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The Oxford motorcycle clothing brand has seen something of a renaissance in the biking world over recent years. Having been previously associated with motorcycle accessories, luggage & security, the brand has undergone a rapid and highly successful expansion into motorcycle clothing. Oxford riderwear have an emphasis on quality, detailing and innovation that has only previously been available on riding gear at considerably higher price points.

With an emphasis on textile jackets & jeans, Oxford also supply gloves and boots as well as a large range of more casual bike wear including retro styled leather jackets.

Oxford Motorcycle Jackets

Oxford offer a wide range of motorcycle jackets and jeans. Their jacket range is headed up by Oxford's most technically advanced series of textile jackets, appropriately named the "advanced" range.

The advanced range has spearheaded Oxford's entry and growth into the highly competitive motorcycle textile market, picking up widespread positive reviews and awards from the motorcycle press along the way.

Because the advanced range features high performance jackets with laminated (and even tri-laminated) technology, jackets like the Mondial and Hinterland have really captured the minds and wallets of UK riders. With the advanced range, Oxford have succeeded in bringing (non Gore-Tex) laminated waterproofing jacket technology down to a price point that is accessible for a much wider segment of motorcyclists.

An Oxford Mondial laminated waterproof motorcycle jacket

The Oxford Mondial - A bestselling waterproof laminated textile jacket from the Advanced range

All jackets in the advanced range feature a matching, zip-together pair of waterproof jeans, giving riders the versatility and comfort offered by two piece suits.

Oxford also have a range of non-laminated textile jackets in the lineup. Most of the jackets feature waterproof membranes, although the range does include the Arizona Air - a ventilated, non waterproof textile jacket designed for warm weather riding.

The bulk of Oxford's sales do however come from the laminated, Advanced jacket ranges.

Oxford Urban Series

The Oxford Urban range of motorcycle jackets incorporates several jacket designs and styles, in both textile and leather. They are primarily designed with a cool retro or classic feel. Curiously, Oxford's best selling jacket in this range isn't a modern textile or leather jacket - it's actually a waxed cotton jacket - the Hardy.

Despite only being a humble wax jacket, the Hardy exudes a cool retro vibe. It's a modern jacket (the waxy outer is in fact complimented by an internal waterproof membrane), and aids riders looking for a style to compliment the current raft of modern retro bikes, bonafide classics - or simply riders wanting to exude a timeless old school charm and look as good down the pub as they do on the bike.

There are even motorcyle hoodies and check shirts for sale in the Urban range - the Super Hoodie being a reinforced riding hoodie with CE protection and Kevlar reinforcement. Perfect for the urban motorcycle jungle!

Oxford Hardy waxed waterproof motorcycle jacket in olive green

The uber popular Oxford Hardy wax motorcycle jacket

Oxford Motorcycle Jeans

Oxford spent a long time testing both in the lab and on the open road to introduce a range of reinforced, single layer aramid (polyamide) fibre jeans. The Original Approved jeans are intended to offer the same level of protection as a heavy duty riding pant, but with the style and feel of a regular pair of jeans.

Available with AA CE certification but with either 120kph or 70kph Armourlite, the Original Approved denim range features integrated CE armour, triple stitching, strategic reinforcements and ultra-secure belt loops.

Available in straight or slim fitments, in differing colours/ageing styles, and a wide range of waist and leg lengths.

Oxford womens motorcycle jeans, jeggings & leggings

Oxford also produce reinforced motorcycling jeans for women - a slim fit design featuring single layer Armourlite (just like the mens jeans), or a skinny jeggings variant which uses an aramid liner. Both are CE rated to AA standard

The Oxford womens jeans range also features the super popular "super leggings." The Super Leggings are reinforced leggings with an aramid liner and rated to a single A in CE tests. Oxford say the Super Leggings 2.0 are even better than the original Oxford super legging - being stretchier, softer, and higher waisted. Despite being CE approved as protective motorcycle wear, the super leggings look and feel just like regular leggings!

Oxford super leggings 2.0. CE approved protective motorcycle leggings for ladies

Oxford Super Leggings 2.0. Not to be confused with Super Jeggings!

Oxford Motorcycle Gloves

Given that Oxford are somewhat famous for their range of heated motorcycle grips, it's perhaps a little surprising that Oxford haven't expanded into heated gloves. Nevertheles, their glove range features a wide range of touring, sports and urban gloves to suit most riders and styles.

Oxford's flagship glove is the Mondial - a full leather glove which uses the same laminated waterproofing technology as the advanced jacket range. It's a touring/three season glove available with either a short or long cuff.

Oxford Mondial laminated waterproof leather motorcycle glove

Oxford Mondial laminated leather waterproof touring glove

Oxford Motorcycle Boots

Oxford's boot range is primarily made up of waterproof touring style boots, and short urban boots for casual riding. Nowhere is a race boot to be seen - probably due to Oxford's emphasis on "real world" bikers.

If you're looking for a full length waterproof motorcycling boot from Oxford, you have but two options - the Continental or the Tracker, both available in black only. Whilst the styling is never going to set the world on fire, they're popular choices for bikers looking for no-nonsense, functional everyday boots at a great price.

Oxford Tracker - a waterproof leather motorcycle touring boot

Oxford's waterproof leather touring boot - the Tracker.

Oxford's urban styled boots perfectly complement the style of their Hardy wax jacket and retro styled riding gear, whilst also being perfectly usable and versatile boots for everyday non-biking activities.

All of Oxford's boots feature a waterproof membrane, with the exception of the Kickback air (Oxford's Hi-top baseball style motorcycle boot).