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Stay warm even in the coldest of conditions with a pair of heated gloves from UK based heated clothing specialist Keis.

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Keis Heated Motorcycle Gloves

G601 Touring, G701 Bonded Textile & G301 Three Finger.

The Keis heated motorcycle glove range comprises 3 models. The G601 Touring, G701 Bonded Textile and the three fingered G301.

All Keis motorcycle gloves are dual power. This means they have the ability to be powered either by your bike’s 12v battery, or portable battery packs which fit inside glove cuff pockets. Keis gloves can also be powered by the compatible Keis heated jackets and vests.

All Keis gloves feature heat controller buttons located on the top of the hand, rather than the cuff. This means you can change heat settings regardless of whether you wear gloves over or under a jacket. The LED controllers glow in different colours depending on which of the three heat settings are selected.

Keis G601 Touring

The G601 touring is the most popular glove in Keis’s range. It’s their full-on winter glove, designed for cold weather motorcycling.

G601's are a mixed material glove - the palm area being constructed of leather, with the glove upper utilising a mix of leather and textile. Insulation is provided by 3M’s Thinsulate, with internal heat being generated across the top of the hand and down the fingers by micro carbon fibre heating panels.

Waterproofing comes courtesy of a Hipora membrane, with the gloves featuring double cuff and wrist enclosures, ensuring a snug fit.

A pair of Keis G601 heated touring motorcycle gloves

Keis's most popular glove - the G601

Flexible hard armour is located across the knuckles, with integrated scaphoid guards providing palm impact protection. The G601 also feature an integrated visor wipe.

Heating power comes courtesy of the supplied 12v cables, or the optional separately available portable battery packs which fit inside the cuff.

Keis G701 Bonded Textile

The G701 is the most advanced glove Keis has ever made. Keis are calling the G701 the “most luxurious motorcycle glove to date!”

Featuring a “ballistic spandex” outer shell mated to a semi-bonded Hipora lining, the outer shell combines the strength of nylon, and fuses it with the elasticity of spandex. This creates a strong, durable material with hydrophobic qualities which improves the waterproofing of the glove, and increases the time needed for water to soak through to the main Hipora waterproof barrier.

The manufacturing process used in the G701 uses heat to fuse the outer layer to the waterproof liner (a concept similar to the process used in laminate textile jackets), resulting in reduced movement between the layers and therefore a greater, more direct feel for the bike’s controls. It also means the gloves are less likely to become sodden even in heavy rain, whilst also improving drying times.

A pair of Keis G701 heated motorcycle gloves

The G701 - Keis's most advanced glove

G701’s are fully insulated with Thinsulate, have a synthetic leather palm, flexible soft armour across the knuckles, and hard scaphoid sliders.

The gloves are also brought up to date with the incorporation of touchscreen compatible material on the index finger and thumb, plus a handy visor wipe.

Powered by the supplied 12v cables, Keis G701 gloves can also be powered by optional batteries which sit inside the cuff.

For riders requiring a glove that can fit under tighter fitting motorcycle jackets, the G701 is now also available as a shorter cuff design - the G701S.

The shorter cuff means there are no battery pockets, so they must either be powered by your bike's 12v supply, or connected to a Keis jacket.

G301 Three Fingered Glove

Keis's newest glove, G301's are designed to provide maximum warmth even in the most demanding cold weather conditions.

The gloves feature a hydrophobic outer shell combined with a Hipora waterproof and breathable membrance to provide 100% waterproofing.

A thicker layer of insulation is used which in combination with improved retention/heat loss (due to the three finger design) means these gloves are designed for the coldest and most demanding motorcycling conditions.

Desipite the three finger design (essentially two "fingers" and a thumb), feel and control are maintained because each finger has its own inner pocket within the glove.

A pair of three fingered Keis heated gloves

The three fingered G301. Designed for extreme cold weather

Scaphoid protection is integrated to the palm for extra protection, and a handy visor wipe can be found on the left hand index finger.

G301 gloves are powered by the supplied 12v battery cables, or with an optional battery packs which fit into the cuffs.

Keis offer a lifetime warranty on heating elements - in line with Gerbing, their main heated motorcycle glove competitor.