TomTom Rider 550 Locking Mount

Anti-theft solution for Tomtom Rider sat-nav's and mounts

Prevent opportunistic theft of your Tomtom satnav. Lock the mount to the bike, and the GPS to the mount.

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TomTom Motorcycle Sat Nav Anti-Theft Solution

Lock for Tomtom Rider sat-nav's and mounts.

Tomtom's rider locking mount is an anti-theft solution designed to keep your valuable Tomtom Rider 550 sat-nav safe on the bike while parking up for short breaks.

If you don’t want to take the risk (or have the hassle) of removing your navigation device when at the petrol station, parking up for a snack, or any time you have to leave your bike unattended for short periods then the locking mount is the anti-theft solution for you. Secures with just the turn of a key.

Additionally, it will deter opportunistic theft of the mount itself if you leave it permanently attached to the motorcycle.

For motorcycle touring, the peace of mind offered by Tomtom's locking mount will prove invaluable.

The Tomtom anti-theft solution works by using two locks. One locks the the RAM mount to the bike, and the second secures the sat-nav to the mount.

Tomtom Rider 550 locking mount. an anti-theft device, fitted to a motorcycle

Tomtom Rider 550 locking mount on the bike

Included in the box are the Rider lock (for the satnav), the RAM mount lock, and x2 keys.

What Rider models does the lock fit?

The locking mount is an original RAM manufactured accessory and fits the current Rider 550. It's also compatible with the Rider 50/450/420/410/400/42/41 models.

Where can I buy the Tomtom Rider locking mount?

Strangely, the locking mount is not a Tomtom accessory readily available from the usual online motorcycle accessory retailers. However, the lock is available on Amazon for less than £50 with free delivery. You can also buy direct from Tomtom, but the price rises to £70 plus p&p.

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