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Low cost motorcycle insurance

20 ideas that could help you to find the cheapest motorcycle insurance quotes.

With the rising price of motorbike insurance, many UK bikers are looking for ways to lower the cost of their yearly premiums.

If you’re frustrated by the price of motorbike insurance, there are some things you can do to reduce costs, find cheaper motorbike insurance and make sure you’re paying as little as possible for your policy – without compromising on cover.

cheap bike insurance

The price of motorbike insurance depends on multiple factors. You can read more about these on our main bike insurance comparison page.

Many of the variables that go into pricing your bike quote can’t be changed – for example your age or where you live, but there are some things to take a look at which could help to make your motorcycle insurance more affordable.

How to get cheaper motorbike insurance

Here are some of the things to consider when looking for cheap bike insurance quotes:

1. Compare quotes

Probably the easiest way to save. Shopping around means that you have a higher chance of finding a cheaper deal than your current provider might be offering.

Motorbike insurance is a relatively generic product in a competitive environment, with constantly changing prices. The lowest cost broker one day might not be the cheapest for you a few days later, so it can pay to compare.

2. Choose the right level of cover

Fully comprehensive isn’t always the most expensive, and could even (sometimes) be the cheapest option. If your bike is old or not worth much and you only need TPO, it’s always worthwhile looking at the other two levels of cover.

They could be more inexpensive, or offer better value for a similar price. Always make sure you know what your cover includes and excludes. Compare options to make sure you’re getting value for money, and the minimum level of cover for your budget.

3. Pay annually

If you can, it’s usually cheaper to pay for your bike policy annually. Monthly payments often include an interest charge, which can make the total cost of your policy more expensive. When searching for cheap motorbike insurance, you can switch between annual and monthly payments to see the costs for each.

4. Improve security

The more layers of security your bike has, the lower the chances of it being stolen. D-locks, ground anchors, alarms, disc locks, GPS trackers etc are all worth considering.

Some insurers will give discounts for certain industry approved security measures, but even if the security you choose don’t result in cheaper bike insurance, avoiding a bike theft will not only save a lot of hassle, it could prevent excessive premium hikes in the future.

Your insurer may ask for proof of installation, so remember to keep a record.

5. Don’t over estimate your annual mileage

The more mileage you put on your bike in a year, the greater the risk to your insurers and the higher your premium. Over-estimating your mileage can lead to higher than necessary quotes, so take some time to think carefully about how many miles you’ll expect to do.

If you’re unsure, it can help to reference your old MOTs. This can easily be done on the MOT history checker, but does of course assume you’ve had one bike for at least a whole year.

Lower mileages should result in cheaper bike insurance, but remember to inform your provider if you think you’ll exceed the stated mileage.

6. Budget for the extras

Helmet and leathers cover, personal accident and legal protection are all great to have, but think carefully because they can all add up to make your cover less affordable.

Some add-ons such as breakdown cover can be bought separately, so it can be worthwhile doing some research to work out which way of buying is cheapest.

7. Take an advanced training course

Even discounting the possibility for cheap motorbike insurance, extra bike training is always a good idea. On the motorcycle quote journey, you can select from the following advanced riding courses that some insurers might offer a reduction for:

* There are also some training courses listed that are no longer available but could still reduce premiums. Police motorcyclists could also qualify for reduced premiums (advanced police motorcyclists).

8. Work on your no claims bonus

The longer you can keep you bike insurance claim free, the more of an NCB you’ll be able to build. Most insurers will add a % discount for each claim free year (up to a maximum), which can result in some significant savings.

You can usually pay extra to protect your NCB.

9. Avoid modifications

Modifications can make your bike more expensive to repair or replace, and therefore result in pricier premiums – especially if they increase performance or value. For a better chance of cheap motorbike insurance, it’s best to leave your bike factory standard.

If you have any modifications on your bike, always remember to declare them to your insurer.

10. Think about the bike

Older, slower, less expensive bikes typically cost less to insure than the latest, fastest, tech-laiden marvels. They can be difficult to resist, but if the total cost of bike ownership is important to you, then running an older, smaller capacity machine should result in significant cost savings – not only from an insurance perspective, but also with more economical overall running costs.

Choosing a popular or more common bike can also make the risks easier to assess for an insurer. Particularly exotic, rare or unusual machines might be more difficult and costly to insure.

11. Pillions

Be realistic about whether you’ll ever be taking passengers. Some policies include pillion cover as standard, but this can add extra cost with many brokers. It’s often cheapest to remove pillion cover, as people riding on the back of your motorbike represents an extra risk for the insurer.

12. Voluntary excess

Your bike insurance will usually come with a standard excess applied, but you can opt to voluntarily increase the amount you pay towards a claim. The more your voluntary excess, the higher the discount can be on your premium.

Just be sure that you’re prepared and can afford to pay the extra in the event of a claim.

13. How you use the bike

The more intensively you use your bike, the higher your insurance costs are likely to be. Will you really be using your motorbike for business purposes and commuting, or is it for sunny Sunday leisure rides only? Don’t over insure your bike if you’re not going to be using the cover.

14. Overnight parking

If you have a garage, use it for your motorbike. Garaged bikes typically qualify for lower cost insurance. A garage will usually be defined as being of solid brick or concrete construction, but other types of “garage” can be acceptable such as shipping containers, solid metal sheds or even timber sheds. The floor will usually need to be a solid concrete base – but check with your insurer to see if your intended garage meets their necessary criteria.

