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Why compare insurance?

Comparing insurance quotes is a quick and easy way to discover the cheapest rates for your insurance. Whether you are looking to insure a vehicle or your property, using online comparison sites can be the most effective way of discovering the cheapest deals from a wide range of insurance providers.

Because the entire process from comparison to purchase can be completed online, you can take your time in choosing the best policy for your needs in a completely pressure free environment. The process of comparing cover options or making amendments to your quote is straightforward and stress free.

Benefits of comparing insurance

  • Comparing is free
    There is no charge when you compare prices with an online provider. The quotes you receive should be the same whether you use an insurance comparison site, or go direct to the broker.

  • No obligation quotes
    The insurance companies automatically list their best rates based on your individual needs. It’s your decision which broker to choose - or simply compare policies without making a purchase.

  • Save time
    Because you only need to fill in one form for multiple quotes, you won’t need to visit the websites of different insurance brokers.

  • You could save money
    The more quotes you can get, the higher your chances could be of finding a cheaper insurance deal.

If your vehicle or home insurance is up for renewal – or if you’re searching for first time cover, it always makes sense to get prices from the widest number of brokers. Don’t risk missing out on cheaper insurance – compare today!

How do I compare Insurance quotes?

When you compare insurance quotes online, the legwork is done for you. Just enter your personal details once, plus some information about what you need to insure. You’ll be shown a list of the most competitive quotes on the market, plus cover and purchasing options.

Simply enter the information as prompted by the comparison tool. Depending on what you are comparing insurance for, you’ll need to enter various personal details such as your address, age, occupation and marital status. If you are insuring a vehicle, you’ll also need to provide information about your licence and driving history. You will of course also need to provide details of the vehicle you are looking to insure.

If you’re looking to compare house insurance, you’ll be asked a variety of questions regarding the contents, occupancy and security of your home.

Which insurance comparison site is best?

Best for some people might mean the cheapest insurance quotes, while others might see the best comparison site as one with the most brokers on their panel. Some people are also tempted by special offers, giveaways or prize incentives.

Most insurance comparison websites are operationally very similar. Answers to a specific set of questions are gathered by the comparison provider, which is then shared with all the brokers on their panel. The brokers need this information to provide you with a bespoke quotation.

For this reason, you’ll find that regardless of which comparison site you choose to use, you’ll need to provide answers to a very similar set of questions, even if the overall experience feels very different.

Insurance quotes are calculated on a policy-by-policy basis, and rates can vary greatly depending on the individual criteria. Different insurance comparison websites work with different providers, so choosing where to compare insurance rates and determining which is the best comparison site, is really something that has to be discovered on an individual basis.

Compare insurance for a car

Comparing car insurance can help you discover cheaper insurance for your vehicle. Whether you own an SUV, an electric car, a supercar or a 4x4, comparing insurance quotes online gives drivers access to multiple quotes from a wide variety of providers.

compare insurance for a car

Car insurance is hugely competitive in the UK. Because there are so many motor insurance providers on the market, making sense of it all and deciding on which car insurance is the best for you can be a daunting task. Thankfully, it’s made a whole lot easier – and possibly cheaper – when you use a car insurance comparison website.

Why compare car insurance?

Most people compare car insurance quotes to help them find cheaper insurance. Comparing gives you access to multiple quotes, and you only have to enter your information once. So not only could you find cheaper car insurance, you’ll also save time.

Many policy holders also use the services of a comparison site to leverage their existing broker when it comes to renewal time. If you’re happy with your existing broker but want to see if you can reduce your yearly quote, it’s valuable to run a comparison, find the cheapest quote you can - and then go back to your current provider to see if they can do it cheaper.

Compare insurance for a van

Comparing van insurance is a very similar process to comparing car insurance. There are however some differences in the questions you’ll be asked in order to run a van quote comparison, especially in relation to how you will be using your vehicle, whether you are going to be insuring a van for commercial purposes - or are just looking for private van insurance. Find out more on our van insurance comparison page.

compare insurance for a van

Generally speaking, you can use a comparison site to compare insurance for commercial vehicles under 3.5 tonnes, which covers most vans. Anything larger than this, and you’ll be looking at medium or heavy goods vehicle insurance. This requires additional licencing categories that are not typically within the scope of van insurance comparison sites.

Compare insurance for a motorbike

Here at Biker Insure, we love motorbikes. We also dislike paying over the odds for motorcycle insurance. That's why we created this website. It's our mission to help British Bikers save money on their motorcycle insurance by providing access to a free, unbiased & simple to use comparison service.

compare insurance for a motorbike

Find more information how to compare motorbike insurance on the main Biker Insure home page.

Compare insurance for your home

Your home is likely to be the biggest single investment that you’ll ever make, so it makes sense to insure it with the best cover you can find.

Finding the right house insurance is essential for peace of mind should misfortune strike. But with such a large number of house insurance plans and providers out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

compare insurance for your house

Fortunately, it’s not just vehicle insurance that is easy to compare. You can also compare insurance for your home and gain access to multiple quotes from different brokers all in the one place. See how much you could save by getting a quote today.

Will comparing make my insurance cheaper?

There are no guarantees, but we certainly hope so. The more you compare, the greater your chances of finding cheaper insurance.

What is the cheapest insurance comparison site?

The cheapest website for comparing insurance will differ according to individual circumstances.

Different comparison sites work with different brokers, and the panels of providers can frequently change.

It's therefore best to try a few providers to discover which comparison site gives the cheapest rates for your particular needs.

How can I get cheap insurance in the UK?

Comparing insurance will help you search multiple UK brokers from just one form.

The more you compare, the greater your chances of finding cheap UK insurance.