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One of motorcyclings most renowned brands, SIDI have some of the best boots for all biking styles.

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Sidi motorcycle boots

Italian bike boots with heritage

If you asked any motorcyclist to name the first brand of motorcycle boots that comes to mind, there’s a very good chance you’ll be met with the reply “Sidi.”

While most motorcycle brands retrospectively enter the boot market on the back of their clothing ranges, Sidi started out life as a specialist motorcycle boot manufacturer.

Unlike fellow Italian boot stalwarts Alpinestars (who have been making boots for a similarly long time), Sidi never diversified into other areas of motorcycle clothing. Sidi remains very much a motorcycle focussed boot brand, and the default option for many riders.

Sidi is perhaps best known for their racing/sports, and motocross boots – however, the Sidi family of motorcycle boots also includes a good selection of waterproof options for everyday or touring use, ladies fitments, and the fast growing urban motorcycle boot segment.

Interesting fact: Sidi are just as well known in the bicycling world, and have been making cycling footwear alongside motorbike boots for 50 years!

a pair of black sidi adventure motorcycle boots

Sidi's best selling Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots