Gift Ideas For Motorcyclists

5 Of the best gifts for motorbike lovers

Finding that perfect present for the motorcycle rider in your life can be a challenge. Our guide highlights 5 of the best unique gifts for motorcyclists this Christmas (2023)

Top 5 gift ideas for motorcyclists

Updated December 2023 by Mark H

If you'd like to buy a motorcycle gift for that special biker in your life - but don’t actively share their passion, you’ll know how tricky it is to make a good decision. With Christmas fast approaching, it's time to get your thinking cap on and find some motorcycle gift inspiration!

To help, we’ve assembled a top 5 guide containing some of the best gifts for motorcyclists, with prices varying from just £15 to a few hundred.

Anything that's mechanic or parts related has been left out. This is because unless you know exactly what accessory your giftee is looking for, it’s best to stick with presents that aren't model specific.

You’ve found this page, so it’s probably accurate enough to say that you’re looking for a few gift ideas for motorcycle riders, but don't quite know where to start. Read on!

5 Motorcycle GPS

A motorcycle sat-nav is an expensive gift, hence why we’re placing it at number 5. However, it doesn’t get much better in terms of biker brownie points! There is really just a choice of two brands when it comes to sat navs for motorbikes – the TomTom Rider or the Garmin Zumo.

tomtom rider 550 world premium motorcycle sat nav

TomTom's Rider 550 motorcycle sat nav. An expensive but great gift for bikers

The main difference between bike and car sat navs is of course the necessary weatherproofing, the mounting system, the ability to work with motorcycle-gloved fingers, and software features like the ability to plan routes based on twisty roads!

Bonus idea: On the link below, you'll also find a nifty, highly slimmed down GPS device for bikers called the Beeline Moto. It's a small, simplified navigation device that works via the rider's smartphone. It's way cheaper than a fully blown sat nav, but provides easy fuss free direction finding on leisurely rides out.

If a more moderately priced motorcycle gift option is the order of the day, consider number 4 instead…

4 Phone mounts and cases

Motorcycle phone holders are an increasingly popular solution for motorbike owners who want to stay connected whilst out on their bike (and use Google maps as a GPS!). The cases are compatible with touch screens, and can be mounted in a variety of places on pretty much any bike.

This gift requires a bit of detective work as you'll need to determine the best mount location for the style of bike your giftee rides, and how you want the mount to be attached.

Two of the most popular solutions for motorbike riders are Ultimate Addons and Quad Lock.

phone case mounted to a motorcycle

An Ultimate Addons case attached to the bike

3 Motorcycle Tank Bag

One of the best ways to conveniently carry a small (or even medium-ish!) amount of stuff on a motorcycle. Tankbags sit on top of a bike petrol tank and underneath the rider's chest. They're attached securely with magnets or an adapter ring on the filler cap.

If the bike has a plastic tank, then it’s best to buy a bag that fits with a locking system as opposed to a magnetic fitment. Sneak and check the tank material with a magnet first if unsure (but be careful not to scratch it!)

givi motorcycle tank bag

Tankbags attach to the bike's petrol tank and come in a variety of sizes

Fitment type will be clear from the product description, but remember that you'll also need to buy a bike specific mounting kit if opting for a tank locking bag.

Tanklock bags allow for a really quick, secure mounting - and eliminate the danger of scratches.

Even if the bike has a metal tank (and can accept magnetic tankbags), a tanklock system might therefore be the one to consider.

Givi are possibly the best known motorcycle luggage brand, but other popular makes with a wide tank-bag range include British luggage stalwarts Oxford, and German brand SW Motech.

2 Heated Motorcycle Clothing

Motorcycling is a downright miserable experience if you’re cold, so why not bring the gift of warmth to the biker in your life this Christmas? The most popular heated gear choice (by some margin) is Heated motorbike gloves.

This is because the colder your hands get, the less control you have. As hands are the first thing to get cold on a bike, it’s crucial to keep them warm. You can get gloves that easily connect to the bike’s electrics, or rechargeable gloves with their own lithium-ion power.

gerbing xr heated gloves

Heated gloves. Essential for year-round bikers, and a great gift

Want more heat? Aside from the head, you can heat every part of a motorbike rider's body. There are heated waistcoats and jackets, trousers, and boot insoles - and they all make great gifts. The two market leading brands to look out for are Keis and Gerbing

If your biker is a year-round motorcyclist or a commuter, heated gear will improve their experience immeasurably. And for purely pleasure motorcyclists, you might say heated clothing is the polytunnel of the biking world – the season extended at both ends!

1 Motorcycle magazine subscription

When bikers aren't out riding their bikes, we love to read about them. This is especially true in the bleak winter months when quality riding time can be scarce. What better way to keep up to date with eveything in the motorcycling world than with a magazine subscription - the universally appreciated biker's gift!

Plus if you're buying a subscription, it's the gift that'll keep on giving every month until next Christmas!

motorcycling magazine subscription

Three perenially popular motorbike magazines

Bike and Ride magazine are the monthly stalwarts, or there’s always the weekly newspaper MCN (Motorcycle News) – a perennial favourite.

If you know your giftee well enough, you’ll probably have noticed what their favourite read is – but if not, you can’t go wrong with any of the above titles.

If the top 5 hasn't inspired you sufficiently, don't worry. Our friends at Sportsbikeshop have a whole section devoted to gift ideas for bikers. There's a wide range of perfect presents ranging from just over £1 to about £250.

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