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Richa. One of the UK's most popular ranges of premium quality motorcycle clothing. Jackets, boots, gloves & rainwear to suit every rider.

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Get kitted out in high performance motorcycle jackets, jeans, gloves and boots at affordable prices.

Richa is a Belgian motorcycle clothing manufacturer tracing its history all the way back to 1952, when Richa’s founder Charles Rigaux released his first pair of leather gloves.

Richa’s product have been available in the UK for as long as we care to remember, but have experienced a surge in popularity over the last decade as their motorcycle clothing, boots and gloves ranges have grown in both quality and popularity. Richa gained a Gore-Tex license in 2011 for their gloves, and in 2015 for their motorcycle textiles. This has resulted in sustained sales growth and an increasing level of UK interest in the Richa brand.

Richa Jackets

Richa sell a large range of textile motorcycle jackets at various price points and in a wide range of styles. Richa's best-selling textile jackets include the Cyclone and the Atlantic. The Cyclone is Richa's mid-range Gore-Tex jacket and winner of Ride magazine's coveted best buy award. It's a waterproof, breathable motorcycle jacket with D3O CE certified elbow, shoulder and back armour.

Richa's range-topping Atlantic is their premium textile jacket offering, featuring a laminated Gore-Tex construction. The Atlantic incorporates D3O elbow, shoulder and back armour and also Gore-Tex Armacor high abrasion resistance material along the elbows and shoulders.

Richa gore-tex waterproof textile motorcycle jacket, in black

Richa's Atlantic - a top of the range laminated Gore-Tex jacket

Richa also feature a range of leather jackets, the most popular being retro styled jackets such as the Daytona 2.

Richa Rainwear

Richa's rainwear range of over trousers, jackets and one piece suits has been hugely successful for the brand. The rainwear range is extremely well priced, and the majority of the range has picked up Ride recommended or best buy awards. The sheer popularity of the range, and the number of five star reviews speaks volumes.

If you're looking for some stash-away waterproofs, or simply want to be able to ride with your leathers underneath and stay dry in the event of a downpour, you need look no further than the rainwear range, which includes the Richa Rain Warrior trousers.

Richa rain warrior waterproof motorcycle over trousers

Richa Rain Warrior over trousers - a massive seller for Richa

Richa Gloves

Richa has a massive range of gloves - from retro styled short cuff leather gloves to full on armoured race gloves.

It's the touring and winter glove segment where Richa has really been excelling in recent years, with the Arctic and Carbon gloves consistently topping the sales charts.

Richa Arctic waterproof winter motorcycling gloves

Richa Arctic gloves - a thermal, waterproof winter glove and rated "Best Buy" by Ride magazine

As with other products in the range, Richa's gloves have attained a perfect mix of quality, durability, style and performance whilst keeping within a certain price bracket. Throw in some more Ride magazine recommendations, and you can quickly see why Richa's glove range has been something of a runaway success.

Richa Boots

Although not quite as well known for their boots as more prominent motorcycle boot brands such as Sidi and TCX, the Richa boot range is extremely popular. Featuring full on sports boots, touring boots and adventure options, the biggest selling boot by some margin is their urban styled leather and suede waterproof ankle boot - the Richa Slick

Richa slick - an ankle height waterproof leather and suede motorcycle boot

Richa's Slick - an urban styled, waterproof leather and suede boot

All Richa products are sold with a 2 year warranty, which guarantees all Richa products for a period of two years from the date of purchase, under normal use.