Richa Rain Warrior Trousers

Budget waterproof motorcycle over trousers

Richa’s Rain Warrior trousers have been a long-standing best seller for the Belgian motorcycle clothing brand, but are they any good?...

Rain Warrior Trousers

Richa Rain Warrior trousers review

Tested December 2022 by Mark H

Richa’s perennial Rain Warriors have proven to be the waterproof pant of choice for bikers looking for a practical, unfussy and cheap waterproof motorcycling over trouser.

Having ridden with Richa’s waterproof trousers during inclement weather for around six months, the product has demonstrated an impressive mix of wet weather performance, durability and ease of use – especially considering the low asking price.

richa rain warrior waterproof motorcycle trousers on the bike

Rain Warrior over trousers on the bike

Are the Rain Warriors waterproof and breathable?

Waterproof, yes - they seem to be. Richa claims 100% waterproofing from the all PVC construction. To date, there have been no leaks and the trousers seem completely watertight.

Being made from 100% PVC (and especially at the low price point), high breathability isn’t to be expected. This really isn’t an issue on the bike unless you’re out riding on a particularly hot and rainy day. The only reason for discovering the lack of breathability is because I have used the Rain Warriors for dog walking, and my jeans get a little damp after around half an hour of vigorous walking in milder conditions.

Of course, the trousers aren’t designed for dog walking or indeed any form of physical activity, so it’s a non-issue when used as Richa clothing intended - keeping your legs dry on a wet motorcycle ride, and for increased wind protection.

How easy are the Rain Warriors to get on and off, and what's fit like?

Hopping around on one foot by the side of the road in the pouring rain is never fun. An over trouser that’s hard to pull over your boots and leathers can spoil even the best pair of motorcycling waterproof trousers.

Thankfully the lined interior of Richa’s waterproof trousers, in combination with a wide leg opening, prevents your motorcycle boots gripping as they’re pulled on - meaning you can get waterproofed in a hurry should an unexpected rainstorm be encountered on your ride.

Once on, there are two Velcro straps on the bottom of each trouser leg which help to ensure a snug, flap free fit around your boots.

The trousers are held up by an elasticated waist, which is also complimented by a drawstring. I haven’t needed to use the drawstring as the elastic is sufficiently stretchy, and grips the waist very securely.

inside the waistband of richa's rain warrior trousers

An elasticated waistband holds the trousers firmly in place

The Rain Warriors were purchased in a “Medium” size, which on the size guide is stated to fit my 32-inch waist. They are a good fit for me - I’m 6” tall with a 33 inch inside leg, and the length of the over trouser is just right, covering most of the leg area of my bike boots when seated.

The Rain Warriors might seem a bit baggy to the casual observer (although mostly noticeable when you’re off the bike). That’s because as with any waterproof over trouser designed for motorcycling use, you’ll need a sufficiently spacious interior to accommodate your leathers underneath - and also allow for a seated bent leg posture when riding.

richa rain warrior waterproof motorcycle trousers flat on the ground

The Rain Warriors might look a bit baggy off the bike

After the ride

The trousers are made of a material which doesn’t absorb any moisture, so most of the rain can be shaken off after a wet ride. I then just hang them over a ladder in the garage to air dry – although writing this review has led to the discovery of a handy loop on the rear of the trousers, which is presumably so they can be easily hung more easily for drying.

The Rain Warriors roll up to a fairly compact size making them handy enough to stuff into luggage or any under seat space that you might have on the bike. They also come with a mesh bag which keeps things neat for storage, and holds the trousers in a ball which measures around the 20cm mark – although they can be compressed further.

richa rain warrior trousers stuffed into a mesh storage sack with measuring ruler

The Rain Warriors pack down neatly into the included mesh storage bag

How well made are the trousers?

I haven’t tested the Rain Warriors over the longer term, but will update this page to comment on the longevity of the trousers. The trousers seem well made and of a robust construction - we'll see if they remain waterproof with continued long term use and after the worst of the winter biking weather.


Richa's Rain warrior over trousers are a well made, well priced, and properly waterproof pair of budget over trousers.

Pros: About as cheap as they come for a waterproof motorcycling over trouser (around £26 for a genuinely waterproof product). Relatively lightweight.

Cons: For the price, very little

Price: Around £26

Colour: Available in black only

Sizes: XS to 5XL