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An old Lambretta ring-ding-dinging its way down a cobbled back street in Rome, hastily ridden by snappily dressed young Italian. The sweet scent of burnt two-stroke oil and a haze of blue smoke left in its wake.

A fleet of mods riding mirror-and-light laiden Lambrettas, heading down to Brighton sea front on an overcast day for some argy bargy with the motorbike riding Rockers.

Whatever might spring to mind when Lambretta is mentioned, the classic Milanese scooter is certainly an emotive, iconic and quintessentially Italian brand.

When thoughts turn to Lambretta insurance however, things might not be quite so pleasant or evocative. Thankfully at Biker Insure, it’s a quick and pain free process to compare 25+ of the best UK scooter insurance specialists.

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Lambretta scooters - a brief history.

Born out of the heavily bombed post war rubble of the Innocenti steel tubing factory in Milan, Ferdinando Innocenti is said to have surveyed the ruins and envisioned a future of cheap transport for the Italian masses. Ferdinando wanted a new type of machine that would compete on cost and weather protection when compared with the more popular mode of two wheeled transport at the time - the motorcycle.

Enlisting the help of Corradino D’Ascanio (a motorcycle hating aeronautical engineer), Innocenti provided the brief of a simple, robust, and affordable vehicle that was easy to use by both men and women.

The distinctive front shield and step-thru design was intended to keep dirt off the rider, and for women who would find riding a motorcycle with a skirt problematic.

Innocenti fell out with D’Ascanio due to a disagreement over the frame design, with D’Ascanio favouring a stamped spar frame rather than the rolled steel tubing that Innocenti wanted (there still being the desire to revive parts of his pre-war company). D’Ascanio promptly took his design to Enrico Piaggio, who began producing a range of Vespas in 1946 – one year before completion of the final Lambretta design, and its eventual launch in 1947.

In 1997 Lambretta ceased scooter production, before returning in 2017 with the new V-Special.

Lambretta V-Special

The V-Special range is Lambretta’s funky looking range of 50cc, 125cc or 169cc displacements scooters, all sharing the same classically inspired styling and with many design cues taken from the 1969 Lambretta Grand Prix DL.

The V-Special range brings Lambretta scooters firmly into the 21st century. All three variants feature disc brakes, LED lights, LCD dash displays and USB ports.

The current Lambretta range are all now (of course) 4-stroke engines with CVT transmission (as opposed to 2-stroke with gears). This may sadden some purists who miss the distinctive smell and sound, but will make ownership easier and hassle free for those looking for simple, efficient and stylish transport.

Newer Lambretta models

At the time of writing (January 2023), Lambretta's UK importers Moto GB are currently listing two new models that will shortly be added to the 2023 Lambretta line up.

Lambretta X300

The X300 is Lambretta's "neo-mod" scooter - a 275cc liquid cooled single cylinder 4-stroke engine producing 24.8hp and mated to an automatic gearbox with belt final drive. It's a seriously funky looking retro-inspired scooter and the first of a new series of Lambrettas.

Lambretta G350

The G350 or G-Special is being positioned at the top of the premium scooter market and is something of an extension to the current V-special range.

Boasting a 330cc liquid cooled single cyclinder 4-stroke with 25.8hp on tap, the G350 features an automatic gearbox with belt final drive.

Are Lambrettas expensive to insure?

Due to their relatively modest power output and purchase cost, scooters are typically cheaper to insure than motorcycles. Set against this is the fact that Lambrettas are desirable machines for thieves. If you have a classic Lambretta, it's possible this will be reflected in your premium price due to the higher repair costs involved.

As with any kind of motorbike Insurance, the prices quoted will depend on your own personal circumstances such as where you live, your age and occupation, riding history and more - as well as the model of Lambretta you are insuring.

To find out how much Lambretta insurance costs for you, run a free personalised quote at Biker Insure today. It only takes a few minutes and the system compares over 25 brokers, making it easier to find cheaper Lambretta insurance.

We've run a few sample Lambretta quotes through the system to give a rough idea of the costs involved:

How much is Lambretta insurance?*

2020 Lambretta V200 Special - £74 Fully Comp

1957 Lambretta LD - £61 Fully Comp

1966 Lambretta LI 150 - £62 Fully Comp

2021 Lambretta V125 Special - £70 Fully Comp

* Compared at Biker Insure on 30.01.23 and for indicative purposes only. Quotes were obtained for a married 42 year old company director living in IV40 with maximum ncb, no claims or convictions and a clean licence. Scooter is garaged and used for social & commuting purposes. £300 voluntary excess. Actual quotes will vary depending on your individual circumstances and Lambretta model.

Classic Lambretta insurance

It doesn't matter how old your scooter is. Insurance for Lambretta models whether new or old can be compared using the Biker Insure system. When we compared the two classic Lambrettas listed in the table above, the results were just as comprehensive (the number of brokers willing to quote) as when we obtained a quote for the newer Lambretta models.

To compare classic Lambretta insurance, simply enter your registration number or select the model of classic Lambretta owned from the drop down menu.

Insuring your Lambretta

Whether you are looking to insure your classic Lambretta or need cover on a newer model, you can find cheap Lambretta insurance by comparing quotes at Biker Insure today.

Just enter your details once, your reg number or model of Lambretta plus the type of cover you are looking for. You'll then receive insurance quotes from over 25 UK based scooter insurance brokers. Simply choose the policy that's right for you.

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