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Just like living in London, insuring a motorbike in the capital can be expensive.

Fortunately thanks to the power of comparison, you could find the cheapest motorcycle insurance for your circumstances - whether you're a suburb dweller, or live in a London city centre apartment.

Because you only have to enter your details once to get multiple quotes from over 25 specialist bike insurers, it's easier to drive down London motorcycle insurance costs.

London motorbike insurance: why is it so expensive?

There are two main reasons why motorbike insurance in London is so expensive.

1 – Thefts. London has the highest rate of motorcycle theft in the country. This affects insured risk, and consequently your premium. Risk will vary according to which London borough the bike is kept. Tower Hamlets recorded the most thefts (854 in 2017), whilst Harrow recorded only 112 in the same year, according to statistics provided by the Metropolitan police. The theft risk in the London borough you live in will therefore affect your premium, possibly quite significantly.

2 – Accidents. London experiences the greatest amount of road traffic accidents in the UK, with 25,338 reported accidents during 2019. Westminster was worst off with 1,521 all vehicle accidents, Lambeth 1,191 and Tower Hamlets at 1,131 (source: DfT Stats19).

This double whammy of a higher likelihood of theft, and increased risk of an accident, greatly affect two of the foundational pillars used when calculating risk. It is therefore safe to say that if you own a motorcycle in London, your insurance is likely to be relatively high.

How can I get cheaper motorbike insurance in London?

The same factors apply in reducing your motorbike insurance premium no matter where you live. You can’t change the accident or theft statistics in your area, but you can make some changes which will have an effect on your quote:

Add extra security

Fit an approved alarm system, plus additional physical security theft deterrents such as chains, disc locks etc. Make sure whatever security you are considering is approved/recognised by your insurer.

Consider applying a higher voluntary excess

Adding a larger excess will mean you have to contribute more in the event of a claim, but can reduce your quote.

Pay for your insurance annually if you can

Paying up-front for your bike insurance usually works out cheaper than spreading the cost over 12 monthly payments

Try to ride a bike in a lower insurance group

As a rule of thumb, the sportier the bike and the higher the power it produces, the higher the insurance group. Of course, the advantage of using a bike in London is the ability to make progress through traffic – an ability which is not materially increased with capacity or sportiness. It makes sense to go smaller – and if you choose the right bike, might even be more fun on a smaller machine.

Get trained up

Courses provided by the IAM, Bikesafe or RoSPA can qualify you for an insurance discount and result in cheaper bike insurance. Garage the bike if you can. Garaging your bike can make a massive difference to your insurance premium

Of course, these are factors which are not immediately within your control when looking for a quote or renewal. You’ve probably already got the bike. You live where you live, have an unalterable riding history, probably already have a realistic amount of security, and most definitely don’t have a garage. Training takes time, and you need to insure your London bike NOW!

Fortunately, help is at hand. Using the comparison service at Biker Insure, you’ll stand a chance of fighting the insurance headwinds by using the power of competition. There are scores of motorbike insurance companies out there that want your business, and are willing to do battle on price in order to get it. Insuring your bike in London might be expensive, but you can at least be assured of obtaining the most competitive quote by comparing the market.

Will I get cheap motorbike insurance if I use a London based broker?

The short answer is probably not. There is no reason why a local London broker should have access to cheaper insurance. All brokers sell insurance based on policies that are underwritten by a relatively small selection of motorbike insurance underwriters. A local London broker may argue they know the local risks and local bike insurance market and therefore be able to get you a better deal, but the economic reality is that a national broker stands a better chance of securing a better price with the underwriter, based on the volume of policies they are selling, and the slimmer margins they operate with.

The best way to find cheap motorbike insurance in London is to compare the market. Because filling in just one form aggreagates quotes from multiple brokers, your chances of finding cheaper London motorbike insurance are increased dramatically.