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A bit about Honda before you compare Honda motorcycle insurance

Honda are the largest of the “Big 4” Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. Alongside Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki, Honda led these four brands as they displaced the British bike industry in the 1970's - and fuelled the growth of UK motorcycling into the modern era. Today, Honda are the biggest motorcycle brand in the world!

Anyone who was riding or interested in bikes in the 1980’s or 1990’s will remember so many ground-breaking, genre defining Hondas.

CBR's, VFR's, Goldwings, Pan Europeans, Blackbirds, RC45's - all these iconinc bikes had pivotal or leading places in their respective motorcycling niches.

And it might not be the most glamorous bike, but it would be remiss to talk about two-wheeled Hondas without mentioning the venerated Honda C90 - true transport for the masses.

Honda Fireblade

Here at Biker Insure, we're of a certain age that our memories of Honda are intrinsically linked with a certain 900cc sportsbike - the FireBlade.

Prior to the Blade's launch in 1992, bikes from competing manufacturers were becoming increasingly fast and powerful - but also heavy and relatively slow handling. At the time, Suzuki's hugely powerful GSX-R1100 and Yamaha's FZR1000 were the "superbike" kings - with Honda's CBR1000 being the best the big H could offer. It was a good bike, but not as desirable as the Yamaha or Suzuki, and was more of a fast armchair (alongside Kawasaki's ZZR1100).

Whilst the Fireblade didn't offer anything particularly revolutionary in terms of engineering or technology at its launch, it was the Blade's combination of handling, light weight (32kg lighter than the FZR), compact design and power that caused the bike to completely upend the competition and become a benchmark for superbikes. The Fireblade lit the touch paper for massive leaps forward in superbike development that was to come over the next two decades, and really set the blueprint for modern bike design. Despite being bested only six years into its reign by the launch of Yamaha's 1998 R1, the Honda Fireblade is still seen by many as the father of modern superbikes.

Our favourite was the MKII or "foxeye" Fireblade, resplendent in Urban Tiger colours!

Today, Honda is still at the forefront of motorcycle technology, but the demise in popularity of the superbike class - which are now often seen as redundant on the road (especially given an aging biker population and increasing speed restrictions), has led to the latest iteration of the Fireblade being more of an uncompromising, revvy racetrack refugee than a useable road bike. Even the CBR600 has disappeared from the Honda range, which now has a definite focus on street bikes, adventure bikes and scooters.

What are Honda best known for?

Honda are perhaps best known for producing motorcycles that are incredibly reliable and extremely well built. Even their performance machines are typically capable of racking up large mileages (indeed, many an older generation Fireblade has been used as a courier hack over the years!)

Whether you own a Honda sportsbike, a middleweight roadster, or tourer or adventure bike, we can help you find cheaper Honda motorcycle insurance.

Honda motorcycle insurance

Just like other types of motorbike insurance, Honda bike insurance typically covers damage or theft of the motorcycle, as well as injuries or damage caused by the motorcycle or its rider. The extent of cover available depends on the policy type you choose. Go fully comprehensive for more extensive insurance cover on your Honda, opt for Third Party, or even Third Party Fire And Theft. Please note that third party options are not necessarily always cheaper than fully comprehensive, so be sure to compare different cover options before you take out a policy.

It's also important to check policy details with your broker before your buy to ensure you are happy with the level of cover provided in your Honda bike policy.

a honda motorcycle in a garage

Honda bike insurance online

When your compare Honda quotes at Biker Insure, the entire process can be completed online.

The service is primarily web based, however customers do have the option to telephone any of the brokers to discuss quotes, or purchase insurance cover. Phone numbers can be found by pressing the "more info" button on the quote results page.

If you don't need to speak to a broker, it's usually easiest to complete the entire process online. Once you have received your quotes and chosen the policy to suit you, it's simply a case of clicking through to the brokers' website, and buying your Honda Bike insurance online.

How much is insurance for a Honda motorcycle?

The cost of your Honda insurance will vary depending on a number of factors including the model and age of your bike (a new CBR1000RR will typically cost more than an old CB500 for example), your riding record, where you live, your age, plus the type of Honda cover required and more.

Because every rider and bike combination is unique, it's always a good idea to compare quotes from multiple brokers to find the best policy for your individual circumstances and budget.

How much does Honda insurance cost?*

2019 Honda CBR650R - £99 Fully Comp

2018 Honda Africa Twin - £135 Fully Comp

2021 Honda CB1000R - £162 Fully Comp

2022 CBR1000RR-R Fireblade - £431 Fully Comp

* Compared at Biker Insure on 03.01.23 and for indicative purposes only. Quotes were obtained for a married 42 year old company director living in IV40 with maximum ncb, no claims or convictions and a clean motorcycle licence. Bike is garaged and used for social & commuting purposes. £300 voluntary excess. Actual quotes will vary depending on your individual circumstances and Honda model.

Policies for all Honda motorcycle models

Whether you own a new CB1000R, an Africa Twin, CBR650R, Blackbird, VFR1200, Fireblade, or an old Honda two stroke - Biker Insure can help.

You can even compare quotes for classic Hondas like the CB750 or CBX1000, or grey imports of the 90's such as a CBR400 or 250, or a Bros 400 (we had one of those!)

It really doesn't matter what Honda you ride. Simply compare Honda motorcycle quotes online by entering your information once to discover multiple cheap Honda brokers. Simply select the best Honda motorcycle insurance for you.

Get a Honda motorcycle insurance quote now - compare and save money today.

Honda scooter insurance

We're not just all about motorcycles here at Biker Insure!

Did you know, you can also compare Honda scooter insurance? The process is exactly the same as obtaining a motorcycle quote. Just enter your reg number or model of Honda scooter, plus your personal information and level of cover required.

You can get quotes for all Honda scooters new and old, from maxi-scooters like the Forza 750, to a Honda PCX125 or Honda Vision.

Don't ride a Honda? No need to worry - Biker Insure can compare motorcycle insurance for any make & model of bike: