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Cheap van insurance for the over 50s. Compare quotes from multiple UK providers.

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Cheap van insurance for the over 50s

You could save up to £622* on your van insurance

Cheap van insurance for the over 50s

Is over 50s van insurance any cheaper?

If you're over 50 and looking for a van insurance quote, you're likely to find more affordable premiums compared to younger van drivers seeking similar coverage.

Over 50 van drivers typically qualify for lower insurance premiums due to their many years of driving experience, which can also mean a substantial no claims bonus. In addition, data indicates that the over 50's are less likely to make a claim than younger drivers.

Over 50s van insurance

So if you're over 50 and are looking for cheap van insurance, get a quote today to compare over 60 FCA regulated providers of van insurance quotes:

Who provides cheap over 50s van insurance?

There are 60+ specialist van insurers on the panel. Although quotes will depend on your individual circumstances, every broker should all be able to provide van insurance quotes for drivers aged over 50.

As in the car or motorbike insurance world, specialist over 50's providers don't necessarily sell policies that are any different to insurance companies targeting young drivers.

Broadly speaking, over 50s providers position themselves to sell insurance only to those over 50 years old, but the underlying policies do not vary according to age - it's more about the marketing package surrounding their sale. This could include age appropriate add ons, bonuses or gifts, but there is no material difference between standard van insurance policies, whether you're 25 or 50 years old.

In the van insurance world, we aren't aware of any providers specialising only in van insurance for the over 50s.

This isn't to say that you won't be able to benefit from cheaper van insurance as an older driver.

Age is an important factor that's used when calculating the price of your van insurance, and it is true to say that the over 50s will generally pay less for their van insurance than younger drivers.

Of course age isn't the only factor, and there are other considerations:

What affects the price of over 50s van insurance?

Although age plays an important part in working out the price of your policy, there are also many other variables involved in calculating van insurance quotes for the over 50s. These can include:

  • Van make, model, age & value
  • Where you keep the van, and security measures
  • Your occupation
  • Your claims and driving history
  • How you use the van
  • The amount of voluntary excess applied
  • How many years No Claims Bonus you have
  • The type of cover you are looking for

What levels of cover are available for over 50s van insurance?

There are three levels of cover available to choose from when looking for over 50s van insurance. They are:

Third Party Only - The legal minimum level of cover required. TPO should cover third parties and their vehicles for injuries and damage that could arise as a consequence of your van driving. You and your van won't be protected in the event of an at fault accident or if it's stolen, so you'll have to cover the cost yourself.

Third Party Fire & Theft - Insures third parties, but also adds cover in the event your van is stolen or damaged/destroyed in a fire.

Fully Comprehensive - Covers you for TPFT, but should also provide compensation in an accident even if it's your fault, or where no-one else is involved.

What types of over 50s van insurance are there?

There are four main types of van insurance available, depending on whether you want to insure your van for personal use, or are running a business and need a commercial van insurance policy.

You'll be asked to select the relevant level of cover when comparing over 50s van insurance quotes:

Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Commuting - Day to day driving, including to and from a permanent place of work. This may not include any journeys that you might make whilst at work, such as driving to a client's office.

Social, Domestic and Pleasure only - Day to day driving, excluding to and from a place of work.

Business Use for Carriage of Own Goods - Carrying items or equipment that are owned by either you or by other people, that you need to carry out your work. Typically includes day to day driving, including to a permanent place of work.

Business Use for carriage of goods for hire or reward (Haulage) - Carrying items that you are transporting, and receiving payment for doing so. Examples may include catalogue deliveries, goods delivery or fast food delivery. Typically includes day to day driving, including to a permanent place of work.

As you're over 50, you may find that as well as cheaper quotes, there could be a wider variety and choice of quotes available from the panel of providers.

How can I get cheaper over 50s van insurance?

As a fifty plus van driver, your age should already put you at a price advantage when compared to younger van drivers. However there are still things you can do to help cut costs if you're over 50:

Don’t overestimate your mileage – Think carefully about how many miles you’ll realistically do per year in your van. If unsure, it can help to look at your old MOT’s. It’s often the case that you can find cheaper quotes if you enter a lower mileage, because the risk is lower.

