Temporary Van Insurance

  • 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month
  • Fully comprehensive as standard
  • Personal & commercial van use
  • No long term commitments
  • Preserve your annual NCB

Short term policies for vans up to 7.5 tonnes. Cover your own van or a borrowed van and pay only for the time you need. Cover available from one hour to four weeks.

Get cheap short term van insurance in just 2 minutes. Fast, flexible online quotes.

Maximum insurance cover as standard

All temporary van policies are fully comprehensive

Temp van insurance quotes in just 2 minutes

Policy documents emailed to you instantly

Test drives, new van purchase, borrowing a van

No restrictions on when or where you can drive

Avoid the hassle of adjusting existing van policies

Buy short term van insurance any time you need it

Short term van insurance

Get cheap short term van insurance. Cover available from 1 hour to 28 days

Short-term van insurance is designed for private individuals or tradespeople who require the use of a van for shorter periods of time. Whether you’re moving house, sharing a trip, or transporting large items, a flexible short term van insurance policy from 1 hour to 28 days offers comprehensive cover with no long term contracts.

short term van insurance

If you don’t have an annual policy in place and need short term van insurance for private use or a temporary business van insurance policy, get instant online cover today:

What is short term van insurance?

Short term, or temporary van insurance cover is similar to a regular annual van insurance policy, but the policy will only insure your van, or a van that you have borrowed, for a set amount of time. This is typically from just one hour or a single day, up to a month. Any policy that’s less than a standard yearly policy of 365 days could be considered short term van insurance, but the term is most often applied to van policies lasting for just a few hours to a few weeks.

Tempcover offer short term van insurance policies lasting from 1 hour up to 28 days. If you need to extend cover beyond your initial period, you can get a new quote and buy additional units of time. You’ll receive a message when your short-term van insurance policy is due to expire and there are no restrictions on the number of times you can renew.

At Tempcover, all short term policies are offered on a fully comprehensive basis, which is the maximum level of insurance protection for vans in the UK. This ensures that both you and the van are fully covered for complete peace of mind, whether you’ll be using the van for an hour, a day, or a whole month.

Why short term van insurance?

Temporary policies are perfect when you need flexibility and, only need van insurance on a temporary basis.

There are many situations where you might need to take out a short term van insurance policy. Examples of why people might need temporary cover include:

Borrowing a van: - Most private individuals own a car rather than a van, but there are many occasions when you’ll want to transport bigger, heavier, or simply more items around. Whether you’re moving house, doing some home renovations, or have just bought a large piece of furniture. If you’re borrowing someone else’s van for the day, a flexible comprehensive short term van insurance policy will provide peace of mind for you and the person you’ve borrowed the van from.

Van test drives: - If you’re on the lookout for a new van, a short term policy will allow you to test drive a van with full cover. If you already have a van insurance policy on your current vehicle, be aware that many van insurance policies won’t provide cover for driving other vans. Even if your policy does include this, it will often be on a third party only basis. A temporary policy is great for van test drives as you can buy cover for just one hour – perfect for assessing your potential new van.

Sharing the driving on a big trip: – Make lighter work of long journeys by sharing the driving, and insure another driver who isn’t on your long term policy - whether it’s a long distance trip for business purposes, or a single private use trip.

Buying a new van: – If you’ve just bought a new or second hand van from the dealers or a private individual, you’ll need to be adequately insured in order to drive it home. Get cover in just 90 seconds and save shopping around for annual cover for when you get the van back home.

Temporary business van insurance: – Whether you have a new employee starting, have a temp join your team for the day, or have borrowed a van because yours is in for repair, make sure the wheels of commerce keep turning with a flexible short term policy.

Young drivers: – Van insurance can be extremely expensive for young or new drivers. Temporary van insurance for young drivers can be a way to get cheaper van insurance, especially if a young driver only needs occasional or short term use and can’t afford the higher cost of a yearly premium.

Emergencies: – Any number of unforeseen circumstances could lead to you needing short term insurance for a van. Make it easy by getting the right cover in minutes – whether it’s a work emergency or a personal matter and you need fast, flexible cover.

Benefits of short term van insurance

  • Temporary van insurance cover is a completely separate, stand-alone product which ensures peace of mind for everyone.
  • Avoid the hassle and expense of adjusting existing van insurance premiums.
  • Your hard earned no claims bonus is not at risk in the event you need to make a claim on the temporary policy (although your future insurance premiums could rise). Someone temporarily driving your van won’t affect your NCB if they have an accident.
  • Won’t adjust or affect any existing policies on the van.
  • You can buy short term van cover online any time you need it, and pay only for the time you need.
  • It’s fast & flexible – get a quote in just 90 seconds, with documents emailed instantly.
  • No restrictions on when or where in the UK you can drive the van.
  • Cover is fully comprehensive.

What length of cover is available on a short term van policy?

There are three options when choosing how long you’d like to insure your van:

One hour van insurance

Insure a van in one hour increments. You can choose between 1 and 12 hours of cover

Single day van insurance

Choose a single day to a maximum of 28 days cover

One week van insurance

Decide whether you need one, two, three or four weeks short term cover.

There are no limits to the number of short term policies that you can purchase back. If your policy expires and you need additional cover, you can get another quote and buy more short term insurance to suit.

How much does short term van insurance cost?

As with any kind of van insurance, insuring your van on a short term basis will depend on a variety of personal factors unique to you such as your age, occupation, driving history and more – as well as the type of van you are looking to insure, how you’ll be using the van, and for what length of time.

Based on the average price of nearly 20,000 short term van insurance policies sold by Tempcover in January 2023:

1 hour van insurance cost: £21.83

1 day van insurance cost: £42.80

1 week van insurance cost: £120.24

The shorter the duration, the less you’ll pay. One day van insurance will generally cost less than a 7 day policy, because you're covered for less time. Bear in mind that the average daily cost may work out more expensive, the shorter your policy duration.

How to get short term van insurance

  • Provide the registration number of the van that you’re looking to temporarily insure.
  • Enter the current value of the van (minimum value of £1,500 with valuations increasing in increments of £5,000).
  • Decide how long you need short term van insurance cover for. Minimum duration is 1 hour van insurance, maximum is 1 month van insurance (4 weeks or 28 days).
  • Select when you’d like the short term van cover to start – either immediately or a specific day and time in the future.
  • Enter your licence type, how long you’ve held it, name, date of birth and address.
  • Declare what the van body type is, and what usage you want the temporary van insurance to cover.
  • Enter you occupation – just start typing and options will begin to appear.
  • Choose the reason for needing short term cover from the dropdown. You can add more information if your reason is not on the list.

You’ll then be shown a brief summary including the total cost of your short term van insurance, and the policy underwriter.

Next, you’ll be shown how much the policy excess will be on your short term van cover, and a list of terms and conditions relating to both you and the vehicle.

On the final page you can choose to add legal expenses cover and excess reduction. If you’re happy with everything, simply enter your card details to pay for your short term van insurance policy. Your policy documents for the temporary cover will be emailed to you instantly, so you can get driving the van the very same hour or day.

For short term courier/delivery van insurance there are different requirements & restrictions, so you’ll need to fill in a different form than a standard temporary van policy. It’s available here: Temporary courier van insurance.

What conditions are necessary to insure a van on a short term basis?

Most vans and drivers can be covered under a temporary policy, however in order to qualify there are some conditions:

You Must:*

  • Be aged from 17 to 77 years old
  • Hold a full UK driving licence
  • Have been permanently resident in the UK for the past 12 months
  • Have accumulated no more than 7 points on your licence in the last 3 years
  • Not have been disqualified from driving in the last 2 years
  • Have no more than two at fault claims in the last three years
  • Have no criminal convictions
  • Not had any insurance policy declared void by an insurer

Your Van Must:*

  • Have a valuation between £1,500 and £65,000
  • Be in a roadworthy condition with valid MOT and Tax
  • Not have any modifications other than signage, roof racks, internal storage or ply lining etc.
  • Be a right-hand drive van
  • Have no more than five seats
  • Not weigh in excess of 7.5 tonnes

What does a short term van insurance policy cover?*

A short term van insurance policy will provide you with fully comprehensive cover for the duration of your temporary policy. This includes accidental and malicious damage to the van, and loss or damage to the van caused by fire, theft or attempted theft.

You will have liability cover for injury caused or damage to another person or their property, and your personal belongings will be covered (coverage may differ depending on the underwriter).

You can drive your van in the UK, and also may be able to drive in the EU (TPO or equivalent minimum level of insurance in the country you are in).

What isn’t covered on a short term van insurance policy?*

If you need to make a claim on your short term van insurance policy, you’ll need to pay the excess amount that you agreed to when buying the policy. Only the driver named on the temp policy will be covered (no additional drivers), and the loss of damage of anything being towed by the van will not be covered. Depending on the policy, goods carried in or on the van might not be covered.

