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Motorcycle insurance for older riders

Is over 50s motorcycle insurance any cheaper?

As a rule of thumb the older you get, the cheaper your motorcycle insurance is likely to become. Along with increased wisdom and a happier life outlook, cheaper motorcycle insurance is one of the benefits of getting older!

This is because experienced, fifty plus riders are less likely to be involved in an accident than freshly qualified new riders, and much less likely to indulge in reckless or risky riding behaviour.

The older we get, the more aware we become of our own mortality. An increasing level of cautiousness and aversion to risk is reflected in the way we ride (you'd probably scare yourself witless if you could magically ride pillion with your 25 year old self!).

over 50s motorcycle insurance

Because a broker is less likely to have to pay out on a motorcycle insurance claim when underwriting motorcycle insurance for older riders, the over 50’s typically have a much better chance of finding cheaper insurance quotes than younger riders.

There are however seldom any hard and fast rules in the world of motorcycle insurance. You could for example be a 60 year old, unemployed ex-convict with 11 points on your licence, no NCB, riding a highly modified streetfighter and with a passion for stunt riding. Even though this rider is older, the policy will possibly cost more than a 25 year old biking angel with maximum NCB, no points, living in a low risk area and riding a small capacity run around.

Insurance does however tend towards the average. And for Mr. Average 50+ Biker, motorcycle insurance gets proportionately cheaper, the older the rider becomes.

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Who provides over 50s motorcycle insurance?

Thanks to the success of some big (general) insurance companies who specialise in providing insurance only for those over 50, the half century does seem to have become something of an arbitrary line in the sand, with many bikers looking for cheaper insurance when they pass the 50 year milestone. There are certainly high volumes of bikers searching online for over 50s motorcycle insurance.

A 2016 study by the Department for Transport showed that male motorcyclists aged 50 and over made up 23% of the total number of miles travelled by all motorcyclists (the largest demographic at the time being the 40-49 year old segment with 28% of total miles travelled).

It is therefore interesting to note that there are currently no UK motorcycle insurance companies specialising only in insurance for over 50s motorcyclists.

As more and more motorcyclists tip over into the older age bracket and the average age of UK bikers creeps ever higher, will we see the rise of a specialist over 50 motorbike insurance broker in the UK?

What's different about over 50s motorcycle insurance?

Even if there was a specialist fifty plus provider of motorcycle insurance policies in the UK, it doesn’t necessarily mean the quotes provided would be any cheaper, or better value.

Fundamentally, insurance for over 50's motorcyclists is no different to other age groups. There is, however, a commerical need for insurance companies to carve out a niche for themselves. This segmentation enables insurance companies to build a unique brand and become a go-to business for individuals in their target demographic.

Because insurance is a relatively standardised product, motorcycle insurance businesses try to differentiate themselves in order to capture market share in a very competitive industry. Motorcycle Insurance For Older Riders would be one such niche.

If we were to see the creation of an over 50 motorbike insurance broker specialising solely in motorcycle insurance for older riders, it will most likely be a subsidy of one of the much larger generalist motorbike insurance providers, rather than a stand alone business entity.

The insurance offered by such a company would probably be the same as the product sold to motorcyclists under the age of 50. The difference would be the marketing strategy and messaging, which would possibly include age appropriate extras or freebies that could be added to the policy.

How can I get cheaper over 50's motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance policy costs tend, on average, to fall the older you get (all else remaining equal). If you’re a fifty plus biker, this is true no matter which broker you use, or which underwriters provide the quotes.

It doesn’t matter if the broker sells themselves as an older rider specialist or not, they will still be drawing on the same pool of underwriters that provide motorcycle insurance for riders of any other age or demographic.

Because of this – and this is true for any sub group of motorcyclists – it can always pays to use a comparison service like the one available at Biker Insure.

Because you can quickly compare multiple brokers by entering your information just once, you stand a greater chance of finding the cheapest over 50s motorcycle insurance.

Biker Insure is free to use, unbiased, independent and completely impartial.

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Frequently asked questions:

Does age affect motorcycle insurance?

The cost of insuring a motorcycle (as with any motor vehicle), generally drops the older you get. Riders under 25 are typically saddled with the most expensive motorbike insurance premiums.

Older riders are often more experienced, careful riders who are less likely to be involved in an accident. In addition, older riders will have had more time to build up a larger motorcycle No Claims Discount which will help to bring down the annual policy costs.

Although policy prices tend to drop with age, they can start to creep back up once again when riders hit 75 or 80 plus. This is because motorbike insurers can see these groups as more of a risk.

Is over 60 motorcycle insurance available?

If you're a rider over 60, the insurance situation is the same: there aren't any specialist over 60's motorcycle insurance providers. Nevertheless due to your age and all other factors remaining equal, you should generally have an improved chance of finding cheaper motorcycle insurance compared to younger riders.

Every one of the 25+ brokers on the panel should be able to provide a quote for over 60's motorcyclists, so get a quote today and see how much you could save on your over 60s motorcycle insurance.

Can an 80 year old get motorcycle insurance?

You can still compare motorcycle insurance if you are over 80 at Biker Insure. Motorcycle insurance for over 80s is no different in the policy types available, but you may want to consider changing the extras that you add on to your motorcycle insurance.

Is 70 too old to ride a motorcycle, and are you ever too old?

At Biker Insure, we don't think so. In fact, we hope to be riding as long as our eyesight remains sufficiently sharp, and we can still swing a leg over the saddle.

Whether it's an electric, hybrid, hydrogen, ICE, or a nuclear fission powered motorbike in the future, we hope to be riding well into old age!

Is there a maximum age for motorbike insurance?

There is no official legal maximum age for insuring a motorbike, but some providers may impose their own limits or restrictions on who they will cover.

As long as you are medically fit to ride, you should be able to find insurance with no upper age limit - although it may become more difficult to find a low cost quote.

Are older bikes more expensive to insure?

Generally speaking older bikes, just like older riders, are cheaper to insure than newer motorbikes.

As always, there are exceptions. For example if your motorcycle gets old enough to begin appreciating in value once more (i.e. if it becomes a desirable classic), then it could become relatively more expensive to insure again.

Under fifty? Lucky you! Don't worry - you can still compare motorbike insurance at Biker Insure.