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Givi are synonymous with quality motorcycle luggage. Discover a wide range of hard luggage with bike specific fitments, plus soft luggage options and Givi accessories

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The name Givi is synonymous with quality motorcycle luggage - more specifically, hard panniers and top boxes. And with good reason - Givi's hard cases are the result of over 20 years experience and development. With model specific top box mounting racks and pannier mounts, the extensive Givi hard luggage range is designed to fit perfectly to your motorcycle.

Givi top boxes UK

Givi's top boxes are the perfect solution if you regularly carry things around on your bike on a daily basis, without adding any width to your bike - hence why they are so popular with filtering commuters. The flexibility of a totally waterproof, secure piece of robust motorcycle luggage that can easily be taken with you when your destination is reached is not to be underestimated.

Givi V56 Maxia 4 top box fitted to a motorcycle

The Givi V56N Maxia 4

Givi's current top box range starts with scooter sized boxes of around 30litres, and goes right up to the 56 litre Maxia series, and 58 Litre Trekker Outback.

Givi Trekker Outback top box with two helmets inside

The Givi Trekker Outback 58 litre top box - big enough for two helmets

The range is split between the Monokey - Givi's top of the range top box (incorporating a more substantial mounting bracket and a higher quality, double walled construction) - and the Monolock boxes, which are a lighter construction generally designed for smaller machines and scooters.

The great thing about some of Givi's Monokey top boxes is that they they can also be used as a side case. Monokey and Monolock boxes require different Givi mounting plates. You will also need a model specific rear rack to fit this Givi base plate to.

Givi panniers UK

The Givi hard pannier range is a little simpler than their topbox range, being entirely designed around the heavier duty Monokey fitting mechanism.

The bulk of the hard luggage range is made up of the V35/37 series of panniers, and the Trekker series of adventure style panniers. The V-series is (as the name suggests) available in 35 or 37 litre variants, in varying finishes and reflector styles.

A pair of Givi v35 hard motorcycle panniers

Givi V35 panniers - a popular choice for touring

The Trekker series starts with the 36 Litre Dolomiti, and finishes with the cavernous 48 litre Trekker Outback.

All pannier cases in the Trekker series are available in either a natural aluminium finish, or black. The Givi pannier range, plus the associated model specific Givi pannier holders can be bought from our friends at Sportsbikeshop - you can find the best, price-match guaranteed ranges of Givi luggage below:

A pair of Givi Trekker Outback panniers in black and silver

Givi Trekker Outback panniers - adventure bike cases

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