You also won’t be able to make a (separate/single) claim for broken or damaged glass.

Unless you’ve bought a specific impounded van policy, release from an impound will not be covered on a short term van policy.

In addition, hire or rental vans cannot be covered by a temporary policy

Always read the small print before buying any short term van insurance policy to make sure it meets your requirements and you know exactly what’s included.

* For a comprehensive list of exclusions, terms & conditions on your short term bike policy, please see the Tempcover website.

Temporary van insurance comparison

Tempcover are not a comparison site in the common interpretation of the term (which would usually be a comparison between different brokers) e.g. the service offered at Biker Insure for annual van or motorbike quotes.

The service does however compare temporary van insurance policies from a panel of insurers including Markerstudy, LVE, Ageas and Eridge underwriting. You’ll usually be shown the cheapest temporary van insurance cover that suits your needs.

Can’t I just drive another van on my existing insurance?

If you have an existing annual van or car insurance policy, then you may be insured to drive someone else’s van. Driving other vehicles is usually only available on fully comprehensive policies, and it’s also a policy feature that’s less common than in the past.

Vans are also quite often excluded from the “driving other vehicles” clause, so always check your policy wording very carefully not only to see if vans are included, but what van usage the terms will cover.

If driving other vehicles is included on your existing policy, be aware that you’ll usually only be covered on a third party only basis. If you’re involved in an accident while driving someone else’s van, there could be serious financial consequences.

It’s also worth remembering that if you drive someone else’s van on your own insurance, then the other van must be insured in its own right.

Another option would be asking if you could be added as a named driver on someone else’s annual van policy, but this might not be so helpful if you need van insurance at short notice.

If that all sounds like hard work, it could be an easier option (and possibly cheaper) to take out a short term van insurance policy for the duration that works best for you. You can then rest assured that you are covered at the maximum comprehensive level for the duration of your short term van use, with less hassle for both you and the owner of the van.

Should I get short term van insurance or an annual policy?

In theory you could take out an annual van insurance policy, use it for the required time, and then cancel. However, you will typically be faced with a cancellation or admin fee (or both), especially if you are outside of the 14-day policy cooling off period.

If you cancel before the full year is up, you won’t qualify for your No Claims Discount.

Temporary van insurance can be a cheaper way to get insured if you only need insuring for a short period, but becomes disproportionately expensive the longer you use it when compared to an annual policy.

It’s worth weighing up the pros and cons of both annual and short-term van insurance. You’ll be able to compare prices and cover levels and work out which is cheapest for you.

Remember – it is a legal requirement to make sure your van is insured. Whether you have a one day, one week, or one-year policy; as soon as that policy expires you need to make sure a new one replaces it - or notify the DVLA that your van is off the road with a SORN. This is called the Continuous Insurance Enforcement scheme.

You can find out more about CIE at the Motor Insurers Bureau, or on the UK Government website.

Short term van insurance Northern Ireland

Temporary van insurance policies are available to citizens who have been resident in the UK for the last 12 months. Northern Ireland is part of the UK (Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

If your licence has been issued in NI, it will have a different numbering format than UK licences. For this reason, they cannot be used for validation purposes at Tempcover. If you have selected that you hold a Northern Ireland driving licence then further verification may be required, which could include providing your passport number instead.

If you drive your van into the Republic of Ireland on the temporary policy, please note that your level of cover will usually drop from fully comprehensive to third party only. Full details of cover do vary depending on the insurer, so check the policy wording before buying to ensure it meets your needs.

Your temporary trip must also begin and end in Northern Ireland.

Is temporary van insurance the same as pay as you go van insurance?

It depends how you think of it, but pay as you go van insurance is perhaps a term more closely associated with pay per mile insurance schemes, where you only pay for your insurance when actually driving the van. Pay per mile van insurance could involve the use of a tracker or odometer connection.

The short term van insurance provided by Tempcover is based on buying insurance for your van in units of time, rather than being pay per mile van insurance. You're paying to use, rather than paying as you use.

You're still paying as you go with a temporary van policy, but not quite in the same way. Think of short term van insurance as hour-as-you-go, rather than pay-as-you-go!

Who are Temocover?

Tempcover are an award winning provider of temporary insurance solutions to UK drivers. They've been providing flexible, short term cover since 2006.

During this time, Tempcover has helped thousands of customers find the cover they want, for the amount of time they need. They're rated "Excellent" on Trustpilot.

