Oxford Aqua Tail Bags & Rucksacks

Fully Waterproof Motorcycle Luggage

Oxford's highly acclaimed range of fully waterproof, reinforced PVC motorcycle luggage.

Oxford Aqua Luggage

Oxford Aqua - Weatherproof Bags For Your Motorcycle

Tail bags, backpacks, tankbags and rucksacks

The Oxford products range of Aqua motorcycle luggage is a versatile collection of fully waterproof rollbags, backpacks and tankbags. Manufactured from robust PVC tarpaulin, Aqua bags feature welded seams and employ innovative construction techniques to ensure fully waterproof interiors.

Aqua Tailbags/Rollbags

Oxford's range of Aqua roll bags are available in a range of sizes from the monstrous 70 litre capacity T70, to the rather more petite 20 litre T20.

Construction and features across the range are identical, with all of the bags featuring roll top enclosures, easy grab carry handles, shoulder straps for carrying the bags around off the bike, and both internal and external pockets for small items.

The bags are attached to your pillion seat via a unique under-seat security strap, while compression straps aid overall fixing security.

These fully weatherproof bags are available in a variety of colours (choice varying by size). Even if you don't opt for a fluoro yellow colourway, safety and visibility is improved thanks to the use of reflective detailing.

Oxford Aqua roll bags are a striking range of waterproof bags that will look just as good strapped to the tail of your bike as they will on the airport carousel!

An Oxford products rollbag fitted to a motorcycle pillion seat in the rain

Oxford Aqua T30 rollbag on the back of a bike

Oxford Aqua Backpacks - V series

Oxford's original long-lived and highly visible Aqua backpacks are something of a favourite with motorcyclists and cyclists alike - as a vulnerable road user, the retina-burning colours and highly reflective detailing means that it's unlikely anyone won't see (the back of you) on the road!

Available in two sizes - the V20 Litre and V12 Litre. These extreme visibility motorcycle rucksacks are completely waterproof, with roll top closures, adjustable waist and shoulder straps, plus a grab handle. The bags are wipe clean so should stand up well to commuting grime.

If you don't want to stand out quite so much, these waterproof backpacks are also available in the more sedate colourways of navy or black - still featuring ample reflective detailing.

Oxford Aqua V20 20 litre motorcycle backpacks in four colourways

The V20 and V12 backpacks - available in 4 colours

Oxford Aqua Backpacks - B25

A new take on the Aqua backpack and available only in 25 Litre capacity, the restyled B25 improves on the existing Aqua range with the addition of a large pocket for a hydration system, an extra deep front pocket, compression straps, and a removable padded waist belt.

An Oxford Aqua backpack, the fully waterproof B25

The 25 Litre Aqua B25

Oxford Aqua Backpacks - Evo

The most expensive backpacks in the roll-top Aqua rucksack range, the Evo 22 and 12 litre bags boast an ultra-lightweight rip stop material construction, compression straps, and an Airtech back stystem for improved airflow.

Available in black only, the Aqua Evo backpacks come with either lime green trim on the 12L, or neon orange trim on the 22L.

Front and rear view of the Oxford aqua evo 22 litre waterproof motorcycle backpack

Front & rear of the technical Aqua Evo 22L

Oxford Aqua Tank Bags

Featuring the same wipe clean, waterproof construction and aesthetics as the roll bags and rucksacks, Oxford's Aqua tank bags are available in three variants:

Two 8 litre tank bags area available as either a magnetic attachment (Aqua M8), or strap-on tankbag (Aqua S8). Both 8 litre tank bags feature compression straps, grab handles, touch screen compatible top windows with deep pockets behind, and reflective detailing.

A waterproof Oxford Aqua M8 magnetic tank bag attached to a motorcycle.

The magnetic Aqua M8 tank bag

The third tank bag variant is the petite 2-litre Aqua M2. This small tank bag shares many of the features of its bigger brother, but is only available with a magnetic attachment.

Oxford Aqua Tail Pack

If the roll bag range is a little on the large side for your needs, Oxford now do an 8 litre tailpack - the Aqua T8.

Similar in appearance and design to the M8 and S8 tankbags (but with a mesh window pocket), the T8 straps neatly and securely to the pillion seat.