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Third Party Only Motorbike Insurance

The most basic level of cover for your motorbike

It’s a legal requirement in the UK to ensure your motorbike is insured at all times on the road, or in a public place. There are three levels of cover to choose from:

  • Third Party Only
  • Third Party Fire & Theft
  • Fully Comprehensive

Third Party Only, or TPO, is the most basic and lowest level of cover available. You can compare third party only quotes from 25+ motorbike insurance specialists at Biker Insure today.

Just select “Third Party Only” for the type of cover you’d like when comparing, and you’ll be shown a list of third party motorbike insurance quotes from 25+ brokers in ascending price order.

What is Third Party Only motorbike insurance?

Third party only motorbike insurance is the bottom tier of motorbike insurance, and the minimum level of cover required in the UK. It's the part of your motorbike insurance policy which protects third parties in the event of an accident.

The "Third party" refers to other people or road users that might suffer damages or loss as a consequence or your riding.

In insurance, the first party is the policy holder (i.e. you), the second party is the bike insurance company, and the third party is the individual to whom damages would be owed in the event of an accident.

What does Third Party Only motorbike insurance cover?

Third party only motorbike insurance covers your liability to others and their property in the event of an accident arising from your use of a motorbike on public roads.

TPO cover should compensate other people for any losses incurred in the event of an accident that has been caused by your riding.

Third party motorbike insurance will usually cover:

  • Damage to someone else's vehicle - if the accident was caused by you.
  • Damage to someone else's property - if you crash into a building or structure.
  • Injury to others - anyone involved in the accident, including your pillion (you will need pillion cover before taking passengers)

What doesn't TPO motorbike insurance cover?

It's important to understand that third party only cover doesn't provide any protection for you or your motorbike in an accident that's your fault.

If you're in an accident that you have caused, damage to the other party and their vehicle will be covered, but injury or damage sustained to you or your motorcycle won't be.

If the accident isn't your fault then you should be able to claim for injury to you or damage to your bike from the other party's insurance. Remember that this will require either proving that the accident was caused by them, or an admission of fault.

TPO bike insurance won't usually cover:

  • Your motorbike - if you caused the accident, you will need to pay for any repairs to your bike or pay for a replacement.
  • Fire damage - you won't be covered if your bike is damaged or destroyed by fire.
  • Theft - your motorbike won't be covered if it's stolen, or for any damage caused by an attempted theft.
  • Injury - you will have to cover the cost of any medical treatment, physiotherapy, lost income or legal action following an accident that was your fault.

Is third party only motorbike insurance cheaper than fully comp or TPFT?

It's the lowest level of cover available, so it would make sense to assume that TPO cover would be the cheapest way to insure your motorbike.

However, this isn't always the case, and third party bike policies can actually be more expensive than comprehensive ones.

This is because riders with TPO insurance can sometimes be seen as riskier riders who are more likely to be involved in an accident and make a claim.

The price of your policy is however very much a unique calculation, and the price you pay will depend on your individual circumstances.

There are many factors which are used to calculate your individual risk profile and therefore the price of your third party only policy. They include:

  • The type of motorcycle you ride
  • Where you keep the bike, and security measures
  • Your age and where you live
  • Your occupation
  • Your claims and riding history
  • How you use the bike
  • The amount of voluntary excess applied
  • How many years No Claims Bonus you have

No two riders are the same, so it's not possible to say which level of cover will be cheapest. TPO might be cheapest for one rider, and Fully Comp for another.

Fortunately, it's really easy to get a quote for all three levels of motorbike insurance at Biker Insure.

Once you have obtained your third party only quote, simply change the level of cover required on the results page. The prices will update in seconds, according to your selection. You won’t need to re-enter your information a second time, but will be able to see very quickly if third party cover is the cheapest option for you.

Find out how much third party motorbike insurance costs for you and your bike by getting a quote at Biker Insure today:

Third Party Only Motorbike Insurance FAQ:

Can you ride a motorbike third party on car insurance?

Although some fully comprehensive motorbike insurance policies will cover you for riding other bikes on a third party only basis, car and motorbike insurance polices are completely separate.

A car insurance policy won't cover you for riding a motorcycle.

It's also important to note that if your motorbike policy does cover you for riding other bikes on a TPO basis, the other bike will still need to be insured in its own right.

If you only need to be insured to ride a motorbike for a short period of time, consider a temporary motorcycle insurance policy.

Should I get fully comprehensive or third party motorbike insurance?

The level of cover you choose for your motorbike insurance is entirely down to you. If after comparing prices you find that comprehensive insurance works out cheaper, then it probably makes sense to go for this option as it's more coverage for less.

If there is a price differential, then you'll need to make a decision based on how much you might expect to receive for your bike in the event of a claim, minus the excess.

If you have a low value bike for example, then a TPO policy might be the better option - but weigh up the cost versus the benefits of the policy first.

Is there a difference between third party and third party only motorbike insurance?

This refers to the same thing. It's the lowest level of motorbike insurance covering third parties (other people and their property). The "only" aspect of the term is sometimes left out, but it refers to the same level of cover.

The next level up is Third Party Fire & Theft, which covers third parties, but should also compensates you if your bike is stolen or fire damaged.

Can I still get a NCB with a third party only motorbike policy?

Most motorbike policies will allow you to build a no claims bonus, irrespective of the cover type you choose.

Can you compare third party motorbike insurance?

Yes, you can compare all levels of motorbike insurance at Biker Insure. It's also really quick and easy to amend your quote and compare any price differentials between third party quotes and fully comprehensive policies.

Which insurer provides the cheapest third party only bike insurance?

The cost of your third party only bike insurance policy is determined by your personal circumstances, and the type of bike you own. It isn't possible to predict which motorbike insurer will offer the cheapest third party only quotes because quotes are provided on a rider by rider basis.

Compare third party quotes to see which insurer works out cheapest for you!

Is third party insurance enough for a motorcycle?

Third party only is the minimum legal requirement to ride a motorcycle in the UK. In this sense, a third party policy is "enough" coverage to legally ride your bike on public roads.

Whether third party only cover is sufficient for your personal requirements is a decision only you can make. This will be based on how much you are willing to pay for your insurance, how much your bike is worth, how much cover you need, and your personal appetite for risk.

*51% of consumers who received a quote for Motorbike Insurance through this service provided by Seopa Ltd. in February 2024 were quoted less than £238.63. The price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.

Further information on the different classes of motorbike insurance: