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Innovative modular & flip-front helmets

Caberg are an established UK helmet brand synonymous with innovative modular/flip front helmets, all of which incorporate internal sun-visors. Caberg helmets are priced extremely competitively when compared to other motorcycle helmet brands with similar features.

Caberg are an Italian helmet manufacturer based in Bergamo, Northern Italy. The brand was founded in 1974, the name Caberg an acronym for Cashi (Italian for helmet), and Bergamo.

Caberg are quite an unusual player in the helmet world – quite different from the likes of Shoei and Arai whose ranges are heavily slanted towards the racier side of helmet design and function. Caberg instead focuses on innovation and real-world functionality - demonstrating a desire to provide riders with feature packed, multi-purpose helmets.

Caberg - an early pioneer in alternative helmet design

Caberg was an early mover in the modular helmet market, being only the second helmet manufacturer worldwide to introduce the concept back in 1992. Flip front, modular designs became central to Caberg’s helmets over the coming decades.

It wasn’t until the turn of the century that the Caberg brand really took hold in the UK. In 2002, Caberg introduced the open-faced Downtown model, featuring an integrated dark visor. This was swiftly followed in 2003 by the Jutissimo, a modular design that also included an internal sun visor.

The success of these two helmets was possibly aided by the gradual move away from sportsbikes, and increasing interest and sales of more road oriented or adventure bikes – where riders were increasingly looking for helmets that would provide more flexibility and functionality when touring or in everyday use.

The Caberg brand has subsequently gone from strength to strength and is now a major player in the UK market. The brand still has an emphasis on multi-purpose modular helmets, however the range does incorporate some full face helmets like the popular Drift Evo.

Interestingly, all Caberg helmets feature an integrated sun visor, including the Drift Evo (the visor can be removed for track or race use).

The bulk of Caberg’s range is also very much at the more affordable range of helmet pricing. Indeed, Caberg’s biggest seller (by some margin), the Duke II, can currently be bought not too far noth of £100, depending on the colour choice.