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Third Party Fire And Theft Motorbike Insurance

The middle level of insurance cover available for your motorbike.

It’s a legal requirement in the UK to ensure your motorbike is insured at all times on the road, or in a public place. There are three levels of cover to choose from:

  • Third Party Only
  • Third Party Fire & Theft
  • Fully Comprehensive

Third Party Fire and Theft is the middle level of cover available, sitting between fully comprehensive and third party only motorbike insurance. You can compare third party fire and theft quotes from 25+ motorbike insurance specialists at Biker Insure today.

Just select “Third Party Fire & Theft” for the type of cover you’d like when comparing, and you’ll be shown a list of third party fire & theft motorbike insurance quotes from 25+ brokers in ascending price order.

What is Third Party Fire & Theft motorbike insurance?

Third party fire and theft motorbike insurance is the middle tier of motorbike insurance. It builds on the level of cover provided by a third party policy by adding coverage for theft and fire damage to your bike. It doesn't include any of the benefits that come with a more extensive comprehensive policy.

What does third party fire and theft motorbike insurance cover?

Third parties

The "TP" part of the cover refers to other individuals and road users, and will cover your liability to them and their property in the event of an accident that has been caused by your riding. If someone elses vehicle or property is damaged, or injury or loss occurs as a result of an accident caused by you, then your insurance company should pay damages to the other party.

Third party fire and theft cover adds to the basic third party element by also insuring you for:

Motorcycle fire

In the (fairly unlikely) event that your motorbike is damaged or destroyed by fire, your TPFT insurance should cover you for any losses, whether the fire is caused by arson or starts accidentally.

Motorcycle theft

Probably a more pressing concern for most bikers is the risk of having your motorbike stolen. Under a TPFT policy, your insurer should pay for a replacement (equivalent value) motorbike if yours is stolen, or provide compensation to repair any damage caused by an attempted theft.

Remember that your insurer might not pay out if there is evidence that your motorbike is stolen due to your negligence (i.e. if you leave the keys in the ignition), so you should still take reasonable steps to prevent the theft of your motorcycle.

What doesn't third party fire and theft motorcycle insurance cover?

Althought the coverage is more extensive than third party only, you won't enjoy any of the benefits of a comprehensive policy.

This means that although other people and their property will be covered in the event of an at fault accident, you and your bike won't be. You will need to pay for any damage sustained to your own motorcycle, any injuries, and any losses that you might incur.

It's important to understand that the third party element doesn't provide any protection for you or your motorbike in an accident that's your fault.

If you're in an accident that you have caused, damage to the other party and their vehicle will be covered, but injury or damage sustained to you or your motorcycle won't be.

You'll also need to fund the cost of repair or replacement if you have an accident where nobody else is involved - for example if you misjudge a corner, came off on a patch of ice, or topple your bike when manoeuvring in a car park.

If the accident isn't your fault then you should be able to claim for injury to you or damage to your bike from the other party's insurance. Remember that this will require either proving that the accident was caused by them, or an admission of fault.

How does the price of a third party fire and theft motorbike policy compare?

As the middle tier of cover, you might have a reasonable expectation that the price of a third party fire and theft motorbike policy will fall somewhere in between the other two cover options.

Unfortunately, the pricing of motorbike insurance isn't always straight forward, and is all about risk. Some insurers will see certain bikers as a higher risk if they choose a third party fire & theft policy over a comprehensive one. This may due to a historical correlation of riders buying TPO policies being more likely to make a claim than bikers with comprehensive cover.

The price of your TPF&T policy really depends on your individual circumstances and the kind of bike you ride. There's only one definitive way to determine the relative cost of a third party fire and theft policy, and that's by getting a quote.

You can easily switch between the cover options after you have received your initial third party fire and theft quote to see how the price compares to fully comp or TPO, and then make a decision based on your own requirements.

What affects the cost of a third party fire and theft motorbike policy?

No matter what level of cover you opt for, the price of a motorbike insurance policy is calculated using multiple factors, including but not limited to:

  • The type of motorcycle you ride
  • Where you keep the bike, and security measures
  • Your age and where you live
  • Your occupation
  • Your claims and riding history
  • How you use the bike
  • The amount of voluntary excess applied
  • How many years No Claims Bonus you have

Because a third party fire and theft policy will need to provide compensation in the event of a fire or theft, the weighting given to the type and value of your bike is likely to be higher than with a third party only policy. In other words, in order to add fire and theft cover, it's likely that prices will increase in relation to the value of your motorbike.

If you have an expensive motorbike, you'll usually pay more for the additional cover than if you were riding around on a low value bike but still wanted the fire and theft cover.

Find out how much third party motorbike insurance costs for you and your bike by getting a quote at Biker Insure today:

Third Party Fire & Theft Motorbike Insurance FAQ:

Can you insure a motorcycle for theft?

Yes. Third party fire & theft, and comperehensive policies will cover you in the event your motorcycle is stolen, or damaged in an attempted theft. You won't be covered for theft under a third party only policy.

Should I get third party or third party fire and theft motorbike insurance?

The level of motorbike cover you decide on is entirely up to you. You'll need to decide whether adding fire and theft cover is right for you based on how much the bike is worth, how much you are prepared to pay for the policy, and your individual circumstances. Remember that TFPF might not necessarily be more expensive than a TPO policy, so always compare quotes before making a decision.

Can I still get a NCB with a third party fire and theft bike policy?

Most motorbike policies will allow you to build a no claims bonus, irrespective of the cover type you choose.

Can you compare third party fire and theft motorbike insurance?

Yes, you can compare all levels of motorbike insurance at Biker Insure. It's also really quick and easy to amend your quote and compare any price differentials between third party, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive policies.

Which motorbike insurer provides the cheapest third party fire and theft insurance?

The cost of your third party fire and theft policy is determined by your personal circumstances, and the type of bike you ride. It isn't possible to predict which motorbike insurer will offer the cheapest third party fire and theft quotes because quotes are provided on a rider by rider basis.

Compare third party fire and theft quotes at Biker Insure to see which insurer works out cheapest for you!

*51% of consumers who received a quote for Motorbike Insurance through this service provided by Seopa Ltd. in February 2024 were quoted less than £238.63. The price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.

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