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Full Face, Open Face, Modular, Adventure style and Motocross motorcycle helmets

As well as being a legal requirement, your motorcycle crash helmet is possibly the most important piece of motorcycling kit that you will ever invest in.

There are a huge range of helmets on the UK market today, from a multitude of manufacturers, in a baffling range of styles, colours and designs.

Two of the most popular helmet brands for UK bikers continue to be Shoei and Arai - and for good reason, but there are also some excellent motorcycle helmets from the likes of Shark, HJC, AGV, Caberg - and newer helmet brands like Scorpion or Nexx.

Full face motorcycle helmets

Full face helmets are the most popular choice for UK bikers by quite some margin. These helmets provide the highest levels of safety, and also the greatest degree of weather protection. Many UK bikers wouldn't look twice at any other helmet style. Certainly if you're a dyed in the wool sports bike nut, or spend much time on a track, these helmets will be the default choice.

Full face motorcycle helmets are where you'll usually find the most interesting graphics, the latest range of race-rep designs, and also the cutting edge of helmet innovation - full facers will usually be the first models to have cool new features or materials from the R&D department implemented. Because of this, it's the style of helmet where you'll find most manufacturers most expensive flagship helmets - like Arai's Carbon RX-7V RC, or the AGV Pista GP-RR.

Modular motorcycle helmets

Also known as flip-front (or flip-up helmets), modular helmet popularity in the UK has really taken off over recent years. Perhaps displaying a correlation with the steady decline in sportsbike sales and a move to more dual/multi purpose/all round bikes, these multi purpose helmets offer all the safety and weather protection of a full face helmet, but with the convenience of being able to raise the chin/front portion of the helmet without removing it - making these helmets the social choice. Popular for touring, professional riders (police, paramedic, courier), or for anyone who does a lot of stop/start motorcycling.

Not so long ago, modular helmets were only really available from a select few niche players such as Caberg (who rose to fame in the UK on the back of their popular flip up helmets with integral sun visors). Nowadays, modular helmets are available from a large number of manufacturers (with the notable exception of Arai, who do not yet make a modular helmet).

Open face motorcycle helmets

The open face helmet has been around since time immemorial. Great for cruising down a sun-soaked boulevard, checking your uber-cool reflection in Californian tatoo parlor windows, not so great for getting to work on a rain-soaked dual carriageway.

From a safety point of view, open face helmets are right at the bottom. They are also not brilliant for weather protection (although some have eye shields or pull down bubble visors). However, not everyone cares about maximum protection, or wants to be completely separated from the elements. There's probably something very freeing about wearing an open face helmet with the wind in your cheeks and flies in your teeth that appeals to the libertarian biker. Open face helmets are the bare minimum you can legally get away with to stay on the right side of UK law.

If you do all your (sedate) riding on warm summer days, have a cruiser type bike, like to pose around town, or own a scooter - an open front helmet might just be the right choice for you.

Dual sport helmets

AKA helmets with a peak and a pointy-ish chinpiece, the adventure style helmet has really taken off alongside the inexorable rise of adventure style go-anywhere bikes (notably, BMW GS's)

Dual sport helmets share most of the benefits of full face helmets but with the added benefit of an external, sun-shading peak and the ability to exchange the visor for a pair of goggles. The extended chinpieces also mean increased ventilation - something you'll appreciate on a dusty un-paved track

Due to their shape and sticky-our bits, dual sport helmets won't ever match the aerodynamic ability of a full face helmet (or their level of safety in a high speed crash), but if you intend to dabble in some light off roading on your motorcycle tours abroad (or just want the helmet to match the bike), the dual sport adventure style helmet could be just what you're looking for.

Dirt bike / motocross helmets

If you're doing any proper off road riding, you'll need a proper motocross helmet. Dirt bike riding is an ultra physical activity that demands a lightweight helmet specifically designed for use with goggles. Dirt bike helmets also have excellent peripheral visibility and ventilation.

How much do motorbike helmets cost?

Motorcycle helmets tend to retail from around £45, to well over £1,000. The price will vary massively between different helmet brands, and also in helmet ranges according to the materials used, the specifications and features of each helmet.

It's often a good time to buy a helmet when the manufacturer releases a new or updated replacement for the model you're interested in. If you aren't too concerned about having the latest lid, you'll often find that the old models are discounted while stocks last.

What is the best helmet for a motorcycle?

The most important factor when buying a motorcycle helmet is to ensure a good fit. Because all heads are a slightly different shape, some people may find that a Shoei is the best fit, while others prefer Arai or HJC. The key is to try on helmets from different manufacturers before you settle on one brand.

You should also choose the style of helmet that best suits the type of riding you'll be doing most often, and weight up the helmet features - and cost - to ensure that it's the best helmet for your particular needs.

How long should a helmet last?

The helmet industry consensus suggests replacing your helmet every five years.

The inner and outer shell of a helmet will begin to degrade from UV exposure, time, and other environmental factors. In addition, the lining and padding inside a helmet will wear from friction and sweat, resulting in a fit which could get gradually worse over time.

It will of course depend on how much you use the helmet, but it could be a good idea to change your helmet every five years in line with the consensus, despite there being no legal requirement to do so.

Where can I buy a motorcycle helmet in the UK?

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