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Road & Race, Waterproof, Touring, Ladies, MX

Motorbike boots are a crucial part of your riding arsenal. Their primary function is safety - abrasion, crush and impact resistance - but the boots also need to be able to do this whilst offering good motorbike control and comfort, with sufficient flexibility to facilitate walking when off the bike.

Depending on where and when you do most of your riding, your motorbike boots will also need varying degrees of weather protection (or ventilation).

The choice of motorbike boots has never been greater - Alpinestars and Sidi used to be the default boots for many, but there is now an enormous range of brands, styles and features.

Road/Race Motorbike Boots

Sports style motorbike boots designed for use on the track, or for fast road use. These boots typically feature the latest safety innovations with the most technical armour and highest level of protection. Sports motorbike boots come with replaceable toe sliders and will often be perforated for ventilation.

Waterproof Motorbike Boots

Encompassing a broad range of styles. These days it's possible to buy a full-on race boot that is also waterproof, but typically waterproof motorbike boots tend to be more road or touring oriented, and therefore typically more sedate in appearance. That said, thanks to the advances in waterproof membranes such as Gore-Tex, it's now possible to choose from an ever greater range of very sporty or even race styled boots that also waterproof.

A good waterproof boot should be durable enough to be all day long comfortable on and off the bike, keep your feet warm and dry, and offer excellent protection. A waterproof sports style boot is the default choice for many riders in the UK due to its flexibility.

MX/Enduro boots

Designed for off road use, MX boots will incorporate clasp fastening systems, heavy duty treaded soles, higher calf height and greater stiffness. Full on motocross boots will typically be water resistant rather than waterproof, however some boot brands now provide motocross styling and features in boots intended mainly for road bike use

This is due in no small part to the rise of the adventure or dual purpose bike, and the demand fo a certain look that comes with it.

Urban Motorbike Boots

From a safety standpoint, urban style bike boots cannot offer anywhere near the same levels of protection as a proper motorbike boot. There is a tradeoff and compromise between a boot that looks more like an everyday fashion boot, and a full-on motorcycle boot.

That said, casual style boots will typically offer some degree of armour protection, are sometimes waterproof, and will usually have gear change reinforcement. If you want to use your bike to get places, but not be inconvenienced or stand out for the wrong reasons when you get there, the urban boot might be for you.

Most popular styling choices for urban motorbike boots are the hi-top or the more traditional waxed leather boot - perfect for hipster roadstering.