Ultimate Addons Motorcycle Cases

Securely attach smartphones and accessories to your motorcycle

Ultimate Addons motorcycle phone cases are tough and waterproof - allowing you to get the most out of your phone when on the bike.



Ultimate Addons motorcycle phone cases & mounts

Ultimate Addons motorcycle cases

Ultimateaddons motorcycle phone cases allow you to get the most out of your phone whilst on the bike. The tough cases (ABS plastic and silicone) are fully waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

Available in a wide variety of bespoke smartphone fitments (mainly for Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones), but also with universal holders to suit most other smartphone brands. The cases are compatible with touchscreens, so you can still access the full functionality of your phone (assuming you aren't wearing your gloves, or you have motorcycle gloves with touchscreen fingertips!)

Ultimate Addons motorcycle phone case front and rear

Ultimate Addons case - front & rear view (Samsung)

Totally waterproof (even when charging), these cases can be removed from the mount in seconds. Turn your smartphone into a motorcycle satnav mount, plus access audio and intercom as you ride!

Charging is taken care of on longer trips by either a USB power supply mount, or a Din/Hella to USB cable – both sold separately.

Ultimate Addons motorcycle mounts

Ultimateaddons provide a wide range of mounts to attach the case and phone to your bike. Mounts available include attachments for handlebar clamps and fork stems, plus mirror, crossbar and fairing bar clamps. This means you should be able to find an Ultimateaddons mount to fit, no matter what your bike model or the configuration you want to achieve.

Whichever attachment you decide to use to mount your device, the phone case attaches to the mount itself using a secure 3-pronged connection. This allows for quick fitting and removal.

Ultimate Addons motorcycle mount on the handlebars

Ultimate Addons handlebar mount

In addition to phone mounts, Ultimateaddons also sell attachments to mount action cameras to your bike. There is also an attachment available to attach a water resistant universal mount for Tomtom and Garmin car satnavs.

Ultimate Addons motorcycle mount and case pictured on the bike

Some motorcyclists may prefer the functionality of a dedicated motorcycle sat nav such as the TomTom Rider 550, however the cost savings of using an Ultimateaddons motorcycle case and mount are substantial. It’s also one less gadget to carry around and potentially lose!