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Updated November 2023 by Mark H

Riding a motorcycle in the depths of the UK winter is something that the majority of UK bikers choose to avoid. For those of us riding purely for pleasure a cold, dark, slimy ride out is possibly the last thing on our minds. Wrapping ourselves and the bike up until spring is the order of the day for many.

But what if you can’t? Perhaps your bike is your only means of transport, or your commuting tool. Or maybe, just maybe, a dry and sunny winter Sunday manages to lure you back out on the roads.

There’s a lot of great heated motorcycle clothing on the market these days – from heated inner socks, to heated waistcoats and leggings. By a country mile however, the most popular item of heated motorcycle clothing is the humble glove.

There’s a very good reason for this. It’s relatively easy to keep your core warm with a decent jacket and layering – but not so easy to do the same on bodily extremities. You can buy really well insulated, warm pair of winter motorcycle gloves which will go some way to staving off the cold, but the fact is that due to the high surface area to volume ratio of your hands as they face the full force of a 60mph windchill, keeping your hands warm can be a losing battle.

Of course, an incresing number of bikes now come with factory fitted heated grips. Heated grips are great, and can mitigate much of the chill by heating your palms. If you've got heated grips and hand guards, then your thin summer race gloves might see their use extended by a good few weeks.

But when it gets really cold, your fingers will start to suffer first. That's when a pair of 12v bike battery powered, or rechargeable heated motorcycle gloves can make all the difference in keeping you properly warm.

motorcyclist riding in cold weather with heated motorcycle clothing

Heated motorcycle gloves can keep your hands warm even in extremely cold biking conditions

If your hands start to get cold on a bike, the feeling can vary from uncomfortable to downright painful. Even at the “slight chill” end of the scale, your control of the bike will begin to be impaired. Combine this physical motor impairment with the mental distraction (and lack of concentration) caused by the cold, and you’re adding another unnecessary layer of risk to your (already riskier) winter ride.

This is where heated motorbike gloves come in. By combining a well-insulated, waterproof glove with electrically heated elements, heat loss from the glove is balanced by heat being generated internally. Riders who try heated gloves for the first time typically keep electrified for life!

What are the best heated motorcycle glove brands?

For some years, Keis and Gerbing (both UK based companies specialising in heated clothing & gloves) have been the premium brands of choice. Of course, other more general motorcycle clothing companies like RST and Furygan have also got in on the heated glove act – yet the most popular brands still remain Keis and Gerbing.

Three Keis, and one Gerbing glove feature in the top 4 best heated motorcycle gloves as ranked by user reviews at Sportsbikeshop.

Gerbing XR heated motorcycle glove

Gerbing's popular XR heated motorcycle glove

Thanks to the utilisation of rechargeable lithium ion technology, the best heated gloves are now commonly powered by a small rechargeable battery pack which sits in a pocket around the cuff. This will provide enough juice for a good few hours of cold weather riding, depending on the chosen heat setting. If you’re a more frequent or long-distance cold weather rider, it’s probably best to opt for a pair of gloves that can be hardwired to your bike’s 12v battery. Fortunately, both Keis and Gerbing feature the ability to be powered by both (although the battery packs need to be bought separately). Battery pack options are also handy if you own or use multiple bikes, or indeed want to use your gloves for skiing or other cold weather activities independent of your bike!

What about protection?

The best heated gloves still need to offer as much protection as you would get from a regular winter bike glove. We always favour the abrasion resistance of leather over textile designs (certainly on the palm), and look for additional hard impact armour over the knuckles and scaphoid. Some brands offer less full-on winter gloves (such as the Keis G502 Sport) which afford a greater feel for your bike controls, but at the expense of maximum heat retention – they’re designed for spring and autumn use.

Can you control the heat?

Yes – typically, the temperature can be regulated or turned off altogether via controls on the top of the glove, which can be accessed whilst riding.

Which part of the glove gets heated?

Heating elements are typically layered on the top of the hand and down the tops of the fingers and thumb. The underside of the gloves won’t usually be heated. Heated grips would be the solution here but perhaps the use of heated grips and heated gloves is only necessary if you’re into some really extreme long-distance cold weather riding.

Are they reliable?

Gerbing and Keis are both confident enough in their heating elements and electrics to offer a lifetime guarantee.

How much can I expect to spend on heated motorcycle gloves?

Many of the best heated motorcycle gloves retail at around the £250 price point, including batteries. Keep an eye out for seasonal discounts.

Tip Be sure to check if the rechargeable batteries are included in the price. Battery packs aren't always included and will need to be bought separately.

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