Remember that if you think you’ll exceed your stated mileage, you’ll need to tell your insurer.

Think about a voluntary excess – All van insurance policies have a compulsory excess to pay in the event of a claim. This varies from insurer to insurer, but you can also elect to add a voluntary excess on top of this. The higher the excess you choose, the lower your premiums should be.

Remember that you’ll have to pay more in the event of a claim, so factor this into your decision accordingly.

Do you need such a big van? – The answer is probably a definite “yes”, but be aware that smaller vans are not only usually cheaper to buy and run, but they’re also often cheaper to insure than bigger and more powerful vans.

Parking location – If possible, it's often cheaper to keep your van in a locked garage. Due to the physical size of some larger vans, this could be difficult to do even if you do own a garage, so at least try to park the van off the road and on private property if you can.

Security – Trackers, alarms, immobilisers and high security locks could drive down the cost of your over 50s van insurance. If you already have extra security fitted, be sure to let your insurer know to see if any extra discounts are available.

Pay annually – If you can afford to, it’s cheaper to pay for your over 50s van insurance annually, because monthly payments typically charge interest.

No Claims Discount – Your NCB is a key variable in securing cheaper van insurance. As an older driver you'll have had more opportunity to build up a sizeable NCB, and significant savings can be accrued. Try to build – and keep – your bonus intact.

Take an advanced driving course – If you’re a member of the IAM or have another advanced driving qualification, you could be seen as a safer and less risky driver.

Compare quotes - Probably the best way to save money on your over 50s van insurance. Get a quote and compare over 60 van insurance providers to find the best policy for you, at a price that suits.

What types of van can I compare as an over 50s driver?

As long as your van isn’t over 3.5 tonnes, you should have no problems comparing over 50s van insurance. Vans under this weight are classed as light commercial vehicles (LCV’s), which means they can be driven on a car licence.

Vans larger than 3.5 tonnes are classed as medium or heavy goods vehicles, and require additional licence categories.

Frequently asked questions

Who provides the best van insurance for the over 50s?

"Best" is a very subjective term, and not one that's possible to define when it comes to van insurance. The best van insurance policy for the over 50s will be based on your individual needs and circumstances as an older driver.

There are over 60 FCA regulated van insurance providers on the panel. The quotes are all tailored to your specific needs, and because there are so many providers you'll be able to see which insurer best fits your exact needs at a price you're happy with.

Always read the van insurance policy documents very carefully before buying to ensure you are getting the cover you need.

Who does the cheapest over 50s van insurance?

Van insurance, just like other forms of motor insurance, is dependent on your individual circumstances and the van you drive.

Quotes can vary massively between brokers and individuals, so in order to find the cheapest over 50s van insurance it makes sense to compare as many brokers as possible.

At Biker Insure, you can compare over 60 van insurers, which will provide a higher chance of finding the cheapest quotes.

Remember that cheapest isn't always best. Don't buy on price alone and always make sure that you're getting all the cover that you need.

Is over 60s van insurance available?

If you're a van driver aged over 60, the insurance situation is the same as the over 50s. Due to your age and all other factors remaining equal, you should generally have an improved chance of finding cheaper van insurance compared to younger drivers.

Every one of the 60+ brokers on the panel should be able to provide a quote for over 60's van drivers, so get a quote today and see how much you could save on your over 60s van insurance.

Can an 80 year old get van insurance?

Although van insurance could begin to get more expensive again after a certain age, as long as you are medically fit to drive and have sufficiently good eyesight, you should still be able to get a quote from many of the van insurers on the panel.

Is there a maximum age for van insurance?

There is no official legal maximum age for insuring a van, but some providers may impose their own limits or restrictions on who they will cover.

As long as you are medically fit to drive a van, you should be able to find insurance with no upper age limit - although it may become more difficult to find a low cost quote.

Are older vans cheaper to insure?

Generally speaking older vans, just like older drivers, are cheaper to insure than newer vans.

This is because payouts for claims involving older, less valuable vans are likely to be lower in the event of an accident or theft.

As always, there are exceptions. For example if your van gets old enough to begin appreciating in value once more (i.e. if it becomes a desirable classic van), then it could become relatively more expensive to insure again.

*51% of consumers could save £622.09 on their Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.

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