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Sports Motorbike Gloves (Road & Race)

For hand protection on a motorbike, there really is no substitute for a good pair of leather motorbike gloves. The combination of abrasion resistance, strength, and lack of bulk allow for the best protection/feel compromise.

Sports style leather gloves are typically available with varying degrees of armour on the top of the glove and knuckle area, exo-skeletons (as seen in the popular Knox Handroid), scaphoid protection, aramid fibre stitching and extra layers of leather in impact areas. Some motorcycle gloves even utilise kangaroo (or even stingray leather) for extra abrasion resistance.

Sports motorcycle glove with hard protective armour

The popular Knox Handroid has prominent exo-skeleton hard armour

Typically, these will be the kind of gloves that a large number of sunny summer sunday riders will choose to wear.

Of course, if the conditions are cold or wet - or you're more of a year round all season rider, you're going to need a different kind of glove to keep your biking enjoyable and safe...

Waterproof / Thermal Motorbike Gloves

Fortunately, winter motorbike gloves these days need not compromise on safety. Although not typically overloaded with armour, a good winter motorbike glove will offer decent crash protection in combination with being waterproof and warm.

Thermally lined, often a mix of leather and textile materials for the outer shell, they can make a good three season choice for riders who use their bikes every day and need a motorbike glove to cope with a wider range of conditions.

Heated Motorbike Gloves

Heated motorbike gloves have all the features of a waterproof and thermal motorbike glove, but with the added bonus of heat - either supplied via a rechargeable battery, or plugged into your bike's electrics. If you ride through the winter, either through choice or necessity, then a pair of heated gloves needs to be on your list of must have biking gear.

heated motorcycle glove on a snowy background

Heated motorcycle gloves - indispensable for winter riding

Keis and Gerbing have historically been the market leaders for heated motorbike gloves in the UK. You can check out ranges from both manufacturers below.