4-stroke) sports bikes, with ranges now complimented by fashionably street styled machines like Yamaha’s MT-01, Honda's CB125R, Kawasaki Z125 and Suzuki GSX-S125

Chinese 125cc bikes and scooters

Perhaps the most notable change in the 125cc motorcycle market over recent years has been from the rapid rise in small capacity Chinese bikes and scooters being imported into the UK – brands such as Sinnis, Zontes, Keeway, Lexmoto and many more have made the overall choice of 125cc machines bafflingly wide.

Back in the day, we used to know every single bike by every single manufacturer. Nowadays, there’s no chance – small capacity commuter bikes and 125’s are being imported from China to the UK in startlingly large numbers. Indeed, one of the most well known and popular 125cc Chinese bike manufacturers Lexmoto now regularly rank in the top 5 best-selling UK bike brands.

You can compare insurance for any of the Chinese manufacturers quickly and easily at Biker Insure. Simply enter the reg number of your bike to automatically find and fill in your Chinese bike’s details, or select from the drop-down manufacturers in the first page of your quote journey.

The 125cc and under class is big - and growing

The 51-125cc motorcycle and scooter segment is now the largest sector, as ranked by total UK sales. In fact, sub 125cc machines makes up around 35% of all motorcycle registrations (source: MCIA).

Whilst many of the buyers of these machines will be younger riders or learner motorcyclists, it’s clear that the segment is definitely here to stay. Riders of all ages are buying small capacity, cheap to buy and run bikes as an alternative to public transport or the car.

If you’re one of these riders, make sure you find the cheapest insurance by comparing quotes from multiple brokers.

Whether you have a 125cc bike from Honda or Yamaha, are looking to insure a Lexmoto or a small capacity Chinese bike or scooter, Biker Insure can help.

Frequently asked questions about 125cc motorbike insurance

How much is insurance for a 125cc motorbike in the UK?

As with any motorbike insurance, the cost of a 125cc policy will vary according to your individual circumstances. Things like your age, occupation, where you live, your riding history/licence and how you use and store the bike and are all taken into account.

The bike itself is also a major factor in calculating your bike insurance cost. Some 125 makes and models are more expensive to insure than others and the price will be affected further by the age and value of your bike.

It's a complicated queation to answer, and one that varies rider to rider and bike to bike. You can find out how much insurance for a 125cc motorbike costs for your particular circumstances by comparing quotes using the system at Biker Insure.

Can I ride a 125cc on a CBT?

Yes. You’ll need to be over 17 years old, have provisional motorcycle entitlement on your licence, complete the CBT, and be insured with a minimum of third party only cover.

You can ride a 125cc machine on a CBT as long as it complies with A1 class motorcycle specifications. You can ride your 125cc bike on L plates until your CBT expires.

Can you insure a 125 without a CBT?

The clue is in the name – compulsory basic training. You cannot ride any motorcycle in the UK without having completed this training.

The only exception is for people who passed their car test before 1st Feb 2001. This CBT exception is for 50cc mopeds only, and not 125cc bikes or scooters.

To compare quotes for a 125, you’ll either need a full, or provisional motorbike licence. If you are riding a 125 with a provisional licence, you’ll need to have passed the CBT - and be insured - in order to legally ride on the road.

Do 125cc bikes need tax?

As of 2024, the cost for motorbikes not over 150cc is £24 per year if paid in a single instalment, or £25.20 if paid in 12 instalments.

The only exception would be if you're taking your 125cc motorbike off the road (e.g. keeping it in the garage and not using it), in which case you can declare a SORN instead of paying tax.

How can I find the cheapest 125cc motorbike insurance?

You could shop around and get 125cc quotes from as many individual brokers as possible to see who offers the cheapest quotes.

Or you can save time and hassle by comparing 125cc motorbike insurance at Biker Insure. It's free, quick, and easy. It's up to you!

Can you get temporary insurance on a 125?

Yes. Check out our temporary motorbike insurance page for more information.

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