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A bit about KTM before you compare insurance

KTM has actually been in the bike business since 1934, but it’s current iteration (KTM AG) was founded in 1992. The brand has historically been associated with off road, enduro, and motocross bikes - but this slowly began to change in 1994, when the Austrian brand launched their first street bike. The original KTM Duke 690 was a single cylinder Supermoto, a machine for hoodlums that sold in small numbers but also endowed KTM with a small cult following in the UK.

It took a full 10 years for KTM to make the transition to more of a road-oriented producer, with the original 690 Duke leading to the release of the 990 Duke in 2004. This was KTM’s first ever large capacity road bike, and an indication of the firm’s direction of travel for the next decade and a half with KTM's new signature dish of large capacity V-twin engines.

KTM had their first (and only) bash at the superbike sector in 2008 with their uniquely angular RC8 (in our opinion one of the best looking motorbikes ever to grace UK roads), which was sadly discontinued in 2015 for the Austrian marque to focus solely on various iterations of large capacity Dukes/Superdukes, the SMT (now superseded by the 1290 Adventure), and some smaller bikes like the RC390.

Big news from KTM came in 2020 with the launch of “the scalpel” – a ridiculously sharp handling 890cc parallel twin with more than enough real-world poke (119 bhp). It was - and is - maybe a better option for some than its insane big brother, “the beast” (aka 1290 Super Duke R).

KTM does still of course produce a large range of MX and Enduro machines, however you’re as unlikely to see any of these used on the road as you are to spot one of their X-bow supercars!

If you own a big (or even little) KTM bike and are looking for a good deal on your motorbike Insurance, compare at Biker Insure today and compare KTM insurance quotes from over 25 UK based motorbike brokers.

KTM insurance

KTM bike insurance is the same as any other motorcycle insurance. If you are riding your KTM on UK public roads, then insurance is a legal requirement.

The minimum level of insurance cover for your KTM is Third Party Only. TPO insurance covers damage to other peoples vehicles, their property, or injury caused.

Next up is Third Party Fire & Theft. TPFT insurance builds on TPO insurance, but also includes cover if your KTM is stolen or damaged by fire.

The highest level of insurance cover for your KTM is Fully Comprehensive, which includes all the benefits of TPFT, but adds cover for accidental damage to your KTM and personal injury cover if the accident is your fault.

Because comprehensive KTM insurance isn't necessarily always the most expensive, it makes sense to check how different levels of cover affect your insurance. It's really simple and quick to change your cover options at Biker Insure. When you are on the quote results page, simply select a different level of KTM cover from the dropdown, and then click on "update quotes."

Most brokers also typically include policy add-ons including Legal Assistance, Helmet & Leathers cover, Personal Accident and Breakdown Cover. You can filter the results instantly by checking or unchecking the relevant boxes.

Remember that you should carefully check over your policy documents to ensure that the level of insurance cover is adequate for your personal needs and circumstances.

How much is it to insure my KTM?

Most of the KTM's that you see on UK roads are large capacity, performance oriented machines. As premium motorbikes, KTM's are also relatively expensive to buy.

This has an impact on insurance premiums for KTM's, and underwriters need to take into account these factors when providing you with a quote.

As a rule of thumb, the bigger (more powerful), faster, newer and more expensive the model, the pricier the premium.

A 2023 Super Adventure is likely to cost significantly more to insure than a 10 year old 690 Duke, for example.

If you want to find out how much insurance is for your particular model of KTM and your unique circumstances, the easiest way to find out is to get a fully personalised quote comparison at Biker Insure.

Aside from the bike, your personal information and circumstances also plays a major role in calculating your premium. Your age, occupation, where you live, riding & claims history and more are used to determine the price.

We've run a few sample KTM insurance quotes through the system at Biker Insure. The results are listed below:

How much does KTM insurance cost?*

2019 KTM 1290 Super Adventure - £210 Fully Comp

2018 KTM 1290 Super Duke R - £216 Fully Comp

2020 KTM 690SMC Supermoto - £150 Fully Comp

2008 KTM RC8 - £131 Fully Comp

* Compared at Biker Insure on 22.01.23 and for indicative purposes only. Quotes were obtained for a married 42 year old company director living in IV40 with maximum ncb, no claims or convictions and a clean motorcycle licence. Bike is garaged and used for social & commuting purposes. £300 voluntary excess. Actual quotes will vary depending on your individual circumstances and KTM model.

Whether your KTM policy is up for its yearly renewal, or you're a new convert to Team Orange - compare quotes now at Biker Insure, and see how much you could save on your KTM insurance.

Don't ride a KTM? No need to worry - Biker Insure can compare motorcycle insurance for any make & model of bike: