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Make motorcycle maintainance easier. Securely lift your bike's wheels and improve access with a paddock stand

Paddock Stands

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Paddock stands for motorcycles.

An essential tool for routine motorcycle maintainance

If your motorcycle lacks a centre stand, tasks such as lubricating and adjusting the chain - or even washing your bike, become significantly easier with the use of a paddock stand.

Many other maintenance jobs also become more straightforward, especially when access to the left-hand side of the motorcycle is required. An added bonus if your bike is stored in a tight space is that a few extra inches can be gained around the bike if it’s held in an upright position on the stand.

There are numerous paddock stands available on the market today. Some may look a little flashier than others, but the consistently best-selling models are of a simple tubular steel construction, with a pair of wheels and cups or hooks to attach to the swingarm.

All paddock stands perform the same task of raising the bike's rear wheel off the ground using a simple lever and pivot principle. You can buy oversized box-section aluminium stands, and some really quite fancy looking stands. They may add a bit of extra stability and strength, more leverage or a smoother gliding pair of wheels. Ultimately though, your choice will probably come down to price and/or aesthetics.

Biker Insure’s own 20-year old Oxford stand was at the lower end of the price range when new. It works as well now as it did then, with only the foam grip having partly disintegrated (an unnecessary addition which doesn’t feature on most new stands). Its design is also virtually identical to the current base “Big Black” Oxford model. Paddock stands are not something that will typically wear out, break, or become outdated.

Oxford premium rear motorcycle paddock stand lifting the rear wheel of a motorcycle.

Oxford's best selling premium rear paddock stand

Bobbins or cups?

If you have a curved or irregularly shaped swingarm, you will probably need to use bobbins, and a stand fitted with hooks. Bobbins provide a more secure anchor and pivot point for the paddock stand, more stability, and eliminate any possibility of scratching your swingarm – so even if you have a regular shaped swingarm, it’s also worth considering investing in a pair of swingarm bobbins.

Many bikers leave their bobbins attached permanently to the swingarm, but they can be removed in seconds if preferred. Unless your paddock stand comes fitted with hooks, you will also need to buy hook adaptors separately (and vice versa – some stands come supplied with hooks, which can be adapted for cup use. Check before you buy).

It’s worth noting that some bikes do not have threaded holes in the swingarm to accept bobbins. In this event, you’re stuck with cups – however these bikes are more likely to have regular or box section swingarms, which will provide a secure footing for cup use.

I own a motorbike with a single sided swingarm. Can I buy a rear stand to suit?

Yes. Single sided paddock stands are available to fit either left or right handed swingarms. You will typically also need to purchase the correct spindle pin size to fit your bike's rear wheel, or buy a model specific stand with the correct sized pin.

Can I lift the front wheel using a paddock stand?

If you want to lift the front wheel, you'll need to use a front paddock stand. Make sure that your bike is compatible with the stand, and you should also ensure the motorcycle is put on a rear stand before lifting the front.

For most people, a rear paddock stand will be sufficient for routine maintenance. If you’re a more confident, hands-on home motorcycle mechanic or a track day regular, then a front paddock stand will give easier access to the front wheel, forks and brakes.