Oxford Motorcycle Covers

Waterproof Bike Covers For Outdoor Protection

Keep the elements off your motorcycle when parked up outside with a waterproof bike cover from motorcycle accessories specialist Oxford.

Oxford Stormex Cover

Oxford Aquatex Cover

Oxford Rainex Cover

Oxford Protex Cover

Oxford Motorcycle Covers

Protex, Stormex, Aquatex & Rainex

If you own a motorcycle but don't have a garage, then there's really only one option to protect your motorcycle from the elements and unwanted attention. If you have to park your motorcycle on the street or your driveway, it makes sense to invest in a high quality cover from Oxford.

Although it's unlikely you'll see any insurance savings as a result of using a cover (it's always best to compare for cheaper bike insurance), covers can help to deter opportunistic thieves or professional gangs stealing bikes to order. If your bike can't be identified under the cover, it's much less likely to become a potential target.

Of course, the primary function of a motorcycle cover is protection from the elements. Bikes left exposed to the elements are much more likely to degrade and lose value at a faster rate. By buying an Oxford bike cover, you'll be helping to maintain the value of your machine.

The Oxford bike cover range primarily consists of four options - the Protex, Stormex, Aquatex and Rainex covers.

All of Oxford's motorcycle covers (excluding the basic Aquatex which still features a belly strap and lock compatibility) come with:

  • Lock compatibility (including lock pouch)
  • Ventilation to reduce condensation
  • Soft linings to prevent scratches
  • Adjustable belly straps
  • Clear front window for solar chargers
  • Rear (coverable) numberplate window (excluding Rainex)
  • Reflective panelling

Oxford Protex Stretch Cover

The Protex Stretch cover is Oxford's premium, top of the range cover, featuring a tough 3 layer material which is claimed to absorb minor bumps and bruises.

The stretch material helps to ensure a better all round bike fit - and the ability to mould around body styles of different machines. This prevents excessive movement in high winds.

The Protex cover is also available as an MP3 variant for three wheeled scooters.

Oxford Protex stretch motorcycle cover

The Oxford Protex stretch. Oxford's premium bike cover.

Oxford Stormex Cover

The Oxford Stormex is next in the Oxford cover range, with most sizes being pitched at a slightly cheaper price than the Protex.

The Stormex is not stretchy like the protex, but does come in a variety of sizes to ensure a good fit for most machines. The Stormex also features a heat resistant lining (unlike the Protex). Oxford are at pains to stress the importance of not allowing any cover to come into contact with hot exhausts or engine parts, so you'll have to wait a few minutes for your bike to cool down after use. The feature is designed more to prevent damage in the event of accidental contact with a hot exhaust.

Oxford Stormex waterproof motorcycle cover

The Oxford Stormex bike cover

Oxford Rainex Cover

With many of the features of the Stormex but slightly less premium, the Rainex is typically available at a more favourable price. It is available in the same universal sizes as all of Oxford's covers (see sizing chart below).

The Rainex is also available wih a rear hump option to accomodate Oxford top boxes.

Oxford Rainex waterproof motorcycle cover

The Oxford Rainex bike cover

Oxford Aquatex Bike Cover

The Aquatex is not only Oxford's entry level motorcycle cover but also the world's best selling motorcycle cover!

A real staple in the Oxford range, the Aquatex is a Ride "Best Buy" cover. It may not offer quite the same degree of material sophistication and integral features as covers higher up in the range, but is nevertheless a default choice for many motorcycle and scooter owners looking to cover their machine at a keen price.

The Aquatex is also available as an MP3 (3-wheel), high screen, and top box option - plus fluoro and camo colourway choices.

Oxford Aquatex waterproof motorcycle cover

Oxford Aquatex - the world's best selling bike cover.

Oxford motorcycle cover size chart

Size chart for Oxford motorcycle covers