Tempcover are part of the RVU group of companies which includes Confused.com, Money.co.uk, and U Switch.

Short term van insurance FAQ:

Is hourly van insurance available?

Yes, 1 hour is the smallest increment temporary van insurance at Tempcover. You can specify 1 to 12 hours, 1 – 28 days, or 1 – 4 weeks.

Is one day van insurance available?

Yes, Tempcover offer one day van insurance. You can insure your van on a short term basis for 1 – 28 days.

Can I insure a van for 1 week?

You can get van insurance for a week, up to a maximum of four weeks.

Is one month van insurance available?

You can insure your van for up to 28 days (4 weeks) at a time, which is almost a full month. If you need additional temporary cover, a new policy can be purchased once your existing one runs out. You’ll receive a message when your short term policy is due to expire.

Can you insure a van for 2 months?

Policies are available for a maximum of one month, or 4 weeks. When your one month van insurance has expired, you can buy a second one month policy which will extend the total cover to two months.

Can non UK residents get temporary van insurance?

You’ll will need to have been permanently resident in the UK for the past 12 months.

Can you get short term van insurance if you have points on your licence?

Yes, but you must have accumulated no more than 7 points on your licence in the last 3 years.

Can you get short term van insurance if you have made an insurance claim?

You must not have had more than two at fault claims in the last three years to get short term van insurance at Tempcover.

Can I get temporarily insured to drive someone else’s van?

You can drive a van that isn’t registered in your name - you’ll just need the owner’s permission, and a short term van policy. Your temporary policy won’t affect their existing insurance or NCB, and it’ll only cover you as the named driver.

Can you add additional drivers on a short term van policy?

Only the driver named on the policy can be covered, so no additional drivers can be added.

Does temporary van insurance affect an existing van policy?

Temporary van policies are a completely stand-alone product, and don’t affect existing policies on a vehicle. If the short term policy holder has an accident, any existing no claims bonuses won’t be affected (although their future insurance premiums may increase).

Are van contents covered with a short term policy?

Goods carried in or on the van are not usually covered on a temporary policy, but this varies depending on the insurer. Always check the policy documents before purchasing.

Who offers the cheapest short term van insurance?

The price of short term van insurance will depend on your personal circumstances, the van you’re insuring, and the length of cover required. You will typically receive the cheapest quote from a panel of short term policy providers when you request a temp van insurance quote.

Does temporary van insurance show up on MID?

Yes - but due to the short term nature of a temporary van policy, your cover may have expired before your insurance details appear on the MID.

Because it can take up to 7 days to update MID, it's recommended to print your certificate of van insurance and keep it with you to provide valid proof of insurance and legal entitlement to drive the van.

Do you get a no claims bonus with a temporary van policy?

No claims bonuses are not applicable to short term van policies, but any existing policy and NCB on a van will be unaffected.

Can drivers under 21 get temporary van insurance?

You’ll need to be aged 17 – 77 with a full UK driving licence. You should be able to get a quote at Tempcover if you’re under 21, although some insurers may not be able to provide cover.

Can you drive a van without insurance if you just bought it?

Driving a van on the road without insurance is illegal, even if you've just bought it. The minimum level of cover necessary to drive away with your new vehicle is Third Party Only.

A temporary van insurance policy would allow you to legally drive your newly purchased van. Save the shopping around for annual cover until you have more time and are back at home after your purchase.

With a Tempcover temp van insurance policy, you'll also have the peace of mind from fully comprehensive policies as standard.

What’s the best short term van insurance?

Biker Insure partner with Tempcover, a UK based provider of short term van insurance. They're rated "Excellent" on Trustpilot, having achieved 4.7 out of five stars from almost 29,000 reviews.

Is short term van insurance available for Europe?

All temporary van insurance policies sold by Tempcover usually include driving in Europe as standard, but you’ll be covered by the minimum level of insurance required by each country you’re driving in rather than the usual fully comprehensive cover provided when using your van in the UK.

Each provider used by Tempcover may have different cover details, so double check any policy wording before heading to Europe.

You’ll also need to ensure that your trip begins and ends in the UK.

Can I get temporary courier van insurance?

Yes, temporary courier van insurance is available at Tempcover – but you’ll need to fill in a slightly different application form. It’s available using this link: Temporary courier van insurance

Can I get temporary motorbike insurance?

Yes, bikers can get short term policies too – visit out short term motorcycle insurance page for further details.

For fast, low cost and short term van insurance from a leading UK provider, get a quote now:

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