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Large capacity aluminium motorcycle luggage

Tough & durable adventure style aluminium panniers and top boxes for the serious rider.

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Givi Trekker - aluminium panniers and top boxes

Highly durable, lightweight range of monokey panniers and top boxes

Givi's Trekker range of aluminium motorcycle luggage is a highly durable, lightweight range of motorcycle luggage - panniers and top boxes - for adventure style motorcycles and touring machines. Designed with the monokey locking system, Givi Trekker motorcycle luggage is the perfect solution for longer distance riders looking for versatile, robust and extremely functional luggage.

The Trekker aluminium range is split into three:

Givi Trekker Dolomiti

Trekker Dolomiti panniers are available as 36 litre cases, in two finishes - natural aluminium, or black (aka the Black Line). With a maximum payload of 10kg per pannier and with completely removable unhinged lids, the versatile Dolomiti are stylish and robust cases which mount on PL/PLR type Givi pannier rails. Unlike other cases in the Trekker range, Dolomiti panniers feature a central, suitcase style carry handle.

A recent improvement in the Dolomiti pannier range has been the introduction of the new "hold it easy" system, which allows the panniers to be tilted away from the frame without completely releasing. This prevents accidentally dropping the cases, and also improves access for loading and unloading luggage.

Pair of Givi Trekker Dolomiti motorcycle panniers in natural aluminium finish

Trekker Dolomiti panniers in a natural Aluminium finish

An additional new feature is the handy wireless release (or "wirelease") system, which releases the case from its bike mount with an external knob situated under the lock. Both these features can also be seen on the newer Givi Trekker Alaska

Matching Trekker Dolomiti top boxes are available in both 30L or 46L dimensions - again available in either natural aluminium or black.

The 30L Dolomiti top box can also be used as a side pannier (again on PL/PLR rails). Both top box sizes have a 10kg payload and can be fitted to any existing Monokey plate.

Givi Trekker Outback

Trekker Outback panniers are available in two sizes - 37L and 48L, in natural aluminium or black. 48L Trekker Outbacks share the same height and length dimensions as the 37L, but each pannier is 6cm wider.

Both have top loading unhinged and removable lids and a 10 kg payload. The Outbacks are slightly less rounded than the Dolomiti, without a central carry handle but with a greater choice of anchor points and rails The flatter profile makes it easier to strap additional items on top of the panniers.

Givi Trekker Outback panniers in powder coated black and natural aluminium

Trekker Outback cases - for serious adventure riders

Trekker Outbacks are designed specifically for off-road use and fit using Cam-Side rails, which are strengthened over other Monokey attachments and fit to the cases in four different points whilst still enabling a quick release. Outback cases are also internally reinforced for extra durability.

Matching Trekker Outback top boxes are available as a rectangular 58L or square 42L. Trekker Outback top boxes fit onto any existing Monokey plate.

Givi's Trekker Outback has earned itself a well deserved reputation as the hard luggage choice for serious motorcycle adventurers.

Givi Trekker Alaska

Givi's Trekker Alaska panniers are the newest addition to the Trekker motorcycle luggage range.

Again available in either natural aluminium or powder coated black finish. Like the Dolomiti, these 36 litre monokey panniers mount on PL and PLR frames (which are are not strengthened for extended off road use like the Cam-Side system used on the Outback). Visually, the Alaska sits between the smoother, more urban styled Dolomiti and the boxy, rugged, multi anchor-point Outback.

Trekker Alaska panniers also feature the new "hold it easy" and "wirelease" systems as introduced on the Dolomiti.

Givi Trekker Alaska panniers fitteded to a Yamaha Tracer motorcycle

Pair of Trekker Alaska cases fitted to a Yamaha Tracer

The stylish Alaska range features an improved, strapless access with wider opening hinge, integrated strap points on the lid, and a single recessed handle positioned opposite the lock side allowing for easy, balanced carrying with gloved hands off the bike (the case being carried vertically).

The Alaska has redesigned locks which give less scope for leverage, and reduce the chances of forced entry and theft if panniers are left attached to the motorcycle.

The Trekker Alaska 56 litre matching top box completes this luggage option.

The Dolomiti, Trekker and Alaska cases feature a wide range of bespoke Givi accessories - waterproof interior bags, strap on cargo bags, jerry cans, thermal flasks and more...

The full Givi Trekker range, including fitting rails and plates, plus accessories can be bought from our partner site