15. Stay in the UK

If you’re touring Europe over the summer, you’ll need to make sure you’re covered. Although some insurers offer EU cover as standard, it’s often a more expensive add-on to your policy. Consider taking your biking holidays in the UK, and you’ll stand a better chance of cheaper motorbike insurance quotes.

16. Join a biking organisation

Some insurers give discounts to those bikers who are members of clubs and organisations such as the BMF or MAG. If you’re a member, you can select the relevant organisation on the quote form.

17. Multi bike cover

If you have more than one motorbike, multi-bike insurance can work out cheaper overall than several stand-alone policies.

18. Budget for administration fees

If you think you might need to change your details during the duration of your policy – e.g. if you’re moving home, changing your bike or adding a modification, then many brokers will charge an admin fee to process the change.

Fees varies from broker to broker, and some might do it for free. It’s worth budgeting for this when buying your bike policy if you think you’re likely to make a change.

19. Avoid the auto-renew

It can be tempting to let your policy automatically roll over at renewal time, but you could make a saving by switching provider – even if your circumstances haven’t changed. If you do find cheaper motorbike insurance with someone else, remember to cancel your auto renewal to avoid paying for two policies.

If you’d prefer to stay with your current insurer, give them a call. Brokers can sometimes apply additional discounts to your policy if it looks like you’re about to leave. You can only really do this over the phone so it does take more effort, but could reward you with a saving.

Online quote systems don’t have the flexibility to negotiate. Remember to let your broker know what your cheapest motorbike insurance quote has been so far, to see if they can achieve a lower price. If you don't ask, you don't get!

Don’t assume if your current motorbike insurer was the cheapest option last year that they will be again when it’s time to renew. It’s a competitive market, and prices are constantly changing.

20. Honesty is key

Never be tempted to lie on the quote form just to get the cheapest motorbike insurance quote. Answer carefully, but always be truthful. If you’re unlucky enough to have to make a claim, your insurance could be voided if you are found to have lied. Any savings you might have made with cheap bike insurance quotes can quickly be wiped out (and much, much more) if you have to pay for the damage/theft of your bike, or even to other people and their property from your own pocket.

Compare for cheap motorbike insurance

OK, we mentioned this as the first tip to low cost motorcycle insurance - but it really is worth reiterating. We know that it’s not easy, realistic or even possible for some bikers to implement many of the cost cutting tips mentioned above, especially in a short timeframe.

But it’s always free to compare, and is probably the easiest way to find not just the cheapest motorbike insurance, but also a policy that represents the best value and is right for your circumstances – whatever your budget.

See which bike insurance provider on the panel is cheapest:

Special offers, deals and discounts

Keep an eye out for any special offers, price savings or discounts which are highlighted on the quote results page. They aren’t always straight discounts on the quote price, but could offer additional value by adding extras that the broker wouldn’t usually include.

Price sensitive questions

Price sensitive questions are highlighted during the quotation process. Pay extra attention when filling these in, because the final price of your policy will depend on your answers.

No matter whether you plump for the cheapest motorbike insurance you can find or go for a more comprehensive package, always be sure to read the documents carefully before buying. This ensures you’re getting the right bike policy for your circumstances, and aren’t over paying or under insuring your motorbike.

Cheap motorbike insurance FAQ's

What company has the cheapest motorbike insurance?

Motorbike insurance is highly circumstantial. It’s based on a variety of individual risk factors based on you, and the bike you ride. To find the lowest cost motorbike insurance, it can help to compare quotes from a variety of providers. The quotes you see will be ranked from cheapest to most expensive, based on the information you have provided.

Is motorcycle insurance cheaper than car insurance in the UK?

Many aspects of motorcycle ownership can be cheaper than a car – but it’s difficult to compare like for like as they are very different vehicles, and there are so many different kinds of car and bike available.

Many motorcycles deliver supercar performance at a fraction of the price, which can also include the cost of insurance. When looked at from a price/performance perspective, motorbike insurance might be considered cheaper than car insurance, but it’s all relative.

Any motor insurance depends on individual circumstances, and the vehicle to be insured. To offer some insight into motorbike insurance costs, more than half (51%) of bikers using the comparison service available at Biker Insure were quoted less than £239*

What is the cheapest style of motorcycle to insure?

It’s not so much the “style” of the bike so much as the risk to the insurer that makes a bike more expensive to insure, and this is calculated on a bike-by-bike basis. As a rule of thumb, smaller (engine capacity), less powerful and older motorcycles are typically less expensive to insure.

To compare the relative costs of one type of motorbike against another, it’s always worth running a quote for each model so see which style works out cheaper.

Which motorcycles are most expensive to insure?

The most expensive motorcycles to insure are the ones that will cost more to repair or replace in the event of a claim, and the bikes that are more likely to be stolen or involved in an accident in the first place.

If it’s fast, shiny, new, powerful, expensive and exotic then it’s a much higher risk than an old, slow, cheap, underpowered rusty old nail. Budget your motorbike insurance accordingly!

Why is my motorbike insurance so high?

If your motorbike is unusually high, then one or more of the variables used to calculate your premium is likely to be driving up the cost. Find out more about what goes into a motorbike insurance quote on our homepage, and consider some of the money saving tips listed above to help find more affordable bike insurance quotes.

Is Biker Insure the cheapest motorcycle insurance website?

Because there are so many variables involved in calculating a bike insurance quote, it’s not possible to make any definitive claims.

Every rider’s circumstances and insurance needs are different. Get a quote from the system at Biker Insure and find out if it’s the cheapest bike insurance for you!

*51% of consumers who received a quote for Motorbike Insurance through this service provided by Seopa Ltd. in February 2024 were quoted less than £238.63. The price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.