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Keep your hands warm and stay in control even in the coldest conditions with a pair of Gerbing heated gloves.

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Gerbing Heated Motorcycle Gloves

A range of four models - the XRL, the XR, the GT and the XRW Ladies Glove.

All of Gerbing’s motorcycle gloves are hybrids. This means every glove in the range can either be attached to a 12v bike battery (fitting kits supplied), or riders can opt to plug the gloves into separately available lithium-ion battery packs. The entire range can also be powered by connecting to Gerbing’s heated jackets.

Gerbing XRL Heated Gloves

The flagship of Gerbing’s rang. The XRL is a fully waterproof, heated leather glove.

Featuring full (0.6mm) cowhide leather with a Hipora waterproof/breathable membrane, Thinsulate insulation and a brushed liner, the XRL is a full-on winter spec glove in its own right.

The Gerbing XRL heated motorcycle glove

Gerbing's best selling heated glove - the XRL

The XRL gloves feature hard knuckle protection, velcro-adjustable cuffs/wrist enclosures, touch screen compatible fingertips and an integrated visor wiper.

You can choose between three heat settings (33%, 66%, 100%) via a heat controller on the back of the hand – the toggle button lighting up in 3 different colours (blue - orange - red) to indicate the heat setting used.

If you opt to power the gloves using a battery pack instead of your bike's 12v supply, the batteries can be stowed neatly inside specially designed pockets in the cuffs.

According to Gerbing, the XRL is the world’s best-selling heated motorbike glove!

Gerbing XR Heated Gloves

The XR is a short-cuffed version of the XRL and designed to be worn under the sleeve of your bike jacket.

Fundamentally, the XR is the same glove as the XRL but with a much shorter cuff length. Because the cuffs are shorter, there is no pocket to contain rechargeable battery packs.

Gerbing XR heated motorcycle gloves

The shorter-cuffed Gerbing XR

Power is supplied to the XR by hooking up to the bike’s electrics (kit supplied), connect to a Gerbing heated jacket, or by using one of Gerbing’s larger battery packs which can be carried in your jacket.

All other features remain the same as the XRL.

Gerbing GT Gloves

Gerbing’s entry level glove. Similar overall features to the XRL, but in a slightly sleeker, lighter, more stylish and comfortable design.

Even though (like the XR), these are a short cuff glove, the GT is compatible with the firm’s portable battery packs due to an integrated battery pocket located on the top of the glove's cuff.

Gerbing GT heated motorcycle gloves

The sportier Gerbing GT heated glove

The GT has the same core features as the XRL but no visor wipe, and an absence of hard knuckle armour. The glove also comes in quite a bit cheaper than the XRL/XR.

Gerbing say the GT is designed for high speed use.

Gerbing XRW

This heated Gerbing glove is designed specifically for the female hand. Most of the features (including knuckle protection) are the same as the men’s XRL (which it is based on). Sizing apart, the XRW differs from the XRL in featuring a fabric top instead of leather, and having battery pack pockets under the cuffs rather than on top.

Gerbing XRL heated motorcycle glove for women

The Gerbing XRW womens glove

Gerbing use their patented MicrowirePRO® technology for the heating element in all four gloves. This means more heating wire, more heat, and more even distribution. The microwire elements run down the entire length of each finger (and the thumb), plus the back of the hand.

All Gerbing heated gloves come with a lifetime warranty for the heating elements.

I want to use portable batteries rather than my bike’s electrics. What do I need?

Gerbing sell 1A, 2A or 3A battery packs which insert into the cuffs of their gloves (with the exception of the XR, as it has a short cuff and therefore no battery pocket).

The 3A option is able to provide up to 9 hours of continuous heat if used on the lowest heat setting. Obviously the 3A option is the one to go for if longevity is needed (see chart below), but this comes at a price – the 3A battery packs are almost twice the price of the 1A option.

Both batteries and the requisit charger are sold separately.

Graph comparing hours of heat output for different grades of Gerbing batteries.

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