Oxford Heated Motorcycle Grips

A Range Of Heated Handlebar Grips To Fit All Motorcycle Styles And Models

Make motorcycling on the coldest of days safter and more enjoyable with heated handlebar grips from Oxford

Oxford Heated Grips

Oxford Hot Grips

Heated grips for sports, touring, adventure, retro & commuter bikes

Cold hands on your motorcycle?

There really isn't much that's worse for on-bike comfort, or indeed safety. Cold hands equals bothersome, delayed machine control. Freezing hands equals a real struggle to apply the brakes with any speed. Never mind single digit braking - you'll be resorting to hooking all four (solidified) fingers around the brake lever and hoping your arm can pull the whole lot back sufficiently delicately. Sure, you can get some decent winter gloves these days, but for really cold days or longer winter rides, there is nothing better than heated grips to make life on two wheels sweet again. Unlike heated gloves, hot grips are a permanent fixture meaning you'll never get caught without.

An added bonus of heated grips is that your lightweight summer or three season gloves can comfortably be worn much deeper into the shoulder biking season.

Oxford first invented the concept of heated handlebar grips for motorcycles back in 1980, with their "hotgrips" concept. Refined over the years, Oxford now offer heated grips that fit the vast majority of motorcycle models, and are accommodating to all riding styles.

Oxford Advanced Hotgrips

Oxford's Advanced heated grips are the brand's top of the range heated grip solution. Specifically designed and upgraded for the UK weather, features of the Advanced Hotgrips range include:

  • 9 heat settings
  • Fully weatherproof design
  • Weatherproof connections
  • Intelligent heat memory setting
  • Battery saving mode
  • Draws under 4Amps
  • Simple installation
  • Redesigned control interface
  • Metal mounting bracket

Oxford Advanced Hotgrips are available in 4 different styles - Adventure, Touring, Sports, Retro & Cruiser

Internally and functionally all four models are the same, while the grip design and rubber changes according to use.

All variants are designed to fit standard 22mm diameter handlebars, can be trimmed to the required length, and have open ends to accomodate bar end weights.

Oxford heated motorcycle grips in their box

Oxford Advanced heated motorcycle grips

Oxford Premium Hotgrips

Next up is the Premium range of Oxford Hotgrips. Features include:

  • 5 heat settings
  • Weatherproof design
  • Intelligent heat controller
  • Battery saving mode
  • Draws under 4Amps
  • Simple installation
  • Metal mounting bracket

The Premium range of Hotgrips are available in the same four styles as the Advanced range, but with the notable addition of a heated grip designed specifically for cruiser bikes. The cruiser model features a larger fitment diameter (25.4mm), plus removable chrome end caps.

What's the main difference between the Advanced and the Premium range?

Practical differences between the Premium and the Advanced Hotgrips are mainly the greater range of heat settings, improved waterproofing, and the intelligent heat memory settings which are available in the Advanced model. The Advanced range also incorporates a redesigned control interface.

Because price differences between the Advanced and the Premium range are generally quite minimal, it might be wiser to choose the Advanced model for your motorcycle.

Replacement grips are available for all Oxford heated grip variants.

Oxford Essentials - Commuters and Scooters

Oxford Essentials heated grips are available as a commuter bike fitment, and are designed to draw less current than other Hotgrips. This means they are suitable to use on smaller motorcycles, scooters and mopeds with smaller batteries and less powerful charging systems.

Oxford Hothands overgrips

Lastly, there is another way - the Oxford Hothands essential heated overgrip. Basically a removable heated sheath with one heat setting that simply slips over your existing grips.

Because Hothands don't require the removal of your existing grips, the are super easy to add or remove from your bike when required. The added bonus of Hothands is that they can also be used as heated pillion grips, or indeed repurposed for your quad/jetski/snowmobile!

Oxford hothands removable heated motorcycle grips on a motorcycle's handlebars

Oxford Hothands. Slip on over your existing grips

Still not warm enough?

Heated grips warm your hands through from the inside. This is fine for the majority of weather conditions, but may not be enough if it gets really cold - or you do a lot of midwinter mileage. To combat this, and to remain ultra-toasty even in the most extreme conditions, the most stubborn high mileage winter motorcycling enthiusiasts may want to consider combining heated grips with a pair of heated motorcycle gloves.

Because heated gloves typically incorporate heating elemets across the top of the hand, your hands will be warmed from both sides when combined with heated grips.

Market leaders in heated motorcycle gloves are the Gerbing and Keis brands.